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Sunday, May 29, 2016

"skinny" and "guilt free" food

I've written about this before but one thing which irritates me alot if when recipes or food are called "skinny" or "guilt free".... like what? Food can't be skinny... and calling a certain food guilt free means that other food or "regular food" should cause guilt? NO.

Its those types of labels which can lead to weird food behaviour or anxiety around food. Because who wants a normal brownie when you can have a "skinny brownie" or who wants a normal cookie when you can have a "guilt free" cookie.

Food is food. Its not like you call a burger a "fat burger" so why should there be a "skinny burger", for me personally it doesnt make sense.

Food should not cause guilt, doesnt matter if you eat a salad or a deep fried mars bar, food is energy. Some food contains more nutrients than others, but still it shouldnt cause guilt. I think it is great that there are so many alternatives now a days, somedays you want a black bean brownie other days you want a double chocolate brownie. Somedays you might want to make a pizza with extra everything and other times you make a pizza with a cauliflower based and just top with vegetables... but the cauliflower pizza shouldnt be called "skinny or guilt free" just because there is another option which contains more calories/different ingredients.

It is all about balance and i dont think you need to just eat certain types of food just like you dont need to eat just "healthy food". You can have both.... it is perfectly fine to eat celery and hummus and then go eat some chocolate afterwards, you dont need to be either or. And that is where people can struggle, they dont have the balance. So either they eat super clean and healthy or they eat lots of junk food... the black and white thinking. If they eat alot of 'healthy' food and then eat some chocolate they think that they have already messed up, so might as well eat the whole chocolate bar when instead they could have just eaten the amount they wanted and realised it is ok to eat a little of everything and its called balance.

I know people want to give their recipes a new and trendy name, but can they please stop calling food guilt free or skinny or any other similar name like that.... It isnt necessary, and if anything, if a recipe is called "skinny brownies" or "guilt free pizza" then i will automatically not make that recipe ever, hahahha.

Eat balanced, eat a bit of everything and know that it is ok to choose fruit salad as a snack one day and oreo cookies the next day!!!

Ohhh and to end this.... the "skinny teas", oh gosh they annoy me. Teas wont make you skinny... they are dieuretic and also work as laxatives so you lose water weight i.e less bloated and gives you the sense of "skinny". And then the teas that have instructions of "only drink these teas for 5 days and go on a juice cleanse"... well of course you will lose weight and lose water weight, but its not actual weightloss, as well as that being very unhealthy!!! Teas DONT detox you. You have a liver for detox, so dont ever buy teas that have a laxative or diuretic effect or buy teas to lose weight. I have tried teatoxes, and i can say.... I didnt want to leave the house or do anything due to the laxative effect as well as the extreme stomach cramps i got. Did i lose weight? Water weight because i couldnt eat anything due to the stomach pain i got. Dont fall for things like teatoxes or any of that!!!


  1. YES! To all of this :)

  2. So much food these days is labelled as guilt free or skinny, I don`t know why, it never used to be like this. I mean when I was growing up food was just food, I wasn't aware there was low cal or fat free versions (if there was my mum never brought them). Foods like fizzy drinks and crisps were treats, not store cupboard staples like they seem to be these days. I remember having to go to the local shop if I wanted to spend my pocket money on a packet of crisps as they were never in the house except at Christmas, and the same for fizzy drinks. And chips were eaten as a treat with fish and chips, not cooked at home with everything as they are in some households today. I think our whole way of eating has changed drastically, people want the fast food but do not want to face the consequences, hence the low fat/ cal options. And the more diet products produced, the more "normal" food attracts the stigma of being bad for you. Go down the dairy aisle in the supermarket and you are bombarded with diet yogurts, diet cheese etc, you are hard pushed to even find a non diet version. I think its sad because you are almost being made to eat the low cal versions because that is the majority of what is on offer, its as though people don`t have that choice anymore. If people ate in balance in the first place I don`t think there would be such a growth of low fat low cal foods, ie the "have it all" culture without the consequences wouldn't exist.
    I don`t think food should be labelled good or bad either and I tire of seeing all the so called guilt free versions. We should be able to judge for ourselves what is a treat food and not feel guilty for eating it. Same as we shouldn't feel as though we have to be on a diet or watching our weight all the time, which is what society seems to dictate.
    Somewhere our eating habits have got seriously messed up and no wonder people end up with distorted views about food. Somehow common sense about what is good for us and what should be ok occasionaly has got lost.

  3. The above came out a bit muddled but what I basically wanted to say is that I agree there should be a balance, and you shouldn't be made to feel guilty if you don`t choose the low cal option.
    I think our eating habits have changed somewhat over the years, obesity is on the rise here in the UK simply because people don`t tend to eat a balanced diet anymore, and for many households home cooking is athing of the past. I was brought up on the basic "meat and two veg" scenario - and yes we did have things like puddings and sweets, but not all the time. Typical sunday would be a roast dinner with real roast potatoes, but plenty of fresh veg too.
    Schools here tend to no longer teach home economics, so if the parents don`t cook and rely on convienience foods, how are the children supposed to learn?
    moderation is definitely key, but that message has got rather lost - here in the UK anyway.

  4. I have been reading some recovery stories just lately and many of them say that now recovered they have a greater love/interest in food than they did before their eating disorder. Would you say the same is true for you?