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And since 2012 i have been declared healthy from my eating disorder.

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Thursday, June 30, 2016

A post including lots of vegan food and products & My day (I.e if you dont care about food or veganism skip this post!)


It's Thursday and what feels like my first free day in a while, even if i was free last Thursday and Friday due to midsummer, it was still sort of stressful days and these past few days have been long. So mentally and physically i needed a day of no plans and to "just be", and that is exactly what i have done today!

A morning with no alarm and a long time for myself with my coffee and breakfast (I got a comment asking about why i dont post any breakfast pictures anymore and that is because i actually eat left over dinner for breakfast XD hahahahha. Nothing special there. Or i eat breakfast at work or after my workout... all depending on how i feel. ) and social media browsing. Then i headed to the gym and did a bit of what i felt like doing before i headed off to a sports store where i bought chocolate flavoured soy protein. Is protein powder necessary? NO. Can you get enough protein on a vegan diet? YES. So why did i buy protein powder? Because it is a good way for me to get in calories i.e mix protein powder with milk = morning snack. Also good to have with me to work, and also easy to drink a shake after a workout as well as eat a banana and some rice cakes. There you have my reasons for buying the powder. And as my chemistry teacher said in university - people are free to spend money on whatever they like even if the products arent necessary (in his case he meant vitamins and minerals which people buy but dont actually need. But the same is with protein powder, some people use it even though they dont need to. But if you like it and you find it helpful in some form then why not, people are free to spend their money as they like).

Then i headed to Goodstore a completely (or almost completely) vegan store, where i was shocked at the amount of products there. However i wasnt tempted to buy any of it - apart from the chocolate, but all the fake meats such as fake duck, fake sandwich topping that tastes like chicken or salami, fake prawns? Whyyy.... I dont want a vegan-chicken-tasting-sandwich topping. I want to move away from the meat and not buy products that look the same and almost taste the same? Of course for some they might like that, but for me i prefer my soy products and tofu products that dont resemble meat!!! hahah.

I had to leave the store with something though, so i bought pastry dough that was half price and some chocolate to reach the minimum card payment XD

And then i continued my store browsing and ended up in a food store and bought oreos and bread as i had some lunch ideas!!

Came home, made myself lunch: Started off with a scoop of chocolate soy protein mixed with oatmilk and topped with mini vegan marshmallows, and then two oreos with chocolate peanut butter - this while i was waiting to make my actual lunch:

Burgers with pulled vego meat and carrot and parsnip strips.

And then i did some baking: Just a little sneak peak:

And then FINALLY it was time for a little spa treatment. First off a shower and washing my hair using Maria Nila products (Got these for christmas from my mum, and was happy to find out that they were not animal tested!). Then i used facial oil, scrub and body oil which my mum has made. They are sooo good, and not to mention vegan friendly i.e no ingredients tested on animals. Apart from one of the products where there is a form of animal oil :(

But otherwise i love the products and feels much better using products where i know what is in them. If you want to know more or order you can email: (hahahah. Feels like i am doing a promo, in a sense i am, but it is also something i use myself and find the products very beneficial!)

And lastly... i am now sitting with plastic bags filled with gel on my feet to get rid of dead skin cells. XD I got sent the package with "Baby foot" a few months ago, but it has taken me this long to actually try it. As i have written before, i dislike feet and so dont really take care of my feet... but i thought, now its time to take care of my feet so trying this product and hopefully they make my feet smooth and smell fresh, hahahah. But i guess i will update in 10-14 days when my feet should be fresh and smooth like baby feet XD XD You can read more about Baby foot HERE if you want to!

