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Thursday, June 23, 2016

Thursday update & my energy levels on a vegan diet

Hello :):)

You know it is going to be a positive post when there are two smileys after the "hello", haha.

This post is mainly just an update and then a readers question at the end. 

Yesterday was my long work day, i got to the store at 11.30am and didnt leave until 9.45pm. Luckily the time passed quickly and people weren't all too stressed or rude. But of course the days before a hightime like midsummer the stores are always a little crazy and people are generally more stressed and impatient. I managed to keep my cool and deal with the rude people and solve the problems that arose. It was a very good work day yesterday despite the long hours, the only thing though is that i drink alot of water which means i also need alot of bathroom breaks and that isnt possible when sitting at the cashier. And as everyone was working and there was so much to do i had to wait until my scheduled break until i could go to the bathroom.... i think that is the worst thing about the job so far, hahaha. Otherwise i have actually gotten alot of praise from both the manager who called to tell me that he had heard good things about me from the others working at the store, and also the others in the cashier have told me they are surprised at how fast i have learnt and gotten into the flow of things as well as being surprised that i managed to work so many hours after just 2 days of working there. So that is always nice to hear... maybe i amnt so bad as i think i am, even if i have made mistakes thats only 5% compared to the 95% i have done right?

Need to focus on the positive and the good things i do and have done, instead of getting caught up on the small mistakes that might happen though hav definitely lessened since the first work shift, hahah.

Anyway, moving onto today, Thursday.
First up a morning workout where i had so much physical energy even if the mental energy was lacking a little from yesterday. But it always feels good when there is physical energy and you feel strong even if my head isnt in the game.

Which brings me to a question i wanted to answer.
I got a comment saying that i mentioned i was often feeling tired and maybe that was connected to my change in diet, and whether i was eating enough.

And energy wise i have lots of energy. Lots more energy than i did just a few months ago and since eating vegan i feel so much more energized, both physically and mentally. So even if i say i am tired, it is not the same sort of tired as before. However my tiredness stems from the sleep problems i have sometimes as well as being a little too addicted to caffeine which makes me tired instead of energized and also that i am good at doing too many things at once and not saying no. So sometimes i do too much in a day or spend a whole week doing too much and then it takes a few days of recuperation and then i am back to my energized self again.

When i say i am tired i mean i am mentally tired and not so much physically tired. So physically i have lots of energy which is also from eating so much which is a plus!!

I thought i might do a "daily question" or well not daily,  but maybe a few times a week i'll answer some random question i get in one of my posts or a question i think might be relevant to answer in a post. So not an advice post, but just if you have any questions you wonder about :)

And finally.... after my workout today i made another cauliflower pizza, and each time i make the base it just tastes better and better. Same recipe (i.e cauliflower, corn flour, flax seeds and oil!), and then i topped it with vegan cream cheese and nutritional yeast and some kebab oumph, fried onion (?) and sweet corn and fruit on the side!
This lunch was so amazingly good, and i wish i had had enough ingredients to make two pizza bases as the pizza was sooo good. (Though in all honesty, i dont think i should call it pizza, because it isnt? It basically lacks everything that a pizza actually is i.e dough, tomatoe sauce and cheese XD)

For now i need to pack and soon we are off to the island!!


  1. Not hating, just genuine advice. Perhaps your sleeping problems are linked to your caffeine consumption? Maybe you could decrease it and see how well you sleep. I also now have more energy since going vegan! Have a great midsummer celebration!

    1. I've made that connection as well, hahah. But there are other factors to my sleeping problem but I definitely know my caffeine intake isn't a normal amount :(

  2. Hi :) can I have a random question? (though you may not want to answer it) Did you use to follow proana blogs while you were sick, or did you feel the need to look for as many dieting tips as possible?

    1. I'll answer in this in one of my posts :)

  3. So good to hear your job is going well and you are "finding your feet" - being new is so hard at first but it sounds like you are getting over those initial hurdles now.
    As I am now having to eat dairy and egg free I thought I would act on your inspiration for vegan eating. I downloaded a vegan cookery book onto my kindle and I`m so glad I did! There are so many delicious recipes that I can try, I didn't realise there was such a variety! I`m not saying I`m going vegan, but I have always liked vegetarian food and what with my food intolerances at the moment I was finding food rather restrictive as there was so many everyday things I could no longer have. But the vegan recipe book has opened my eyes to what I can actually eat instead, so thankyou for the inspiration!
    Have a lovely weekend having your celebrations, I hope the weather is kind for you :)
    And I am going to try your cauliflower "pizza base" - it sounds delicious!

    1. That sounds great and I'm glad to hear that you ate eating more began inspired. Just remmeber to eat lots. The portion sizes will have to be bigger when you eat vegan/vegetarian. That definitely something I'm learning now, that my normal big portions need to be even bigger! So just keep that in mind:)

    2. That sounds great and I'm glad to hear that you ate eating more began inspired. Just remmeber to eat lots. The portion sizes will have to be bigger when you eat vegan/vegetarian. That definitely something I'm learning now, that my normal big portions need to be even bigger! So just keep that in mind:)

  4. - I forgot to add, your idea for answering a question a couple times a week sounds good!

  5. What is nutritional yeast? You`ve mentioned it a couple of times now and I just wondered what it was

  6. we call it roasted onion ^^