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My life at the moment is completely different to how it once was. I spent 5 years sick with anorexia nervosia and depression as well as struggling with self harm and overexercising. I spent 2 years in different treatment centres.
And since 2012 i have been declared healthy from my eating disorder.

I have been blogging for 7 years, and my whole journey is written in my posts. I now represent healthy and happiness. I want to show anyone struggling that it is possible to recover, no matter how hard it may seem.

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Friday, June 17, 2016

Vogues 73 questions

Yesterday i found on Kendel's blog the Vogue 73 questions (which she got from HERE) so i thought i would take the time to answer them as well, just for the fun of it :) And i have tried to kep the answers short and concise so that it wont take forever to read, if you do decide to read all 73 questions and answers that is!!!

1.What’s the best thing that happened to you this month? Getting a summer job, getting my running motivation back again (after roughly a year of no running motivation!)
2. What is something you’re tired of? Diet culture, obsession over "the summer body", the meat and dairy industry and people who try to force vegans/vegetarians to eat meat or sneak meat/dairy into a meal just because they think the person should eat it.
3. What is something that recently moved you? 
4. If you could teach one subject in school what would it be? Biology or nutrition
5. What’s your favorite beverage? Water, coffee, cola zero, Nocco
6. What’s your favorite cocktail? I havent drank so many cocktails in my life, but an alcoholic beverage, i would say baileys (I think they are going to make a vegan baileys which will only be in the  USA, but still...) and sangria!
7. What is your favorite birthday cake? Black forest gateau was a childhood favourite... but now i am more about vanilla so maybe just a typical fluffy vanilla double sponge cake with vegan soy cream and lots and lots of toppings like oreos and chocolate!
8.What is one thing you still have from your childhood? Low self esteem XD
9. What is your favorite movie? I dont have a fabourite but i have watched shutter island maybe 4 times and the first pirates of the caribbean 5 times... so i guess they count as favourites?
10. What is something you can’t do? Put on make up, not bite my nails when i get nervous or stressed.
11. What is one habit you wish you could break? Biting my nails, picking at sores and scabs
12. What makes you laugh no matter what? Cute puppy/dog films or gifs! Or funny animal videos.
13. What does creativity mean to you? Being "you" and doing something different or unusual.... hard to explain. But people can be creative in anyway... thinking outside the box i would say is creative! I.e not just doing the same thing over and over.
14. What are your favorite lyrics of all time? I think lyrics from Fireflights' songs are some of my favourites such as unbreakable, stand up and for those who wait. I used to listen to fireflight alot when i was struggling and they got me through some tough times!!
15. What is something you’ve always wanted to try but you’ve been too scared to do? Bungee jump, but then again because of my lungs and CF i dont know if i am even allowed to bungee jump.
16. Best advice for your 19 year old self? The tough times and stress arent as bad as they seem, that it is so easy to get caught up in the moment and think that the anxiety and stress will never go away, but it does. And school and grades isnt everything - that trading my mental health for a certain grade isnt worth it.
17. If you could raid one woman’s closet who would it be? I dont follow fashion and dont really follow what people wear, but i would say khlow kardashion just because of her workout closet.... hahahah.
18. Must have purse item? Phone charger, snack, waterbottle..... Just typical purse items, right?
19. What did you want to do with your life at age 12? Be an engineer!
20. What is something you will not be doing in ten years? Worrying about exams and school grades.
21. What is an important life lesson for someone to learn? That the tough times don't last forever and that you need to learn to change your thoughts and your mindset.
22. What is one goal you are determined to achieve in your lifetime? To help as many people as i can with their health and mental health. To visit disneyworld in Florida!
23. Would you ever live anywhere besides Stockholm? Yes, i definitely have plans of living elsewhere in the future, but i will most likely settle down in Stockholm but for a few years i might live somewhere else in the world.
24. What is your favorite dessert? Always chocolate!!! And can't go wrong with cookies either ;)
25. Is there a dessert you don’t like? Store bought buns or cakes or dry packaged biscuits or buns.... Or chocolate ice cream.
26. It’s brunch! What do you eat? Everything and more!!! Pancakes, waffles, fruit, (soy)yoghurt, tofu, bread etc etc
27. Who is your favorite painter? No idea.
28. Favorite Disney animal? I dont really watch Disney so i dont know the names of the disney animals. 
29. What is a book you are planning on reading? Small great things by Jodi Picoult
30. What did you read most recently? Leaving time - by Jodi Picoult
31. Favorite solo artist? I dont actually have a favourite, i just listen to random music mostly.