So for now i am sitting and feeling all fresh and relaxed! This has been a long post and so many products in this post - i am sorry, the only sponsored product is the baby foot. But otherwise all products i recommend arent sponsored and things i have bought myself and use myself i.e when it comes to food and such as well, its all bought myself, but i leave the brand name in so that others can find the brand if they want to try it :)

And also sorry for all the food in this post XD But i did warn you in the title ;)


  1. Do you think you would have become vegan if it wasn't for social media? Feels like you are following all the health trends there are xD First skinny to strong, then protein hysteria and now going vegan ^^

    1. This is a very interesting comment, so i'll answer you in a post tomorrow :)

  2. Hi! Don´t apologize about posting what you want :) It`s your blog.
    I have been wondering some things about vegan products. For example soy-, oat- and rice yoghurts have so much ingredients in them, loads of all kinds of starches, stabilizers and often a lot of sugar. The same is about these meat substitutes. It´s just that they are so processed and I don´t want to eat them. In contrast normal unflavored milk yoghurt only has like two ingredients and when you buy fish or meat you know that it is only fish and no added anything. Do you see my point? What is yours or anyone elses opinion?
    I´m not judging or critizicing anyone i´m just thinking :)
    Have a great rest of the week!

    1. I completely understand what you mean. But you have to remember that the vegan substitutes for meat or dairy are sort of "copies" of meat and dairy and so to reach the consistency they need the extra stabilizers and starches. However those products arent necessary on a vegan diet i.e you can keep it plain and simple with lentils, beans, home made soups, chickpea burgers, falafels, home made bread using ingredients you know, plant based margarine with only oils, vegetables, potatoes, rice, pasta, fruit etc all of that simple food where you know all the ingredients and then of course there are soy milk and oat milk where the ingredients are just oats, water, sugar or soy, water, sugar... and the sugar is added to make it taste ok because otherwise the non sugared ones taste awful!! hahaha.

      For me i much rather consume the meat substitues than actual meat or dairy - but this is my choice, and i cant make anyone else choose the same. But you dont have to eat substitues when you are a vegan, but if you want to they are delicious as well :) And of course you can google all the ingredients to find out what they are or email the company and ask why the ingredient is there and what it is used for, if that helps you :)

      And dont forget that when it comes to meat, dairy, fish its not "just" meat, dairy, fish... there is alot more to it and often sugars and salts are added to keep them perserved or give them flavour, as well as everything else behind the meat and dairy.

    2. Thank you for your answer. I have some thinking and planning to do ;) About what kind of diet I want to consume to make it nutritious but also promoting a sustainable and ecological and ethical way of life.

  3. Why did you remove the picture of yourself?

    1. It wa unnecessary. I wanted to show my socks but that wasn't the focus in the picture and I want to avoid comments about my body ;)

  4. Everything looks AMAZING!!!!!!
    Izzy |

  5. I found your comment about fake meat interesting - I could never understand why there were so many "versions" of meat for vegetarians when the whole idea was to stop eating meat - so why try to replicate it in a vegetarian form?? Surely if you don`t wish to eat the real thing you don`t want a substitute in form of taste/texture?
    I guess this is just one of those "quirks"

    1. Exactly that's what I think as well. Though I do like soy products but they aren't trying to resemble the taste of meat or look like meat. I think those products are mostly for those who really like meat but don't want to eat it so the fake ones are similar to meat to make the transition easier. But I find it a little strange none the less! Even if I use some of the fake meat products.

  6. Can you do a grocery store list/haul?

    1. Wow - that's a lot of food choice in that shop! How on earth did you resist temptation not to buy loads of things :) We don`t have such shops like that here in England - I guess veganism isn't so big? In the health food shops they normally have a little corner or a shelf dedicated to vegetarian/ gluten free etc , so count yourself quite spoilt!
      I am so happy for you that your new way of eating seems to be working out for you. Does it require more preparation than how you ate before or is it about the same? I should imagine you are cooking more from scratch rather than buying convienience products?
      what dishes did you eventually decide on for your recipe entry?

  7. Your range of "smellies" looks lovely - I love using the non - big brand items. I particulary like The Body Shop for toilietries - all their products aren't tested on animals and they do lovely perfumes. Another is items from "Lush" - they have a factory in the nearest town to me and the smell coming from it is divine! The local shop you can smell as soon as you walk down that part of the high street as they always have the door open. It is the only place I know that sells non - mint flavoured tooth paste, which is good because I`m not a fan of mint :) Their products aren't tested on animals either. So you can find the right products that you want if you look, and I`d say these are far better than the mass produced branded goods. Just my opinion anyway :)
    How did your foot treatment turn out? You must be feeling well and truly "pampered"!