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Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Overthinking what i should write


At the moment it feels like words dont flow so freely for me now when i am blogging. Not like in the past when i could just write without thinking and not be worried about being judged by readers or judged by people who know me in real life. But now i feel like i need to overthink everything i write and how i formulate my sentences. I feel like i cant write about food on here and i cant write about exercise or that i had energy and strength at the gym, because then it seems like all i do is exercise or that all my thoughts are on food if i write about food. And i feel like i cant always write how i am feeling or the thoughts in my head - though in all honesty, i cant always explain my own thoughts and feelings and sometimes it is for the best to not write them out.

But i feel like blogging isnt so much fun when i keep having to think about what i should or shouldnt write about, when i have to filter everything so much that i am left with just a "Hello, today has been a good day/bad day"..... And it also takes away my inspiration for other posts. No inspiration for advice posts or what to write about. Blogging may seem easy, It is just to write. But it definitely isn't just writing... it is also thinking about what is ok to publish, what readers want to read about and what is relevant content. But sometimes the analyzing of what readers want to read about can be too much... because i cant please everyone. Some want to read more about some things others want to read more about other things. Some say they want more personal posts and more about myself and my life and others say they want less as they want more advice posts, and then i am stuck on what to do as i want to please everyone - even if i know i cant.

I want to write freely but at the same time i dont even know what to write about anymore, hahaha. The blog flow is definitely not inside of me anymore, maybe all i need is a blog break for a while.... focus on my family, on work and just summer.... not so sure what i will do, but i guess it will be noticed if i take a blog break. It is like with working out, when i lack motivation then the best thing is to take a break from it for a while until the motivation comes back and then the motivation is better than ever!! :)

For now i will try my best with regular posts and updates, and try to not filter myself so much. Not hold back my writing and not be worried for critisizm, as i feel that is making me overthink every sentence i write. Instead just be open and write what is on my mind or what i feel like posting at the time, whether thats a meal i ate, article i found, thought i had or inspiration i want to share!!


  1. Write whatever you are feeling - if you are happy and have loads of energy, if you are a bit sad and unmotivated, having a good day or a bad day. If you have had a good session at the gym, if you are going to cook something delicious or just snack on what you fancy - this is your blog, your words and you should feel that you can write whatever you like!
    I`m sorry that you feel as though you have to hold yourself back and that you have to try to please everyone. That's just not possible. I like your blog because it is open and honest, your advice posts are interesting and thought provoking and your accounts of daily life interesting. I love it when you post you are happy and motivated but also when the day hasn't been so good because you are reaching out and not bottling up your feelings, and having a good vent helps!
    Please feel you can continue to write what you feel and don`t be put off by the thought of critism for writing something or feel you have to hold back and only write about certain things, because that would be a shame and not enjoyable for you.
    This is your blog, your space and you should be able to write about anything you like!
    I hope you regain your motivation and continue - because I (and a lot of others) would miss you :)

  2. Do what you want. Please don't stress over what you write and over think about it. Your posts are good because they're genuine so keep it like this ♡

  3. I honestly don't know how you do it :) The constant conflicting feedback would drive me batty. I love to write, but could never blog for all the reasons you mentioned. I fear that outside opinion and attention would steal the joy from writing. It's a double-edged sword to have an audience, that's for sure. I hope you keep blogging, but everything in life has its season, and it's okay to outgrow things. Growth is good!

  4. This is your blog, people shouldn't feel as if they're so important that it's your duty to please them. Write whatever you want, if someone has a problem with it then it's their business. After all, this blog is yours :)