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My life at the moment is completely different to how it once was. I spent 5 years sick with anorexia nervosia and depression as well as struggling with self harm and overexercising. I spent 2 years in different treatment centres.
And since 2012 i have been declared healthy from my eating disorder.

I have been blogging for 7 years, and my whole journey is written in my posts. I now represent healthy and happiness. I want to show anyone struggling that it is possible to recover, no matter how hard it may seem.

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Friday, May 27, 2016

Readers questions - summer, my course, new language?

Are you planning on trying any new types of sports? Or would you like to try something?

I havent planned on trying any new sports, but who knows... maybe in summer. Though i would like to start doing crossfit again. I loved crossfit when i did it, even if i wasnt so great at some things, haha. But i loved the high intensity, trying new things as well as it being very functional ie not just standing doing bicep curls or tricep push downs XD

I would also like to do tough viking some time in my life and so i would like to start doing obstacle training.

I also have a *secret* goal of wanting to either run a full marathon or complete a triathlon (or both!) sometime in my life But the truth is i hate cycling and can barely swim due to my lungs so the only thing i can fully do in a triathlon is to run XD But never say never, if i were to begin training specifically for one of those goals i am sure i would achieve it. But i am hoping to complete tough viking within atleast 10 years time!!!

Do you have any (summer) plans? Or anything you'd really like to do?

I dont have any summer plans at the moment. No work or travel plans so just at home and maybe out to an island with my parents to enjoy the good weather. But if i get offered a job i would definitely take it, however my job applying has only been at 50% so i only have myself to blame that i dont have a job as i havent tried so hard to get one. My boyfriend has been talking about maybe travelling to Berlin with me, but we havent fully decided or planned anything so not so sure about that.

how has your course gone? what have you enjoyed? which bits of your own work were you most pleased with? are there things you wish you'd known before you started? might you do anything differently when you start a new course?

My course has gone really well and i have enjoyed it very much, even if there were times i stressed alot because of the work load.... but here i am now, with almost all the work completed! I enjoyed learning more about the body as well as the metabolism and how energy is digested, absorped and used as energy. I knew alot about nutrition but at the same time, there was so much i didnt know and luckily i have had great teachers during this course so they have been able to explain complicated things but of course lots of studying on my side as well as intressant in the topic of nutrition and the body. I was very pleased with my essay/report regarding my own nutrition and also got a grade that showed the work i put into it as well, so even if i thought i would have to redo the essay (because as always, i never think i have done good enough), it turned out that my essay was infact good! But what i liked most was that i learnt alot about how i was eating, even if it was just 3 days where i measured and weighed my food and the food intake was completely accurate to how i usually ate back then but it gave a representation anyway.

Things i wish i had known: To not stress so much. But also to keep up with my planning and organisation and to be ok with saying no to meeting people if i need to get work done or just need a break because i have done alot of studying.

Things i would do differently for my next course? Start talking to people and make friends right at the bgeinning..... something i had feared before starting university was that i wouldnt make friends - just like in all the schools i have gone to in my life, i dont make friends automatically because i am so withdrawn. And unfortunatly, that was the case this time..... i havent made any friends this course. But it hasnt been a problem for me as i havent felt lonely and havent had the enrery or will to meet people anyway and i've enjoyed all my alone time, but then again..... having friends and talking to new people is always awesome and i do enjoy making friends, but i struggle with the whole "initiating a conversation" first. XD

Have you considered writing a book about your experience with Anorexia?

I have, for a long time but i feel like everything is already written here so what would be new in the book. Of course the book would reach out to more people who havent read my blog, but still it feels silly. But i would like to write a book about my story to help more people. Though it was suggested that maybe i write an ebook, and that is actually an idea that seems a little more realistic! hahaa. Who knows.....

If you wanted to learn another language, what would you choose?
I've struggled with trying to learn French since i was 12.... and yet all i can at this stage of my life is "hi my name is X" and "I am X years old" "I am good, and you" hahahhaha. But if i were to magically wake up and just know the french language by heart i definitely would complain, i would love to be fluent in french or maybe italien!! But i also love norwegian, not sure why.... it is very similar to Swedish so if i listen extra hard and get a few seconds of time before i have to ansswer then i understand what people say in Norwegian.

I think languages are cool and would love to know more, but i am more of a math/science person. Apparently those who are good at languages are more creative and better activate one part of their brain (cant remember which one) whereas people who are good at science/maths and numbers are better at activating the other side of their brain... or maybe i have that wrong. But if you are both good at languages as well as maths and science and you are creative, then i can say you are super smart and i am jealous XD

Do you still colour pictures to relax?
No i dont..... i spend too much time infront of the computer or my phone. But i should do more colouring as it is so therapeutic and relaxing, maybe in summer i'll do more!

Has your course made you re think or influenced your diet in any way?

In some ways i guess it has, such as i realized that i was eating around 2.6g protein per kg/body weight i.e far too much and not alot of carbs... now i guess its the complete opposite i.e like 80% carbs and no idea how much protein. Though those changes havent been due to my course or what i have learnt in my course, but it would be interesting to do a new 3 day food diary and see how i eat now. (Or well, i guess that's what i have just done for my dietician at the CF clinic). I have learnt more about nutrition and food which has given me more knowledge but i wouldnt say it has changed my diet so much apart from me realizing that i didnt need so much protein in my diet, hahaha.


  1. What is "tough Viking"? I have never heard of it!
    Hope your last week at uni went well, you can now pack away your books and enjoy the summer break properly. Are you feeling better again now?
    Your ideas of traveling or getting away to an island sound great, I wish I had a retreat like that to go to. I think realistically any type of holiday is probably not feasible for me this year, much too complicated where food and diet is concerned so I guess I`ll make the most of the garden this year and perhaps days out, that is if we get a summer! This weekend is Bank Holiday weekend and the forecast is thunderstorms :(

    1. It is an obstacle course.. i think it is called tough mudder in other countries? :)

  2. Thank you for your blog, Izzy. :) X

  3. I'm very glad reading this post because I'm for studying smth new! :) But when you study in college you haven't enough time to do all tasks but can help you with it.