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And since 2012 i have been declared healthy from my eating disorder.

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Saturday, May 7, 2016

What to do when you are on your own (for example during the weekend)

I got asked if i could suggest some things to do when you are on your own for a weekend. This can be good for those of you who are in treatment and get 'time at home' where you might be on your own. So here are some things you can do!! Note some of them are more active things, so depending on what stage you are in you might skip those suggestions :)

  1. Take a long bath/shower
  2. Start a new series and watch loads of them/have a movie marathon
  3. Read a new book
  4. Draw/colour
  5. Research something interesting
  6. Watch "how its made" videos 
  7. Have a spa day/evening
  8. Buy some delicious snacks and foods
  9. Redecorate a room
  10. Paint/draw/write
  11. Watch youtube tutorials
  12. Experiment in the kitche/bake
  13. Exercise
  14. Yoga or meditation
  15. Play sims or other computer games
  16. Go to bed early/wake up late
  17. Go for an adventure somewhere 
  18. Explore where you live, or a new place
  19. Write a bucket list
  20. Bake/cook food/meal prep for the week
  21. Listen to a podcast
  22. Clean your room/house
  23. Play music loud (if it wont disturb your neighbours)
  24. Download new games or apps on your phone
  25. Go to town
  26. Go to a library
  27. Sit in a cafe and enjoy your time alone
  28. Download podcasts
  29. Watch TED talks
  30. Get your haircut
  31. Buy new clothes
  32. Browse online stores
  33. Play online games with people
  34. Talk to stranger on online sites
  35. Join new facebook groups
  36. Photoshop pictures
  37. Learn to edit videos (if you enjoy that type of thing)
  38. Do word searches or suduko
  39. Write down goals or things you want to do in life or things you have planned for the next week etc
  40. Make a collage or vision board
  41. Read a magazine or read a book
  42. Listen to an audiobook

Just some things anyway!! I am someone who enjoys being on my own so i look forward to it, hahah. And i dont have a problem to always be busy and always have things to do... its working out, studying, blogging, emailing, watching a film or series, making food and then extra time i take a mini spa day etc But also i am someone who multi tasks... i listen to a podcast while cleaning or making food. I watch a series while painting my nails or cooking food. etc etc

What are YOUR favourite things to do when you are home alone? :)


  1. I have really got into the adult colouring books - they are so relaxing and before you know it time has flown by! I really like the Creative Haven range the best ( they sell them on Amazon) the Whimsical Gardens and the Owl books are lovely.
    Also I spend time catching up on programmes I have recorded, my partner likes entirely different ones to me (he`s really into Sci- Fi and I`m not!)so its nice to be able to watch them in peace without exaggerated sighs in the background:)
    - And just browsing on my kindle whilst resting on the settee, I can spend ages doing that!

  2. 3, 4, 5, 10, 11 and 17!
    Also: learn languages.
    Pray (etc.).
    Think (but not overthink). Daydream.

  3. I'm home alone this weekend as well! I've had the most mellow time, doing my adult coloring books, listening to philosophy podcasts, picked up a new book, doing the New York crossword puzzle. So bliss.