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Thursday, May 5, 2016

Spending the weekend out on an island

Good morning,  it's only 10am but feels like half the day has already passed. As usual i woke up around 5.30/6am due to my bodies own alarm clock, and despite not having any lectures today it nice to wake up early and start my day early... (and other days its nice to just sleep as long as i can with no alarm clock!). I got up and got ready and decided to go to the gym however once i got there i realised that it didnt open until 8am as it is a sort of holiday-day, so shops open later than usual as well as most people being free from work or school, though i didnt think about that. I had more than an hour to wait until the gym actually opened and i thought there was no point in waiting so instead i walked back home, made myself breakfast, packed my stuff and then headed back to the gym!  SO for me who has been up for 4 hours now it feels strange that most people are only just getting ready and the stores are only just opening.

Anyway, my plans for the day and the weekend? First off head to Stockholm and then i am going to take the boat over to the island where my step dads father has a house and we are going to spend the weekend there. At first i said i didnt want to follow with, i wanted to be in my own apartment... on my own... away from people. But after some thought i realised, how silly is that? Sure i have my routines, my habits and i enjoy being on my own, not to mention that i will most likely get more studying done on my own. But i need to realise that i need to live life as well, not just isolate myself away from everyone.... its almost summer and its going to be good weather, and all i really need to do is do the final bits of studying for my test and i can do that while lying out in the sun on an island. I dont need to be trapped indoors like a vampire avoiding everyone XD

Its so easy to get stuck in routines and habits and not want to do anything different. And when it comes to me and studying and school, then i dont want to do anything that will get me out of my routine or disrupt my studying. But i also need to realise that i need to do other things than study and spending time with my family is important, and being out in nature! So i am looking forward to it and hoping that the weather will be good, otherwise it will be a little disappointing. But also hoping that i will get lots of studying and revision done, so that i can feel calm for my test next week!

Now its time to head to the train station so i can be on my way to Stockholm.... So much travelling back and forth at the moment -_- Definitely not the most fun thing to do, but it could be worse.

Todays breakfast... soooo good! Vanilla quark, berries and mango & salted sunflower seeds!

Pictures from last summer when we were out on the island:

Hahhaha, someone had a little too much fresh air XD


  1. Hope you enjoy your weekend break and have a lovely, relaxing time!