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Sunday, June 19, 2016

Picking up my furniture and my first fast food (vegan) burger

Hello :)

Update from me on this Sunday evening! Finally home again, my furniture back into my room though don't quite have the energy to start putting my items into the shelves and wardrobe again, I'll do that next week :) it feels good to have my big bed back in my room and now able to sleep better, haha!

Today has been a long day (as usual!) Where my day started with alot of anxiety and negativity. .. not so sure why but felt pretty awful so I headed to the gym for a quick session to make myself feel more positive and energetic before I headed home, ate some left overs and then in the car to pick up the moving truck and then drive 80 minutes to my old apartment.  It was only the furniture which had to be moved so it took my step dad and I roughly 30 minutes to move everything and pack into the truck and then it was time to travel back home again.

But first a stop at a fast food restaurant as my parents wanted lunch.  I had already eaten lunch but my blood sugar was low and I wanted to try the vegan burger which was sold at Max, and not to mention I have never eaten at Max before and haven't had a fast food burger since 2007 or around that time. I've never had a reason to eat a fast food burger and haven't wanted to eat at McDonald's or burger king, however Max is more of a "fancy fast food place" (hahahha) and now they have vegetarian and vegan burgers so I thought why not! Three "firsts " in a way!

What did I think of the burger? It contained pulled oumph which is very spicy but then it also had chilli so I basically sat there with tears running down my cheeks because it was so spicy ^-^ and second I think the bread was normal brioche bread which is not vegan/plant based but I ate it anyway as I thought, it's worse that I throw the bread away.  My final opinion of the burger? It was edible and I am glad that there are vegan burgers at a fast food restaurant,  if you make sure to get the non brioche bread anyway! :) one thing I have to say though is that the burger was nor filling.... after 40 minutes I was super hungry again. Maybe it's just me who has a huge appetite, or the actual fact that fast food isn't filling.

After our lunch (my snack ^-^) break we had some car problems before finally on the road again and travelled back home. And then the struggle of getting all the furniture into my room... but now it's done and now it's just series watchinh


  1. Daisy looks so precious! And sorry the burger was a disappointment but hey, at least now you know! So exciting you get to start another new chapter in life!

    1. Hahha she loves following with in the car :) not so sure how things will be for autumn and next year, but taking everything pne day at a time! I hope your plans for travelling and university go well :)

  2. most bread is vegan though, at least most bread that you buy in a grocery store, along with most store bought pizza crusts... just to let you know :)

    1. I do know that, but I know that the brioche bread used at max isn't vegan, so you need to personally ask for another or a gluten free bread.

    2. The new vegan burger at Max is completely vegan :)

  3. I have eaten from a fast food restaurant for years either, but I remember from past experiences when I have that the food isn't exactly filling. We went to our local Burger King when it first opened - this was some years ago - as we had never had takeaway burgers before and it was all new to us so we thought we`d try it - and ordered a burger each, then went for a walk around the complex - and went back to Burger King and ordered another burger each! Although they look substantial they really aren't, and we were still hungry :)
    Your burger looked nice, I wonder why they had a brioche roll though?
    Glad to hear your move went well, now you can sort through your things and get yourself settled and comfortable again - theres nothing better than a good sort out after a move!
    Hope you have a good week ahead :) Does Daisy always travel with you when you go out? She must be awfully good in the car, our dogs when I was young used to go mad - not car friendly at all.