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Saturday, June 11, 2016

A saturday well spent brings a new week of content


I know the quote goes "a Sunday well spent brings a week of content", but we'll it's Saturday and today has been a great day!!!

My day started early I. E around 5/6am but I didn't do much as I was still half asleep, bit still mentally awake enough to lie and browse online until I eventually got up, got ready and headed to the gym. I wasn't expecting such a great workout as I was feeling mentally tired,  but there was plenty of energy there and the body weight focused exercises I have been doing,I have already noticed progress and so much more strength in my core. I've never really worked my core as it's been boring but recently I've done it more to avoid back and hip pain and it's helped so much as well as a strong core being good for posture and general lifting. So its fun to notice that difference!!!

And then i headed home and changed and had 10 minutes to prepare food and eat before I had to leave again as my mother is having a yoga workshop at our house so we weren't allowed to be there during those hours. So luckily I could head to my boyfriends place!

Once I got there I fell asleep on his couch - hahaha great company to go to someone's house and just fall asleep XD but I guess he's used to me just taking naps - before we then headed to the cinema to watch the new Alice in Wonderland film. (Which gets a 6/10 from me. It was ok and enjoyable and great 3d effects but not the best or most noteworthy film.  However I did like the message about time and how precious it is, that time is a gift and not a thief. I thought that was a great message and reminder!) During the film I munched on raw ginger snacks and vegan liquorice which both were tasty, and I'm glad that those types of snacks are sold at the cinema now, so that there are different options as well. Though it would be awesome if they sold fruit and berries as well, hahah.

And then it was home time and we stopped in the shop to buy dinner - pizza base and toppings and fresh fruit. I topped my pizza with "pulled oumph" (sooo good and a great vegan source of protein ) and plenty of fruit on the side! Pizza usually isn't my first choice of dinner but it was actually 100% enjoyed today and tasted delicious, next time I'll buy some vegan cheese and see whether I like that... though I've never liked melted cheese (ime the consistency and taste of it) so not so sure if I'll feel the same way with melted vegan cheese as well.

Anyway, too much food talk as usual ;) today has been a great day and feels like I've done things anyway which I love, haha!

I hope you have all had a great Saturday and have a lovely Sunday!  :)

How have you spent your Saturday?  And what are your favourite pizza toppings?

I would say mine are oumph, sweet corn and pineapple! :)

1 comment:

  1. I wish the cinemas here sold a variety of film snacks - its just the usual popcorn, sweets, icecream and hotdogs. Your snack sounds so much nicer!
    Great news about your gym work, its exciting when something new you`ve been doing shows that's its paying off - keeps you motivated to continue.
    I didn't even though there was a new Alice in wonderland film out - is that with Johnny Depp again? I quite liked that one :)
    Today I am hoping the weather clears up enough for us to go to the chilli and cheese festival this afternoon. Its usually pretty good, loads of stalls with free samples and of course a chilli eating contest for the brave (or stupid!)
    My favourite pizza, when I could eat them, was tuna and sweetcorn. I never thought of trying a pizza without cheese - so that's an idea I can try! I have tried soya cheese before but lets just say its an "acquired taste", I wasn't too keen.
    Hope you are having a good Sunday, and have a great week :)