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And since 2012 i have been declared healthy from my eating disorder.

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Saturday, June 25, 2016

New day and wanting to be positive - having goals and dream

Hello :)

Saturday morning and only 90 minutes before i am on the boat back to Stockholm again. I didnt have any plans for today so when my job called and asked if i could work today i said i could work once i got back to Stokholm, so a few hours of work today, and then a whole day of work tomorrow and Monday!
   It will be many hours of work, but i have a goal of saving up all the money i earn and travelling in the future as well as having savings to rely on in the future, which is always a good idea. But i like knowing that if i work lots now then i can travel in the future and do things i enjoy, so putting in the work to reach my goals and dreams :)

Thats how i see many things in life - that you have to put in hard work to reach goals most often, or you need to change things or do things you dont always love to reach a goal. Of course some goals are easier to reach, but others require more hard work. However what is always important to me is that the work i do or what i do to reach my goals should make me happy. I dont want to do things i hate or things that make me unhappy just to reach a goal. For example i would like to run a marathon but i know that if i were to begin training for a marathon now my body would just break as i have injuries and such which prevent me from being able to run 42km. So maybe a marathon isnt a realistic goal for me, but another half marathon maybe - but to reach that goal the training should be fun as well. I loved my long runs before my half marathon last year, and that is what made the whole process so much fun and then finally reaching that goal of completing the race. Just like now with work, it isnt always 100% fun, but i enjoy it to some extent and i know when i get my paycheck it will feel even more awesome as well! Also i am the type of person who loves having structure and doing things and not just lying in bed all day, but having places to be and things to do so work and school are a way for me to have structure and feel like i am doing something!!

So much work talk, hahaha.

Otherwise,I am going to buy a journal and start journaling again. I want to buy a pretty one which gets me inspired to write in it. Write my thoughts, goals, dreams etc. Not have to filter myself there but just write! !!

I also want to try make changes to my blog once I get some time and get my first pay check ^-^ new theme and maybe new portal if I can get it all to workout.  I want to update and change my blog and just make it more fresh... but lack of  technical skills and lack of economy have kept me from doing that, as well as lack of time!! Who knows! !

Need to keep progressing and moving forward in all areas of life :)


  1. I think its a great idea that you`re going to save the money you earn for something you really want to do, the satisfaction of knowing that you are able to do something because of all your hard work is very gratifying.
    But with your very first pay cheque be sure to treat yourself to a little something first! A reward for all your hard work :)
    Your plans for your blog sound interesting - are you intending to change the theme very much? Perhaps you are going to focus more on health, exercise and fitness?
    Hope you have a good day at work and the hours don`t drag by, as they can sometimes do after you`ve had time away. BTW - I love your little dog - she is so cute!

  2. I would love to read a post about 20 things you would like to do this summer, goals but also things like going to x restaurant, visiting x place, going to a concert party,
    thank you

  3. Just a thought and I posted this in a previous comment but don`t think you`d go back that far to read - but have you thought there may be a connection with your feelings of anxiety and your stomach pain? A couple of times now you have posted that you have had both. Anxiety/stress can trigger stomach pain, and too much caffeine - or even just a little (as it is in my case) can trigger feelings of anxiety. Just some thoughts that may help you get to the bottom of your pains.
    Fruit can cause stomach problems, as can some types of vegetables - I have found broccoli to be the worst culprit. Raw veg can also be the cause of stomach pain.
    I hope you can get to the bottom of why you are having pains - tummy pain is no fun and I sympathise with you.
    Hope you are feeling better now and having a good weekend!