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Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Tuesday morning - be thankful for your body and start the day with positive thoughts

Good morning!!

This morning it was definitely a struggle to get out of bed. I woke up at 6.30am, sat on the edge of my bed but ended up falling back down to the side and sleeping until 7.30am when i woke up for real feeling somewhat drousy and with a headache.

Today i want to start my morning and day with a walk, not a long one but just to get fresh air and to move my body and to clear some thoughts. Though if i actually manage to leave the apartment is another story, haha. I have a seminarium today but that isnt until 14.30 so i have practically half a day to do whatever i want, which will most likely just consist of laundry, room cleaning and emailing if my internet decides to participate because at the moment i can barely do the basics like pay my bills online or open up Google because the internet keeps cutting out. But thats life! Could be worse ;)

Which brings me to the actual topic of this post.... positive thinking and thanking your body. As they say "the greatest wealth is healthy" and it is important to keep yourself healthy. And also, your body is the only one you have so you need to take care of it. Treat your body like a friend and thank it for what it can do, thank it for surviving so long and recovering from all the colds/sickness you have had in your life, or the injuries, cuts or bruises. Thank it for still functioning even if at times you might feel like screaming because your body doesnt co operate, haha.
The past few days i have been constantly bloated and still am, from morning to night. But you know what, who cares. That is what my body is doing right now and that bloat doesnt bother me. Instead i choose to thank my body for being alive, for functioning somewhat despite the different pains here and there. And focusing on health. I am not caught up in weight or numbers or looking a certain way, so i write this for the sake of those who need a reminder. Your health is so much more important than your appearance or weight. Focus on having a healthy body AND mind, on having a functioning body and treating your body right. Forget the "goal body" and make your own body your "goal body" and love your body for how it looks. Despite the bloating or the scars or what you percieve as flaws.

This morning start your day - or end your day, or both with thanking your body. Saying 3 positive things about yourself/your life/your body. For some it might feel strange, but the more often you try to do it the easier it gets and the more you start to believe those compliments and positive comments. Start and end your day with positive thoughts and focus on treating your body right instead of punishing for all the things you think is wrong with it. You wont get anywhere with self hate or self loathing, those things will just make life harder and make you punish yourself or take out your anger on your body when instead your body should be treated right!!!

You might think it sounds silly, but give it a try... try it for a week and see whether you begin to feel better when you just accept that you bloat at times and instead love your body and not let the number on the scale affect what you think of your body or how you feel. Instead remember that it is just a number which says very little and has very little importance in the bigger picture!

To finish this long post, i hope you all have a great day and manage to think some positive thoughts and hopefully some positive things happen to you or you hear some good news :)

**Internet connection so awful i cant even upload a photo XD**


  1. Its easier to feel more positive when the sun is shining - as it is here right now.
    Good advice in your post, I will give it a try. I am so used to finding fault when I look in the mirror thinking something nice will be quite a change! Health is so very precious and it deserves to be appreciated.
    Hope you have a good day and your class session goes well for you:)

  2. I love your advice for your readers today! I actually started doing this over a year ago - starting every day with 3 positives about myself/5 things I'm grateful for today. Honestly, the first six or eight months felt weird, corny, and forced. My positives were wooden and often very repetitive. A year into the exercise, I realized that it was coming really easily, and that I no longer picked myself apart first thing. My go-to thoughts were always self-criticisms. By doing my list every morning, I was training my brain to think in new ways, loving ways. Today I have a lot of love for myself, and understand my good qualities. I am not perfect, and there will always be things I can improve or change - but they no longer dominate my thoughts or affect my self-esteem. I know I already have a lot of great qualities, and can easily identify and use my strengths. I was also taught the saying, "a grateful heart will never use", (this is in the context of addiction) and I find this to be true. When my heart is full of gratitude for what I have and who I am, I have no desire to use drugs, to starve, to shop compulsively, to stay in bed all day, whatever. Starting my day with this list sets me on the right foot for the day. I keep a notebook beside my bed, and do my list before my feet hit the floor in the morning. I have more love for my family and friends and for myself because I start my day thinking of gratitude and love. Try it out, folks, and stick with it until it stops feeling cheesy!