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Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Long day of work and midsummer celebrations

Hello :)

I thought I would do a quick update as I don't have any time to update later and not so sure how it will be during the weekend.  Maybe an unwilling blog break due to lack of writing time! !

Yesterday I got asked if I could work 5 hours today and at first I was like no (mentally anyway!)... I'm bad at sitting in the cashier. But then I reminded myself that I'm not going to get better at it if I don't work and also work = money! And I do enjoy working, it gives me some sort of structure. So I said yes, and then I planned my Wednesday around that evening work shift.

Then this morning while at the gym I got asked if I could start working at 12 instead of 4pm, and i said yes as my gym is 5 minutes from where I work and it's extra money which is always good!  But it does mess up my plans for the day. ... which included washing my hair, buying ingredients for our midsummer celebration as well as packing my bag and maybe buying a midsummer dress! On Friday we celebrate midsummer in Sweden and that includes lots of food,dancing around the maypole and flowers in our hair ^-^ tomorrow I'm going to travel with my family out to the island to celebrate midsummer though I'll be travelling back on Saturday as I have work on Sunday and the others will stay there until they feel like travelling back to mainland again ^-^

Luckily we aren't travelling until tomorrow evening so I have a chance to pack and buy my own food before we head off :)

Today is going to be a long day with 9 hours of work but now I'm going to buy myself a huge lunch to fill up with energy before I begin :)

I hope you all have a lovely day and make the best of the day! !

Also, do any of you celebrate midsummer as well? I know it's mostly a nordic tradition, but maybe others celebrate as well?  :)


  1. Izzy, you are lovely, please don't worry about the things you write -- I think most people really love your blog, and they love it because of you, not because of X or Y that you do or don't do -- you are a good person, and it comes across in all your posts and giving here. Have a good day, and a lovely celebration when it comes. I hope you get enough rest at the end of it all too. Take care, and look after YOU X

  2. Our mid summer, or rather official start of summer was on Monday with the summer solstice. Lots of people travel to Stonehenge - a group of ancient stones - to celebrate the sunrise of the longest day. The event attracts thousands of people.
    Apart from that I don`t think we really have any other celebrations - yours sound great! Its not so nice to think that now we have had the longest day the days are gradually going to get shorter again and its downhill to winter:(
    I hope your break goes well and you have fun and relax - something to keep you going during your long day at work and to look forward too! Have a great time!

  3. I was wodering that you have very frequently written about how tired you are :( Has it gotten worse after you started a vegan diet? And after you have lost weight? Have your doctors added any supplements after your diet change?
    I hope you have a lovely mid summer :)

  4. Not really on topic - but I had to ask - do you have the TV series Big Brother in Sweden? I`m totally hooked this year, its very addictive viewing and goes on for about 8 -10 weeks I think :) You definitely know its Summer when Big Brother starts! One down side though is that they don`t do the 24 hr live streaming like they used to, which is a great shame as you could just dip in and out of it anytime during the day or night. Instead they put on a highlights update show each night, which is good, but not the same. They stopped doing the live streaming because of having to edit the content too much to make it suitable for TV.
    I know other countries have Big Brother I just wondered if Sweden was one of them and if so what it was like there, is it any different?
    Have a great time away and ejoy the celebrations !