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Tuesday, June 14, 2016

First day of work

Tuesday, 5.30pm and my first day of work complete. A total of 7 hours where 6,5 hours was spent behind the cashier.

It has been a long day and also mentally very tiring. Cashier work is completely new for me and it is hard to remember all of the codes for the different vegetables, fruits and different food items that need to be weighed. So for now and the next while i have to use a cheat sheet which takes some time while scanning but maybe by the end of my work time i will know some of the numbers by heart, hahha.

This type of work is definitely new and different for me and a step outside of my comfort zone. I would prefer to just work in the aisles and to stack food and such, but i accept what i am given and embrace the challenge! I can only get better!!!

This type of work is ok as a part time job, but not something i would want to do all the time, but it is a great work experience and a good challenge for me, and it also feels good to know that i am earning my own money and working hard for it!!

Mistakes were made today and one man almost paid 350 euro for oranges, hahaha (the price in the data system wasnt right!), and others i think paid too much and others too little as i made mistakes... but i'll get better at it, it is only my first day which everyone reminded me of. However they all said that i made surprisingly little mistakes and was actually very good which made me feel proud of myself, as i felt very insecure and like i wasnt working fast enough or good enough.

One thing which i feel most proud over though is that i am always nice to the people sitting behind the cashier when i go to buy food.  I have always tried to make it as simple for them as possible when i buy food, and i smile and say hello, it has just been natural for me. And now when i am the one sitting behind the cashier i realise just how much people like that (i.e like me XD) are appreciated. Because there are many tired, stressed and angry people you have to deal with. Only 15 minutes into my work shift and an old lady had started saying mean things to me, or well mostly the girl i was working with as we couldnt give her the cigarettes she wanted.  I dont take things like that personally which is a good thing and something i mentioned in my job interview, that if customers are angry or stressed i deal with the problem and dont take it personally and that is a huge benefit!!

It has been alot to take in today and i will be back at it tomorrow so this evening i am just going to eat plenty of food, fill in all the papers i have and try to do some of the online work i have assigned and then just mentally rest for the evening!!!

Today has been a huge step forward for me in many areas of my life so i am feeling proud of myself, and not to mention that i also got asked to go for another job interview which is a little fun, hahah. But too late now XD

I hope you have all had a great day and remember to challenge yourself and think positive :):)


  1. congratulations! :)

  2. I'm so glad to hear that your first day of work was so successful!! Your positive energy is infectious, and I think working as a cashier will be a really great opportunity for you :)
    Good luck with everything!!

  3. Well done for getting through your first day - from experience that's always the hardest as everything is so new and unknown. You will quickly "find your feet" and get to know your colleagues and the routine. As for dealing with customers - that truly is an art. I`ve been behind many a disgruntled customer before and really took pity on the poor cashier doing her best to deal with them! All good experience though, like you say:)
    Hope your second day goes well for you and you carry on enjoying what you`re doing - how many hours a week do you work?

  4. I'm happy your first day was decent :) New jobs are always a little nerve-wracking (for me, anyway ). It's hard being the person who doesn't know anything, is slow,and has to ask questions. Luckily by now I don't get self-conscious about it, I understand I'm just new, and it's only a matter of time until I know it all by rote (like you with those codes! Trust me, you will have them memorized without even trying before you know it). And then your confidence boosts and all is fine. It's weird, but I am often a little unsure of myself until someone new is hired after me. As soon as there is new blood around, I suddenly feel super competent and confident. Hopefully you'll get that feeling without the wait, but at least you can rest easy knowing that feeling WILL come. Enjoy your new level of independence!