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Thursday, June 2, 2016

Life lessons i wish i had known earlier

I am still young and still have so much to learn. I am still going to grow, change and progress over time. Make mistakes and hopefully learn from them and learn new life lessons all the time, but there are some things which i wish i had been told when i was younger, or atleast dared to believe/remember.

The situation you are in now won't last forever.
When you are stuck in a difficult or stressful situation, or a situation which isnt where you want to be in life, remember that it wont be this way forever. At that moment in time when everything is difficult it can feel like that... like "this is forever", but that is not the case. Who knows, in a week, month, year or 5 years time you will look back and realise you got through those tough times!

Somethings take time, but what is meant to be will be.
Life doesnt always go according to plan. Things change, like mentioned aboce, and you cant always control things in life or what happens, but sometimes that is a good thing. When one door closes, another one opens. And i truly believe in that. For example maybe you had hopes of getting into a certain university or getting a certain job or doing something during the weekend, but then you dont get accepted to that university, or you dont get the job or your weekend plans have to change. It can feel tough but it is not the end of the world, and those things were most probably meant to happen because there are other things waiting to happen/meant to happen.

I do believe that we control our future by our choices, but at the same time i also believe that somethings are meant to happen and that in some form our life path is already set out for us, but that we always have the power to change that.

Having perfect grades isnt everything and you can still get far in life without top grades. And also, you should never sacrifice your mental health for the sake of getting top grades.
I dont know how many times i have done this - and keep doing this, but hopefully someday i will learn and be able to take my own advice.

Living a life of fear and letting fear control you will stop you from living completely. The comfort zone can be good at times, but its a very boring life if i never step outside of my comfort zone.
Something i am learning more and more is to not let fear hold me back or control my life. Unless i face fears they will always hold me back, so at times all i need to do is step outside of my comfort zone, do something new and dare to do something different and something that isnt the usual and safe things.

Dont worry so much about what others think or worry about them judging you. Live your life the way you want and be the best version of myself and what others think doesnt matter.
I have now learnt this and live by this... to not care what others think of me or what i do. Instead i live my life and do what is best for me and whether people think what i do is strange or unnormal that doesnt bother me. I dont care what people think of how i dress or how my hair looks or if i eat huge portions of food etc But i wish that i had learnt this earlier on in life so that i didnt live my life in fear and worry about what people thought of me or cared what people thought of my body. What matters most is that you are trying to be the best version of you and the happiest and healthiest version of You!

You can not push people away and then expect them to wait for you when you are ready.
I have isolated myself and pushed people away in my life and that means i have also lost contact with many people. I know there is a quote saying "true friends/family will wait for you" or however the quote goes, but you know what... They shouldnt have to. Family and friends also have a life to live, or for example your partner, they shouldnt have to wait and just deal with the fact that they are being pushed away, finally they will reach a stage where they cant deal with that anymore and i think that is ok. A person can't wait forever in hopes that someone will suddenly feel better, instead the person needs to reach out and try to keep contact anyway.

Saying no and taking time for myself is not selfish.
I dont need to do everything for everyone and dont always need to do things just because i am asked. I am not being lazy for saying no or not doing things.

These are just a few of the life lessons i wish i had learnt and listened to earlier!!! Do you have any life lessons you want to share? :)


  1. Don`t wait to be happy - live for the day and be happy now
    - its easy to put off things thinking "I`ll have a better day tomorrow, or maybe in xx time I`ll be happier" Instead I am learning to make the most of NOW, to find happiness or joy in an otherwise difficult day, not to wait to be happy because what if that time never comes? I am learning to feel happy in the present, not wait for the future because your day is what you make it, you can choose to find happiness. However hard it may seem, it is there.

  2. - appreciate your health and nurture it, because without it life is very difficult.
    Don`t take health for granted and take care of yourself - eat and drink properly, exercise. Its easy to get complacent about health and think well, its alaways there. Its not.

  3. - That its ok to ask for help
    so many times I have struggled on or dealt with the work load on my own thinking it was better if I did it, that it was a sign of weakness to ask for help. Its not. I have learnt to involve people, have learnt that they`re happy to help out, and they can do just as good a job as me.

  4. - to tell people how you feel, because they`re not mind readers!
    So many times I have been guilty of not doing this, expecting people just to know how I feel and it hasn't done me any good.
    And if you love someone, tell them. Hearing the words is awesome, don`t just presume they know you do.

    1. Thank you so much for adding these!! THey are such great life lessons and things which are great to be reminded of!!!

  5. I love your list, and I share all the same thoughts on "stuff I wish I knew back when". The only one I would add is DONT EXPECT EXTERNAL SOLUTIONS TO SOLVE INTERNAL PROBLEMS.

    As for grades, if you are still struggling with perfectionism it that area, take it from me, a woman in her 30s and long out of school: I obsessed over top grades as well, and seriously, the only time it ever mattered was in that moment, during school, and it only mattered to me. Not one single person now cares what marks I got, no job has ever enquired, and in fact people who remind others about their good grades in the professional world are sort of looked down on. In the end, my top marks did not matter one iota. What did matter was my understanding of the subject, and that one piece of paper saying I graduated my field of study. The grade behind it was irrelevant. I wish I hadn't let my grades define my self worth. I wish I had instead focused on comfort and confidence with the subject matter, how to speak on it with knowledge and authority. No one gives a rat's ass that I got an a, they only care if I can do my job now. Know your stuff, but let the numbers go. Perfection in school does not equal adult success, and your school performance matters WAY less than it feels like when you are in the middle of it. Now, let's hope I remember this when no return to school someday! It's so easy to get caught up when you 're in it.

    1. Good point about the grades- I had forgotten about that! Same here, no one has ever enquired about actual marks and whether you got an "A" or a "B" in your essays doesn't matter. It may matter to you in the short term whilst in school but in the greater scheme of things its irrelevant, like the above post said, understanding of the matter is key.
      I definitely wish I had taken this on board sooner, would have saved me a lot of stress

    2. Thank you, and you are very true... in the end those A's and B's really dont have a huge impact later on in life. All i can do is my best! And learning/remembering this will save me alot of stress if i try to remmeber the bigger picture and not just the short term stress.

  6. Lovely list - and I enjoyed the one last year of 19 things you had learnt by age 19, too!
    When I think of things I've learnt as I have got older, a lot of them are about realising just how human other people are, and how caring, and decent and generous and sensible etc. Learning to trust. Learning that all the things I was scared they probably thought or might think - that was all silly, and if I only I had trusted earlier, and been more open, could have had deeper friendships, and lived more sensibly perhaps.
    Anyway, it's fun growing and learning.
    Take care X

    1. Thank you :) And that is very true, at times i can be scared to meet new people or make phone calls or talk to people in the store i.e ask where an item is. But then i think... "they are only human" and it shouldn't be so scary to talk to new people or make phone calls or just to interact with others and new people, hahah. But luckily i am much better at it now!! And like you said, growing and learning and changing all the time which is awesome!