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Sunday, June 26, 2016

Eating times according to work or study schedule

Something which is relevant and seemed important to write about is eating while on a work or study schedule.  Because when you work you don't always have lots of time to eat or meal times don't match meal plan times or the times you want to eat, but you need to make sure to get enough energy anyway!

The important thing to think about is 1) you need lots of energy while working so skipping meals or eating less shouldn't be an option or thought. 

Instead planning is key!

Plan ahead and bring enough food with you. Hopefully you already know your schedule so you know when you have breaks and for how long and when you can eat what. For example if you have 15 minutes,  that's enough time to eat a home made flap jack or a bar or even a sandwich.

You might not be able to eat meals in the order you want to, for example ypu might have to eat breakfast and morning snack together and then your afternoon snack at 11 and lunch at 3pm and then maybe dinner and night snack when ypu have time for it later on. Etc  for example when I work until 9/9.30 it works best for me to eat dinner when I get home I. E around 10.30pm and instead just eat a huge snack around 6/7pm when I have a 15-20 minute break.

Plan your eating around your schedule and be prepared with food. Eating isn't an option,  it's something you need everyday.

Some tips for easy snacks are:

Home made bars and flapjacks
Smoothies or chia pudding or over night oats if you can keep them on a fridge



Home made muffins either sweet or savoury

Home made banana bread

Dried fruit

Nuts (if allowed)

Etc etc

Plan ahead and keep yourself fueled! Find what works for you, for example i find that eating lots when i get home from work suits me best but still staying fueled at work with fruit, sandwiches and oat drinks!

Also if you find that stress from work makes you lose your appetite then eating food that is calorie dense so that you don't have to eat lots but still get the energy amount you need :)

Food is fuel!


  1. I find I lose my appetite when I am busy or preoccupied, so these tips are useful. I also find it hard eating at different times that I am used to, but I guess that is just something that needs to be worked on.

    1. The more you try and put yourself outside of your comfort zone and do those "uncomfortable things" the easier it will get. At first it might feel strange to eat even if you arent hungry or times you arent used to, but it gets easier :)