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Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Learning to say no - and wanting to cry from tiredness

Hello from an extremely tried girl who is ready to just lie in bed and sleep.

Today has been a very long day where time has passed slowly and I've had far too many moments when I have just wanted to cry for no other reason than tiredness. I just wanted to curl into a ball even if I do enjoy my work I know I needed a break yesterday which I didn't take and now I'm paying the price. Feeling dizzy from the tiredness and was close to almost making someone pay for 23675 kiwis today ^-^ hahahha.

Soon i finish work and then it's just home to sleep and I think I'm free tomorrow, though I could have booked work in anyway, I am not so sure, hahah.

But all I can say is "learn to say no" because that is a lesson I definitely need to learn. Pushing last tiredness isn't worth it. I can listen to my body when it comes to exercise and food and sleep but when it comes to school work and work I can't seem to listen to my body .

However with the reminder/comment from Liz I am going to try to drill into my mind that I need to learn to say no -in all areas of my life and not just force myself to do things because I've been asked.

This evening I've both been asked to go out dancing with friends and to go to my boyfriends place and I want to say yes to both, but I know that all I need is to go home and sleep. Not a very exciting life but that's how it is sometimes.

And below is Liz ' comment which was a much needed reminder!

Just a word of advice from someone a bit older and who has done the whole "can't say no to work" thing. Learn how to say no!! Seriously. You WILL burn out, get overwhelmed, and/or resentful if you don't. If you always say yes, they will always ask. It is up to us to manage what we can handle. I used to be so afraid to say no to work, and i'd end up doing way more than i wanted or was comfortable doing. For their part, work will always take advantage if you allow them to. I'm now able to say no, even coming right out and saying "thank you, but I've actually got as much on my plate as I can handle this week". It is very liberating and empowering to learn to stand up for your own needs. It's not being a jerk or a bad employee - it's simply being selfish in a way that allows you to continue working at top form and maintain some sanity. I know it's hard, especially when you're new, but trust me it is so worth it. You won't be fired or thought poorly of. In fact, they will respect you for being honest and assertive, even if they are disappointed or whatever. Always saying yes is NOT sustainable and WILL affect your mental health negatively. The world goes on and work will figure it out, even if you say no :)  "


  1. When you mentioned dancing with friends i remembered that i have a big problem with dancing.. At any of the parties i can't dance. I can't relax and leave my body do what it wants. I just can't relax and dance, i'm always afraid i will do sth wrong.. Can you help me?

    1. I don't think I'm the best person to ask for advice about this as I really can't dance. And I do that awkward jumping up and down, don't know what to do dance. At first I feel self conscious, but if I decide to just have fun and not care what people think and enjoy myself then it's easier to let go. Also I don't drink so enjoy myself and let go without the alcohol, but otherwise some people find that after a drink it's easier to feel less self conscious.

      Decide to just have fun, be with yiur friends and laugh and smile. And most often dance clubs are dark and people are drunk so nobody really cares or sees what others are doing or how they are dancing. And so what, you most likely won't seem them! Also try copying other dance moves yout see if that makes it easier ::)

  2. :) Saying no is a skill like any other; it takes time and practice to learn, but is so worth it. And being honest with your "no" is the best (instead of giving a fib or excuse, which only leaves you feeling guilty or uneasy). "Thank you for the offer but i'm unavailable /have enough work this week/really can't take on another shift this week" are some other lines I've used, if its any help! Get some rest and do some self care. Down time is important :)

  3. Well I hope you do have a day off and manage to catch up on your rest and sleep. You sound in serious need of some "me" time so make sure you get to relax and unwind. work will still be there another day.
    Take care and please have a break and rest :)