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My life at the moment is completely different to how it once was. I spent 5 years sick with anorexia nervosia and depression as well as struggling with self harm and overexercising. I spent 2 years in different treatment centres.
And since 2012 i have been declared healthy from my eating disorder.

I have been blogging for 7 years, and my whole journey is written in my posts. I now represent healthy and happiness. I want to show anyone struggling that it is possible to recover, no matter how hard it may seem.

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Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Positives of the day

Tuesday evening, and a day that hasnt gone according to plan at all.

I longed for a free day with series watching, but my lack of ability to say no lead to work anyway, so my day of much needed rest didnt go as planned. And then also i realised that i dont get my first paycheck until the end of next month i think... which is not so fun as i had been looking forward to getting my paycheck today (hahah) and having money for the month of July XD

But i am going to look past those things and see the positives of the day anyway!!

Getting to eat lunch at home anyway and eat my favourite roast potatoes!

Getting to cuddle Daisy, and finding her lying in the bag of newly washed clothes!

Sunshine even if only for a few moments.

The best gym workout in a while... or well, i say that each time i have a good workout even if i had a great workout the day before hahahah.

Yesterdays dinner of all my favourite foods (after being away from home 12 hours.) - ok this was a positive from yesterday, but anyway!

I now know most of the  common PLU codes (i.e codes for fruits and vegetables and other "loose" items)

Friendly customers :) 

Coming home before 8.30pm XD 

Finally getting to watch my series now at 8pm - and also just realised now that season 7 of PLL was released last week... hahah, completely missed that. Though not sure if i even feel like watching it as i got so irritated over the fact that the show didnt end at season 6... Why drag out on the show so long? XD

And finally... all the vegan chocolate available!! Eating a whole 100g bar for myself now this evening ;););)

(Todays lunch)

(Yesterdays dinner/night snack)

How it actually looks when i take photos of my food XD

If you have any positves of the day, share them in the comments so we can inspire others to think positives and see the positives in each day :)


  1. Not a positive of the day, just curious: do you watch the europen football championship? :D

    1. No i dont, haha... only when i have my break and the football is on in the lunch room! But i know Sweden is out of the championship anyway.

  2. I had my high school graduation today, so that's definitely a plus ;)

    1. Congratulations, that must feel great :) I hope you had a lovely day!

  3. Not really a positive but it depends on how you look at it - Wimbledon (tennis) started this week - and when Wimbldeown stars you KNOW its Summer (even if the weather doesn't!) I don`t understand tennis that well but love watching it - I find the noise of the ball and the commentary very soothing! And of course theres Andy Murray!
    Another Summer event on tv is Big Brother - and this year I`m hooked :) Do you have Big Brother in Sweden?
    Finding a new, non soya dairy free margarine in the supermarket - now I have something to put on my jacket potatoes

    Love the pictures of Daisy in the bag of clean washing - perhaps she was having a "i think I`m a cat moment" :)

  4. Just think though of the extra money you will have at the end of the month - that has got to be a positive! But make sure you buy yourself a little treat with your first pay packet - you deserve it :)

    1. Oh exactly! I think I might go for a massage.... or a dentist appointment when I get my paycheck, hahahah. The massage is more of a treat but the dentist appointment is a necessity ^'^

  5. How come you don't eat carbs? :/

    1. Or, I know it's carbs, but you always eat so healthy and the same things all the time. Do you ever eat like pasta/rice and sauces, gratains, pies and just "normal" food?

    2. I eat lots of carbs ;) I don't post everything I eat. And just the last day I ate a whole pot of pasta as that was what I was craving - though I'm not a fan of pasta, but I was craving it. But I don't post everything I eat. And also I eat like 10 fruits a day which is all carbs.. ;)

    3. And just wanted to note that what I eat IS normal food? Who is to determine what is normal food? I eat what we have at home (or well, I buy my own food.) But I eat the food I like and the food I think is delicious and that varies but yes I eat the same things as that is what I enjoy and what I have at home. I don't have the economy to buy lots of different foods so it's basically repeat of the same thing :)

  6. No but you almost only eat clean foods that people on diets eats, many low calorie foods and tons of veggies? As when you are making healthy versions of normal food, instead of just having the real deal. Why is that? Is it still to control your food intake or eat safe foods? I don't know exactly what you eat but based on what you post it seems a bit restrictive and according to me that is not a healthy relationship with food, to exclude things or make low calorie versions of meals :)

    1. Ummm, she doesn't do that? From what I've seen, anyway. There are plenty of chocolate and cake and cookie mentions. And I don't think that recovery has to mean junk food forever, particularly this many years into recovery. Most people would think izzy, for the most part, makes healthy choices - but because of her ED history those choices are scrutinized and deemed UNhealthy. In early recovery, her food choices would not be the best and I can see how it might seem "too" healthy. But as a fellow recovered-for-YEARS person, I do know that once normalcy has been achieved, it is totally possible and okay to focus on eating healthy like every other person on the planet. This many years into it, motives change, there is no obsession involved, it's simply taking care of one's health like everyone should. Having an ED does not mean you can't ever have healthy food practices ever again! And I hope Izzy is self-aware enough to see any early warning signs of reoccurring ED crap. Like with going vegan - this is something a lot of health-conscious people at least try out when they're young, I did too. But I think izzy knows enough to be able to check her motives, and that she honestly doesn't ever want to return to any restrictive food habits, and would stop if the vegan thing wasn't working for her either physically or emotionally. A vegan diet is naturally quite healthy and I think any food changes lately are because of that and not due to any ED reasons or desire to control food. My two cents, anyway.

  7. Just a word of advice from someone a bit older and who has done the whole "can't say no to work" thing. Learn how to say no!! Seriously. You WILL burn out, get overwhelmed, and/or resentful if you don't. If you always say yes, they will always ask. It is up to us to manage what we can handle. I used to be so afraid to say no to work, and i'd end up doing way more than i wanted or was comfortable doing. For their part, work will always take advantage if you allow them to. I'm now able to say no, even coming right out and saying "thank you, but I've actually got as much on my plate as I can handle this week". It is very liberating and empowering to learn to stand up for your own needs. It's not being a jerk or a bad employee - it's simply being selfish in a way that allows you to continue working at top form and maintain some sanity. I know it's hard, especially when you're new, but trust me it is so worth it. You won't be fired or thought poorly of. In fact, they will respect you for being honest and assertive, even if they are disappointed or whatever. Always saying yes is NOT sustainable and WILL affect your mental health negatively. The world goes on and work will figure it out, even if you say no :)

  8. All the food looks so good!
    Izzy |

  9. I have to agree with what Liz said about saying no to work at times - they really won`t think anything more of you if you always say yes and in the end its you who ends up extra tired and stressed. My partner went through something similar with work, he was always the one to come in earlier than others and always the last to leave at the end of the day. If anything went wrong out of hours ie alarm went off it was him that they telephoned to go in. They even began to phone him when he was supposed to be off on holiday! Because he put himself forward so much and made himself "available" they took advantage of his nature and it really didn't do him any good. Now thankfully things have changed, he stopped putting himself out for others, started at a later time and stuck to his scheduled hours. He is now not nearly so tired and stressed - and no, although a few people were surprised at first when he started saying no, it hasn't done any harm work wise.
    So remember to put your own need first and when you`re tired and want to say no, say it! You want to enjoy this job, not feel rundown and tired because you`re over commiting yourself. You are far more of value to them when you are rested and full of energy :)