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Monday, June 27, 2016

Monday and a new week

Hello, hello!!

It is Monday morning here in Sweden when i am writing this post, though i really dont have any track of the days at all at the moment. I thought yesterday was Monday all day until i was about to head home from work at 9.45pm and realised that the trains and trams didnt go at their usual time as it was a Sunday evening.

This morning i woke up feeling very energetic and ready for the day, even if i didnt feel that way yesterday evening. But a huge meal right before bed last night at 10.30-11pm seems to have done the trick for lots of morning energy!!

On  Saturday i took the boat home (3 hours) from the island we were on, and then i jumped onto a bus and headed to work and worked until 9.30pm. There wasnt soo many people which was nice but it also meant that the time went rather slowly and the tiredness kicked in, so when i was finally done i felt the tiredness kick in and all i wanted was to lie in my own bed. But of course the trains and trams didnt go so often so it took me roughly an hour to get home - it would have been much quicker for me to just walk home, but of course i didnt feel like walking home through a forest on my own at 9.45pm on a Saturday night :(

Then with little sleep i got up Sunday morning, headed to work and was going to work until 6.30pm but got asked if i could work until 9pm instead.... and because i struggle with saying no. I of course said yes, and my tiredness screamed "no no no no. I want my bed and series watching", hahaha. So then it was work from 10 until 9pm, luckily the time passed quickly and i got to talk to some of the other collegues at my work place.

Then a little positive from yesterday when i was on the way home. I was standing by the tube station scrolling through social media and an older guy asks me (in english) "how long i can go without looking at my phone". First i was shocked because no one talks to each other at the tube station unless asking where the right train is or something similar. But we got talking briefly and i just mentioned i had worked all day so was now checking up on all the things i had missed, and he said he had worked in the cashier in his younger days etc
  And that little brief conversation made me really happy for some strange reason. I can't explain why, but i like talking to strangers (hahaha), i wouldnt initiate conversation first but it shows that people are just human and that sometimes all you need to do is just look up from your phone, hahaha. It is  like random compliments i love those as well, both giving and recieving them!

So more random acts of kindess :)

Today, i have another 9 hour work shift and then tomorrow i am free!! Yayy, and i need to make sure to not accept any work tomorrow if i get asked as i need to just lie in my own bed for more than 6 hours XD Though i am pretty sure that if i get asked to work i will say yes. There are both positives and negatives to not being able to say no....

Anyway... mentally loading up for my work day and longing until 8pm when i finish and can just come home, hahaha.

I hope you all have a lovely day and a lovely week - make this week a great week :) And remember to think positive and find the positives with each day!

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  1. You must be so tired after all that travelling - and then to work all those hours, I would be dead on my feet :(
    Glad the job seems to be going ok and I hope time doesn't drag for you today, you must be longing for a break and a good sleep.
    Hope your Monday is going well and I share your want for a happy, positive week!