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Sunday, June 19, 2016

How to tell if your behaviours are healthy or not

One of the best tell-tale signs if your behaviours are healthy or not is: "Whether you wish you had them or not... whether you wish of a life where you didnt do X or didnt do Y."

For example when i was sick i dreamed of:

A life where i could sleep in if i wanted to.
I wouldnt have to stop myself from eating or deny myself a food i liked.
A life where i didnt purge.
A life where i didnt force myself to workout and stand all the time. (When i didnt want to. I.e it was due to guilt, anxiety and obsession)

I dreamed of a different life and dreamed of a life where i didnt have all these rules, regulations, strict routines, compulsions and compensation behaviour. This is how YOU can tell that the way you behave is not actually how you want to live your life or behave. When you think like this maybe you can be more honest to yourself... do you actually enjoy what you are doing? All these small things you do like maybe 100 sit ups and squats before bed, do you actually enjoy them... or do you think about how it would be to not do them? Dream about a time when you can just lie in bed because you are tired and skip those squats and sit ups?

For example the way i live my life now with my routines and habits, i dont dream of a different life. I dont wonder how things would be to not do X or Y. I love the way i live my life, it gives me joy and happiness. I dont think of how it would be to live differently, because i dont want to live differently.

Of course, even when you have your obsessions, compulsions etc you might not want to change, you might think you enjoy them... so maybe its not so clear to think this way. But maybe it gets you thinking... that if you dream of things being differently, Then make a change so that you dont have to dream of a time, but actually be living it.


  1. The biggest thing for me in identifying whether what I'm doing is really a healthy, 'normal', okay behaviour or not is to consider if someone I really care about was doing it. I think of someone very important to me and how I would feel if I knew they were doing what I'm doing to myself (whatever it may be). If the answer is sad, worried, disappointed etc then I know that whatever I'm doing really isn't a healthy behaviour and I need to stop trying to convince myself otherwise! Easier said than done of course but anyone with, or recovering from, anorexia knows how easy it is to slip into behaviours again, sometimes without even realising ��

    1. That is a great way to think about things! This tip might help othes/readers :)

  2. Hey Izzy I have a random question. I started using Blogger. I can post photos normally if I use my computer, but If i do it on a mobile with an app Blogger it doesn't want to post any photos. Can you please help me? Hugs!

    1. Hmm maybe try reloading the app. But it might be that the photos are too big or too many? Can you upload them to the post? Because then it might be the reasons above....

    2. If i try to make the photo at the moment it works, but if i choose the photo from gallery it doesn't work :\

    3. Hmm, I don't have that problem so I'm not so sure why it is that way? I can just press on my gallery, choose previously taken photos and then they upload unless there are too many photos. Maybe try downloading the app again or see what format your pictures are taken in?

    4. I can upload it but the problem is that then i cant post it..ok i will try with downloading the app again. Thank you so much!

  3. How can you tell if a behaviour is unhealthy or not if you find yourself not really wanting to do something that day - ie you don`t really feel like it. Does not wanting to do it mean that it is unhealthy or can you just put it down to a day when you really can`t be bothered to do it?
    Good tip about thinking about another person carrying out certain behaviours and how it would make you feel!