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Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Healthy set point after an eating disorder? Higher than before your eating disorder.

Hi there, I don't know if you'll get this, but I just wondered if you could  
tell me what happens after you reach your body's set weight point (maybe 
above your normal weight point) and you've had that weight for a long time 
(six months)... how long does it take for things to calm down? Should you 
still not be exercising? even if its not excessive? Even if you're still 
eating a ton of food? I'm just so unsure and confused and theres people 
saying it never goes away and there are people that say that it does.... I 
could just really do with knowing that there is hope and that my body will 
go back to where it was?
thanks xxxxxx


It is great to hear that you have reached a healthy set point and also been able to maintain it for so long! If you have maintained that weight by eating enough food and just living life or continuing with lots of rest then that is most likely you bodies set point. When you write "how long does it take for things to calm down" i am not fully sure what you are referring to, as there could be many things. During an eating disorder and when your body hasnt gotten the right nutrition alot happens within the body, hormons act differently or not at all, you can feel more cold, more tired, the body is stressed, if you're a girl your menstrual cycle can stop, hair can fall out, more languoa hair on the body etc so many things can change in and on your body due to an eating disorder. But generally speaking as you begin to eat more, nourish your body properly, allow yourself to rest and reach a healthy weight then many of those things get better i.e your period comes back, your hair grows thicker, bones get stronger, less stressed, more energy, less cold. If you are maintaining a healthy weight and not using any eating disorder behaviour to maintain it and  eating enough/right food then things should get better in time, if not it might be a long lasting consequence of your eating disorder or something you should go to a doctor to check up.

When it comes to exercising again i would suggest wait until you have gotten your period back - if you are a female - and then wait a month or two to see if it comes back and if it does then begin with light exercise maybe 1-3 times a week and over time change/increase depending on how you feel and your lifestyle. But also make sure to eat more when you begin to exercise. If you have been able to maintain your healthy weight for 6 months then i would say it is ok to begin exercising again - doing something you enjoy and not going overboard. Trying to listen to your body so if there are times you dont have the energy to exercise, then dont.

When i read over your message i see that you wrote, you want your body to go back to where it was before? If you have maintained your weight for 6 months, then that is where your healthy set point is. And your healthy weight after an eating disorder is often higher than before your eating disorder due to the fact that your body has been stressed and malnourished and to feel safe and function properly it needs a higher weight. But also it means that if you do lose weight due to reasons such as stress, sickness, life in general, then you wont automatically end up underweight compared to if you were at your loweest healthy weight. Most people after an eating disorder need to and end up with a HEALTHY bmi of 20-23 and that is where their body is healthy. And you SHOULDNT try to force your body to maintain a low weight just because it is still in the "healthy bmi range". You should be able to eat enough food and rest for a week and still maintain your weight +/- 1-2kg .

So just because you might have weighed less before your eating disorder doesnt mean that is your healthy weight now. For me, my healthy goal weight i was given was 4-5kg more than i had ever weighed, but i was also x years older and 1cm taller so of course i needed to weigh more, and that weight was my lowest healthy weight, and after maintaining that weight in a healthy way i gained another 5kg due to muscle mass and strength training.

Weight is just a number and it is important to not get caught up in a number on the scale. But instead focus on whether your body is healthy or not? WHether you have energy, can function properly, think clearly, can live life, can exercise if you choose to, and whether you can eat enough food and maintain weight and not use disordered behaviour to maintain a certain weight.

Focus on living life and trying to create a life you love and let your body take care of its weight, and focus on loving your body rather than weighing a certain number!

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  1. Hi Izzy, I was wondering, did you ever have "dizzy spells" or collapse when you had your ED? I have begun experiencing this and its really scary. This morning was the worst ever as I actually fell to the floor and blacked out. I have been to see the doctor who checked my blood pressure and said it was very low. Is this a common occurance with anorexia/low weight?
    Things haven't been going very well at all just lately but this blacking out thing is really scary.

    1. My comment below is is a reply to you, I hit the wrong reply button :)

    2. I would tend to agree with Liz. You may need to be a bit assertive with your GP to get referred. GPs are not always very clued up about EDs, but blacking out is significant, and so are the intolerances -- it needs the support of dieticians and professionals who are used to handling EDs. Lots of (dangerously ill) people experience these things (from what I understand) but they are issues for specialists. I had to really press the GP in order to get referred to specialist treatment, but once you get to the specialist unit, with a bit of luck they will know how to help you through the physical challenges for a start. Don't put it off.
      I'd say that to anyone, but you know, you always sound such a lovely person on Izzy's blog, it's like wanting it for a friend too! I really hope you get the help you need soon.
      Maybe you can find out about a specialist centre near you that has a good reputation, which you could suggest to the GP or even contact directly yourself?

    3. Unfortunatly low blood pressure and dizzy spells can be a part of eating disorders and that means that something is wrong i.e not enough nutrition or energy. Or you are stressed or low blood pressue, or low weight etc I would get blood tests taken and talk to a doctor and such.

      I do have low blood pressure and if i dont eat enough i can get blackouts and feel dizzy - like when i was very stressed and packing to move in January, then i got a blackout as i stood up too fast. But it is not good, and with proper nutrition, rest and care it should get better. Do take care of yourself and make sure to rest and keep trying to increase your intake and eat enough. Also you might lack something such as a vitamin or mineral which can also cause dizziness and faintness.

  2. Dang it, I hit the back button before posting and lost my comment. Anyway, this was the long and short of it: you are not well. Clearly blacking out is a danger sign. From your comments lately I know you are struggling. Your priority should be your nutrition right now. There is basically NO mental healing that can take place until you are physically healthy or at least stable. I tried a billion times to fix my mindset without giving up a low body weight - it is simply not possible, and it is wasting your time to try. Blacking out is very scary, low blood pressure can lead to death. I hope you are working with a doctor, right now you need to get SAFE. I certainly don't mean to come across harshly here, but blacking out is serious, way more serious than a lot of people think. One of these times you might not wake back up. You never know when your body has simply had enough, and it doesn't matter what you weigh. Please stay safe. You clearly have a lot of fight in you, and some hope, or you wouldn't be here asking questions - this is very positive! But you need to harness that inner reserve and get back in front of this thing. I know I'm a stranger, but please believe me that life is SO much better on the other side!

  3. Thanks for the replies and the advice. I have seen my GP and he has referred me to the hospital gastronologist who will be able to investigate my stomach problems further. I have also had some blood tests done.
    Things aren't too great at the moment but I`m hoping they`ll get better when I`ve seen the specialist. Untill then I`ll take one day at a time and try and keep on top of things as best I can. I haven't given up, just struggling at the moment, but I still have hope :)

    1. Good luck, Carol :)
      Very warmest wishes.