32. What’s your Favorite board game? I cant even remember the last time i played a boardgame, so i'll say monopoly.... even if that game is good at ruining relationships and ruining a good mood!!!
33. What’s a city you wish to visit? Berlin, Toronto, Oslo, Copenhagen and different cities in Italy, France, USA etc
34. Heels or flats? Both
35.  Where does one go on a perfect road trip? California or Florida! But also maybe Norway.... even if the roads are very windy and small, from what i have understood.
36. What do you do on a rainy day? Watch series, bake, eat, drink copious amounts of tea and coffee!
37. What’s your favorite exercise? Running, strength training, HIIT!
38. What was your worst subject in school? French. I was lucky i even passed.
39. What is your spirit animal? A beagle, according to some spiritual reader i went to.
40. What do you usually eat for breakfast? Varies so much, at the moment i eat lunch food for breakfast or just lots of fruit.
41. What do you usually eat for dinner? Depends... at the moment its usually lentil soup, falafel or chickpea burgers, or some type of fake meat with potatoes and vegetables.
42. Cooking or Baking? Both!! But i think i prefer baking to cooking.
43. Favorite baked good? Cake! Cookies! Waffles and pancakes. BREAD....I love bread so much, and i dont udnerstand how people can eat one slice of freshly baked bread, i'll eat half a loaf before i am satisfied!
44. What is something you wish you could be good at? Make up, drawing, singing
45. Skiing or Surfing? Definitely surfing. 
46. First celebrity crush? Either leonardo dicaprio or Johnny Depp.... hahaha, i like them older men! (Note i was like 10 or 12 when i had a "crush" on them i.e they were 30 or 40 years old)
47. Most recent celebrity crush? No idea... i dont really have crushes and definitely not celebrity ones XD
48. What color was your prom dress? I've never had a prom.
49. How do you manage stress? I dont. I give advice about how others should manage stress and i dont do it myself.
50. What do you do to relax? Write, watch series, turn off my notifications and put my phone on airplane mode so i dont get any calls, messages or notifications.
51. Age when you were first kissed? 12 i think... i actually thought about this a few days ago and thought, what a pity that i had my first kiss purely out of peer pressure... and yes, it was behind a bush with a guy 10cm shorter than me and i barely remember it all because i was so nervous. I dont even know if we even kissed as i just had a black out. 
52. Place you were first kissed? Behind a bush in a park XD
53. Favorite fashion trend of all time? Workout clothes ok outside of the gym and working out!!!
54. Best fashion advice you’ve ever received? No idea, i dont recieve fashion advice as there is no point... it goes in one ear and out the other!
55. Trend you would like to see disappear forever? Uggs.... Or the new tops with the very low cut at the front where you basically just see boobs... i mean, i am fine with people "flaunting what you got" but at times it is a little 'too much', hahaha. Or who knows, maybe i am just jealous because i cant wear those types of tops because of my flat chest.
56. Shoes or Bags? Shoes.... always shoes, but then again i love big bags where you can fit half of your belongings in!!
57. How do you know if you’re in love? You just know it i guess. A sense of happiness and wanting to see the person and just feeling comfortable and happy around the person... just an inner feeling which cant really be explained.
58. Television show you’ve binged on recently? Wallander, a swedish show. But today and tomorrow i am going to watch OITNB season 4!! yayayay.
59. Who do you turn to when you’re sad? No one.... my blog, my dog? (That rhymed!)
60. Name one thing you’ve learned the hard way? You need to ask for help when you need it and sometimes doing things alone isnt always the best... that asking for help isnt a sign of weakness.
61. If you could make a documentary about anything what would it be? My life XD XD
62. What is your Kryptonite? Bread and chocolate.
63. What are you most enchanted by? The human body.
64. What is your biggest strength? I can listen and learn easily and also mentally very strong.
65. What is your biggest weakness? Not being able to cope so well with stress, strong feelings of anxiety or guilt.
66. What are 3 words to describe living in Stockholm? Fast paced, fitness-quark-addicted, dont stick out too much.
67. Cutest thing on planet earth? Baby animals.... my heart melts whenever i see baby animals or puppys.
68. Most important advice you’d give your future children? To know what is best for you and not just do what everyone else is doing. Dare to ask for help and know that you dont need to suffer in silence.
69. Best first date idea? Food, going for a walk, drinks XD
70. Favorite type of flower? Roses and tulips
71. What do you first notice about someone when you meet them? How the person acts i.e whether shy or overly confident, how they stand, how they move. 
72. What’s your guilty pleasure? Eating junk food while watching fitness videos or fitness posts
73. Plans for the weekend? Today - friday, it is celebration time because my sister and step brother have gotten their bachelors. On Saturday i am doing my 3 course dinner for the cookbook and i have invited my friends over and on Sunday we are moving my furniture from my apartment back into my room!!!


