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Friday, June 10, 2016

June 10th 2016 - new day, new energy and a job interview


Waking up after 10 hours sleep and feeling more like a human and not still stuck in a "half asleep" daze, it is a pretty great feeling!

This morning i am going to start my day the same way i ended my day yesterday i.e with the exact same meal. Yesterday it was basically just throw together what we had, so i put oatmeal, flax seeds, vanilla stevia drops, water and spirulina into a pot and let that cook. And then topped the oatmeal with peanuts, raisins, banana and dark chocolate. It was basically one green mess due to the spirulina but the combination tasted great and with stevia drops (or if you use another sweetner or sugar) you dont taste the spirulina. As i mentioned a while ago i bought a package containing spirulina and hemp protein powder, and as i was told after i had bought... hemp protein powder doesnt taste so great. They were right. I can barely mix in one table spoon into a smoothie or mixed with water and even tried mixing into banana ice cream, but each time i just want to throw the food away as the hemp protein powder makes it taste so awful, hahaha. But i will continue trying, but not buy that powder again!!!  This is what happens when you try to act 'healthy' or be a health guru and you arent actually XD
   And with spirulina it does have a certain taste which isnt exactly the tastiest. So far i have taken spirulina shots i.e either mixed with oat milk or with water, i've added it to smoothies and nice cream and now oatmeal... and it works best in oatmeal with lots of stevia!!

Just a little tip from me, hahahah. 

Today i have a job interview at a food store, so feeling nervous over that but hoping it goes well and i get offered a job! And today i am also going to meet my aunt for a coffee and maybe go to the cinema with my boyfriend, depending on how my energy levels are at that point! But i am hoping for a wonderful friday anyway, now when i feel optimistic and energetic!!!

I hope you all have a lovely Friday as well, and enjoy your weekend!!!


  1. Have you tried hemp milk? don`t know if its any different to the protein powder taste wise but I should imagine its better - theres nothing worse than trying to persevere with afood hoping that in the end you`ll grow to like it. Are there different protein supplements you can take, or even do you need supplements at all with the diet you`re following?
    Have a lovely day and enjoy your trip to the cinema if you go. Good luck with the job interview too!

    1. No I haven't tried hemp milk, I'm sure it can be found in a health store though. I don't neceessarily need protein powder but I want to take it as an extra way to get calories in as well as extra protein doesn't hurt when strength training :) but I might try pea protein or save up and buy sun warrior began protein powder which is supposed to be good :)

    2. Oh I`ve seen pea protein powder in the supermarket, its quite reasonably priced compared to the other types. They sell pea protein based desserts in the health food shop and they are quite nice - worth a try? They come in several different fruit flavours, I`ve tried them all and quite like them.

  2. If you don`t mind me saying so you seem so much happier these days - do you think being free from the stress of studying, living back with your family and of course your new diet has helped lift your mood? Its so nice to read that you are positive and motivated about life again and some of the darker clouds have lifted for you.
    Just an observation - not that you were overly "down" before but just had your "days" like everyone else :)

    1. I think it's a combination :) I think my change in diet has helped alot as well as not having any stress and actively choosing to be positive and reach my goals I. E job seeking :) but of course I'm also choosing to not post about my down days either,haha.

    2. Well being positive helps and the fact that you are achieving your goals too. But you know what they say about about a problem shared....and having a good vent from time to time helps too!

  3. Good luck for your job interview! I'm sure you'll get it :)