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Sunday, June 5, 2016

Spread positivity and happiness

Something we need more of is to spread happiness and positivity everywhere!  And also to randomly compliment others without expecting a compliment back.

A few days ago while I was at the gym with my sister and we were doing two different things but while I was resting I sat and watched what she was doing and noticed what good technique she had and how strong and fit she was looking so I decided to send a text message saying that and it made her so happy. She's never been the person who has worked out the most or priortized exercise but now she does and she has made so much progress which makes me so happy for her sake as well and when she hears that the progress is noticeable she just shines up!!

And then yesterday while I was at the gym I saw a middle aged lady who was working out tough and looked so strong so I mentioned that while we were both in the middle of our sets and she looked so happy afterwards. And it made me happy to make someone else happy and genuinely mean it!

I am one of the people who only compliment when I genuinely mean it I. E if I don't like an outfit or something I won't pretend I like it,instead I'll just be quiet.  But that's why people who know me well get a compliment from me (which is often) they know I truly mean it!

And then today while I was out walking I met two people also out walking on the island and when you're focused you can look a little angry (I know I personally look angry/very focused when I workout or am out running or walking).  But I smiled at them both and first they looked a little perplexed but then smiled back and I like that "runners/walkers smile /eye contact ". It's like a "hello and good job" with just a smile!

And then finally a few days ago while I was waiting at the tube station I dropped my sun glasses and a guy walking by picked them and told me I looked very beautiful before walking away (he gave me back my glasses ;) ( abd that was soo sweet.  Because it's one thing to get compliments from guys who just want my number or to take me out for a drink but another thing to get one from someone who doesn't have any underlying intentions and just wants to share a compliment! And it made me really happy!  Just a small thing like a compliment from a stranger!

We need more positivity and positive energy.  So much comparing and eye glances... if i ever get bitchy looks from certain girls I smile at them and that shocks them. But often I don't even notice those looks, haha!

I think we should all get into the habit to smile more,compliment others more and mean it! Make others happy but ALSO compliment ourselves! I mean why did I actually smile from that random compliment from a stranger but can't accept when my boyfriend tells me I'm beautiful?  It's strange... its like I can't accept that people close to me compliment me but random strangers is ok?

More positivity! More happiness!!!


  1. You accept a compliment from a stranger rather than your boyfriend because you know your boyfriend knows you well, and you think "well, that can`t possibly be because of x or y reasons" A stranger is different, they are taking you at face value and don`t know all your little ways. Weird I know but that's what I think.
    Its nice when you receive compliments though, and we really should learn to take them on board, especially those from those we know. I`m guilty of doing the same, if my partner says something nice to me I brush it off with some sort of mental reasoning that he can`t possibly mean it.
    Would`nt the world be a brighter place if we took the time to smile at others or just say hello when passing. I have found people doing that when I go out for walks in the village, and its nice to have a "good morning" for no reason other than you are passing each other. When I`m in town though its a different story, everyone is so busy and they don`t stop to look at anyone.
    A little bit of positivity and happiness goes a long way!

  2. Yaya! I'm a strong believer in giving compliments freely. As long as they are genuine! Why keep good thoughts to ourself? Spread the love :) They cost nothing and make you AND the recipient feel good. I read in my daily meditation book yesterday a passage about self-esteem. It said the best way to build our own self-esteem is to be of service to others: a kind word, a helping hand, a selfless act. Helping others takes us out of our own self-obsession, and we become the kind of person we can respect and admire. More than any external stuff (weight loss, new make-up, whatever) it is the act of selflessly helping another that creates within us a love for the person we already are. Compliments are definitely one way of doing this, and such an easy way to brighten someone's day. There is something about a kindness from an unexpected source that is really special. We may feel our loved ones are obligated to say nice things about us (hello negative self-talk!), but a stranger or acquaintance has nothing invested and nothing to gain from it so it feels extra special or more genuine.

    Nowadays, more than being thin or pretty or smart or whatever, I wish to be a light in the world. If I am having a low self-esteem day, I will help someone else, or say something kind to another person. It immediately lifts us both up, and I feel more value in myself as well as less focused on whatever negative thought I was obsessing over before. It is such a better way to be, more fulfilling and easier to attain to boot! Shine on, everyone :)

    1. can you recommend any good meditation books that I could read? This has always interested me but I really don`t know where to start.

    2. I used to think these daily meditation or affirmation books were really hokey, but I gave them a chance because I became willing to try ANYTHING that would help me find a new, healthy, better way to live. They are now an important part of my morning routine, and it helps set the tone for my day. There are tons to choose from - I would recommend going to your local bookstore and just checking out the selection. Find one that speaks to you and give it a go. Choose one that is a daily (365 meditations or whatever) and get in the habit of reading it first thing in the morning. My personal routine is to actually read it out loud to myself, and highlight any lines or thoughts that really resonate with me. This helps me actually take it in, as well as makes it easy to thumb back and see what words or thoughts I wanted to remember. I'm on my second book now (so my second year). I don't have specific recommendations for you because so far I have chosen addiction recovery themed books which probably doesn't apply to you. Sometimes I will be inspired to journal my response to the reading, which is also a nice habit to get into. If you do try it out, I hope it helps! Give it some time to become a habit, the first couple weeks didn't click much for me but today I wouldn't skip it for anything. Any positive, helpful info coming into my brain is welcome!

    3. Thanks so much for this, I`ll check out the sort of book you mentioned. It is something I definitely want to try.