  1. What did you decide on for your recipe book entry in the end?

    1. I made a post yesterday about what i made, but i started with vegetables and home made nacho chips and hummus and guacamole and then a lasagna for main course and a 3 layer raw food cheesecake for dessert :)

  2. Are your friends also into fitness? Do you follow any fitness/health-accounts on social media?

    1. No my friends arent into fitness, though my sister is sort of now... haha. And yeah i follow a whole bunch of health accounts that inspire me online both on Instagram and Tumblr :) I dont follow anyone who sends out the wrong message according to me. :)

    2. Okay! Yes I thought maybe thats the reason you think everyone is very into fitness nowadays, because you sort of live in that "bubble" a bit :)

    3. what? I dont think everyone is into fitness... not sure where you have gotten that from? But of course i recommend some form of exercise if the person is mentally and physically healthy enough for it.. but of course the amount and form of exercise depends on the person and their lifestyle. And i dont live in a fitness bubble, my life is alot more than exercise and food, but not everything in my life or my thoughts are posted on here.

      (I sound very defensive in this comment, hahaa. But it would be good if you let me know what it is i can chane in my writing that comes across as a "fitness bubble") :)

    4. No not everyone, but you mentioned that people living in Stockholm are "fitness-quark-addicted"?
      It's not something you write, but my overall impression of your actions. Like trying different diets, working out every day, going for powerwalks, buying protein supplements and other "fitness products" that aren't really necessary for the body, eating very clean food, following fitness-accounts on social media, reading the nutritional value of food packages, posting pictures of your abs/body on social media etc. It really sounds like I'm your number one stalker lol xD Though I really really don't want you to get stuck in another eating disorder because you have the highest possibilities to live a wonderful life!! I truly hope that you feel fully recovered and I think you are as well! It's just that there is a risk of living very "healthy" and you think you are recovered but you still have sort of "control" over exercise and food. Because you are eating very low calorie foods with high volume and I can't find the reason why you do that if it's not to keep your slim figure. When you describe how you are feeling when saying feeling low, freezing, dizziness, and sort of "out of it", my simple answer is that it really sounds that you are not eating enough. I think you could cure a whole lot of your depression by eating like you did in treatment because that is how you are supposed to be eating for optimal health! That's the way you became healthy and you were feeling the best by then so I really don't see why you are changing your diet from a winning concept?

  3. Fun post! Could you take photos of where you'll be living?

    1. In the future if i move/when i move i guess i'll share photos :)