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Thursday, June 2, 2016

Staying positive on a day where my mind wants to make everything negative

Hello :)

Today is one of those days where i dont really know why but everything just feels tougher, i feel sad, low and lots of anxiety. Like a cloud of heavyness and darkness and feeling lost... The summer of feeling where you want to do loads of things but at the same time lack the energy to actually do them. Or you have no one to actually make plans with, and just a feeling of "lost" and not knowing what to do with my life.

Days like this life always feels a little tougher, as well as not having such a great morning. But i decided to just take deep breathes, head home and not feel so negative. I am still feling very "off" and not so great but i am instead going to focus on the positives of today...


Got a package with things i ordered 3 weeks ago... (Apparently someone stole my first package, but the site i ordered from was nice enough to send me a new package!)

I have a job interview tomorrow. (The more i think about this the more nervous i get and just want to cancel the interview and accept that i amnt good enough and wont get the job... and even if i am sure i wont get the job as i dont have all the qualifcations, i know that i need to atleast try. Despite feeling nervous and it being a huge step out of my comfort zone.)

And now i am going to go to the store and buy watermelon and bananas and make nice cream and maybe some fruit salad with oat vanilla cream. Uhhh oh... thinking about food/planning foood.... not a good sign XD Hhaha. Nope i have just got major cravings for banana ice cream with some spinach and vanilla stevia drops!

And to end this post... it was a year ago roughly since i graduated high school, and i miss my graduation day. It went by so fast and i wish i could experience it again... i guess my next graduation will be in 3-4 years when i might be done with university!!!


  1. Good luck in your interview, Izzy! and WELL DONE for pushing through the self-doubt.

    1. Thank you so much :) Now it's done and i feel it went well even if i dont get the job as they need someone who will work for longer than the summer.

  2. I'm just curious, since you're basically vegan now, does that mean you're going to stop eating/trying all of the different ben and jerrys flavors???

    1. Yeah, but i dont actually care about that... its strange. But i am more excited to try the vegan ben and jerry flavours than any of their other new flavours. Apparently the vegan ones are good, so why cant they make all their flavours vegan then? Then people with lactose intolerance can eat them as well!!

  3. If you get chance, could you post how you make your ice cream?
    Sorry to hear you`re having a bad day, I hope it improves as it goes along. Sometimes its so hard to turn negative thoughts around but you can get there, believe me. Concentrate on the good things in life and live for the moment, the day will take care of itself.
    Wishing you so much luck for the job interview - its good experience to have even if you don`t get the job. It certainly is a case of stepping outside your comfort zone by going to it so be proud of yourself for doing just that, for not giving up.
    Good luck and I hope your day gets better :)

    1. Thank you so much :) You really are so sweet and kind for commenting on my blog and being so lovely!! I hope you have an awesome weekend.

      And with the "Ice cream" it is basically just frozen bananas which are then mixed in a mixer with whatever toppings/flavours i like whether its cacao, berries, spirulina, stevia or anything else. But i know that you can make ice cream using coconut milk which you freeze and add things into, so if you google vegan ice cream you can find recipes for that which is supposedly very good :)

    2. Thanks for this, I`ll give the banana one a go and also google vegan ice cream for some ideas. You can make a rather good icecream out of plain fromage frais and fruit yogurt - just mix, add whatever fruit, and freeze. Its not bad!

  4. I`ve just discovered some lovely adult colouring books on Amazon - Sherri Baldy and Whimsical World by Molly Harrison - I think they`re great so I`ve treated myself to a couple!
    Just incase you are still colouring from time to time Izzy and fancy trying something different, thought I`d share :)

    1. Thank you for the tips! At the moment i am not doing so much colouring, even if i should as it is so relaxing and therapeutic but i havent felt like it recently. .Though maybe i should motivate myself with some new colouring pens as that will get me to colour!!

    2. Amazon have got some great colouring pens at the moment, I brought some fine tip ones the other day - and they came with a free colouring book!