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Saturday, June 4, 2016

Sugar vs sweetner?

What is ok health wise, sugar or sweetners? Many fizzy drinks and most squashes these days are sugar free -ie have sweetners - is this ok health wise and how much should you have each day? what are the effects of sweetners on the body and should you limit them?

The debate about sugar or sweetners is a rather "hot topic" in Sweden, or within the nutrition cycles anyway and people often have their opinions. Such as my mum is very anti sweeteners in all forms where as i consume sweetener in moderate amounts... or well, at times too much if i consume sugar free soda. During my last seminar at my course in university we talked about this topic so i thought i would briefly write about it as i was asked about it. I am not going to try to persuade anyone that one is better than the other, because they have their "Benefits" in some way. However i think the overall best would be to avoid both... but i dont do that and i dont plan to do it either, but i guess theoretically for optimal health avoiding both is best. But you can of course be healthy and still consume sugars and sweeteners, the important thing is about the balance!!! Consuming too much sugar or too much sugar is what makes them negative, because a bit of sugar or a bit of sweetener isnt going to harm you.

I personally think it is great that there are different options available i.e sugar free options and sugared options so that a person has the choice. Somedays i want normal chocolate other days i want stevia chocolate. In the past i sometimes ate sugar free jam and other times normal jam. etc etc

First thing... sugar can be good if you need energy, it gives food a certain taste (because let be honest food with certain sweeteners dont taste the same as food with sugar. ) It is delicious! P.s now i am talking about sucrose i.e white sugar and not glucose or fructose  or galactose separately ;) (Sucrose is a mix of fructose and glucose ;) But that means it has to be broken down in the liver into the separate glucose and fructose where glucose then goes to the muscles and organs and cells and used as the bodies primary source of energy).
Sugar isnt necessarily bad, it is about the amount you consume. However i would say it is much better to consume your glucose from fruit, root fruits etc rather than just eating cakes and buns and chocolate. But a bit of both is balanced!

The negative about sugar is that it can be consumed in huge amounts without even knowing it as sugar is added to so many products. Of sugar like galactose is naturally found in lactose and fructose is in fruit and glucose in potatoes, but sucrose which is white sugar is added to many products to give it flavour or because the fat content has been lowered in the food ex. low fat yoghurts often have lots of added sugar.
Too much sugar can lead to cavities and teeth problem.
It leads to spikes and dips with blood sugar and insulin levels.
Can lead to skin problems if consumed in huge amounts as well as many other effects of a high consumption, but in moderate amounts these effects might not be as huge or non existent.

Lowers the calorie content of food. HOWEVER calories are not to be feared... i.e a smoothie with bananas, berries, almond milk and oatmeal is MUCH BETTER THAN a cola zero even if the calorie content is higher!! So please remember this!!!
Doesnt lead to problem with teeth.
Gives food a very sweet taste without using such a huge amount.
Doesnt give you spikes and dips with blood sugar and insulin.

However sweeteners can give a weird after taste, some sweeteners can have a laxative effect in to huge amount and apparently aspartame is linked to different things such as depression, anxiety, sleep problems. But there is not so many studies about stevia or what effects it might have. Some people can get a pain in the stomach from sweeteners, especially if they have IBS then it can cause problems.

Of course there is so much more i could write about sweeteners vs. sugar and the "pros and cons" . I think everyone has a choice but what i dont think is good is how there is so much added sugar in so many products where it shouldnt be necessary. Now dont get me wrong, i consume sugar and products with sugar so it is not that i am scared of sugar. But at the same time i know what i consume and i dont consume "extra sugared products" everyday but for many people who arent so aware of what they eat  they consume alot of sugar which can then lead to problems i.e many people who may be thin/skinny but eat a bunch of sugared food can have visceral fat i.e fat around the organs due to sugar. This is not said to scare you, because a normal consumption is fine!!! But i think its great with both options BUT wholesome, healthy food should make up most of your diet and then products with sugars or sweeteners should just be on the side/added from time to time :)

This is my opinion on it anyway and i know people have strong opinions regarding this, and that is FINE! But to be accepting of others opinions as well :)


  1. Thankyou for answering this, it was interesting. So I guess its really down to balance and personal choice? Stevia is still rather new here in the UK and I must admit apart from trying the new coke with it in - which tasted awful - I haven't really come across it in anything else. They do the stevia sweetners for tea/coffee but as I don`t take sugar anyway in drinks I haven't tried them.
    I was more concerned about any damaging effects drinking squash with sweetners in it could have on you, I don`t drink huge amounts but more than I drink tea or coffee. Maybe I should switch to herbal teas more often than I do, or drink plain water - that would solve the problem!

  2. I'd say that the negative effects of "sugar" are linked to it being combined with high amounts of fat and protein that are digested differently. That increases insulin resistance (you probably know how that happens), also the fat deposits in the blood stream, where absorption occurs, aren't helpful. It's best to just consume sugar from fruit etc where the fat content is low and there's fibre which additionally makes it impossible to eat more than your body needs long-term.

    1. I dont think sucrose i.e the mix of fructose or glucose is so good - though fine in moderation. But its better to just eat food with glucose or just eat food with frutose such as fruit, rather than to mix them i.e sucrose. But like you wrote, the combination of fat and sugar is often what can make it "worse"... but in the end food gets mixed together in the stomach anyway. But certain foods that have alot of white sugar also have alot of transfats and the combination of those arent the best when consumed in too high doses.

      But glucose isnt dangerous or bad, but once again too much of anything is never good. I mean just eating potatoes and fruit isnt the best but just eating cake or chocolate isnt so great either.

  3. A really interesting post!

  4. Interesting. Does anyone know anything about the "chemical" sweetners such as aspartame, saccharine etc? I have had sucralose in the past and had horrible effects from it - I blew up like a balloon, it was terrible - now I totally avoid it. As most squashes and fizzy drinks have these sweetners in them I was interested in what effects they could have on you, if any.

    1. Too much aspartame isnt good, but it would take a very huge consumption of food with aspartame to reach a dangerous level. But drinking say 2l diet cola everyday might not be so good and can be linked to depression and higher anxiety and sweet cravings and according to some studies.
      If a person has stomach problems or a sensitive stomach then consuming sweeetners can make that worse... so i would avoid sweetners if you have a sensitive stomach! Try different ones and see how you feel, because sweetners arent dangerous or bad it is just if you consume far too much but that would take a very high consumption which most people would never reach the stage of. There isnt so much studies around sweetners but so far it isnt something to be too worried about. Aspartame would be the "worst" and stevia the "Best" but i guess netiher sweetner or sugar is so good, but in moderation they are fine as part of a healthy diet!