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Monday, May 23, 2016

People who constantly complain or complain that life is awful and jokes about mental illnesses

This might be a rant... who knows XD

One thing which i can get very irritated over is people who constantly complain.... complain about everything. Its too warm. Its too cold. People are too annoying. Life sucks. People suck. People are awful. The food doesnt taste good. Life is so boring etc etc  Some people just find a reason to complain about everything and things are never right or good enough. And then those who always complain about their life.... always something wrong with their life. And all i feel like doing is screaming "Well do something about it then instead of just complaining."

Of course, it is one thing to state that life is tough at times or that you are struggling, that is fine we all do that and need to do that at times. I mean thats what i use my blog for at times, to state that life is tough at times. But it is another thing to just sit and complain all the time about how awful your life is and not even do anything about it? I mean if your life is so boring or you dont do anything, then go change that instead of just complaining about it. Find a hobby, try something new, go do something. Or when a person just complains about their job or their friends all the time.... Well try to make new friends or start applying for a new job. Life can always change. Things arent set in stone, but you also have to realise that you have to try to make a change as well. You can't keep doing the same thing over and over and wonder why nothing ever changes... step outside of your comfort zone, try something new, dare to do something different.

We all need to complain sometimes, we are all human. But those who just complain about everything can get on my nerves and i have little patience for it. Why be so negative? I mean even if my life isnt always so easy and not the most exciting life, i still love my life the way it is. I dont complain about my life because i like how it is, i like how i live my life. And i always try to focus on the positives in all situations which then makes it even less likely to complain. Though complaining/stating is one thing, but then not doing anything to change the situation that is what bothers me.

Of course... Now i am complaining about people who complain,  hahhaha. Good job there, but i am changing my thoughts and letting this irritation go and focusing on being positive about my own life and thoughts!!!

But before i end this rant - which also hopefully makes you think about maybe how much you complain and whether it is necessary or not - is people who joke about suicide. Such as... Ohh life sucks so much i just want to die or, i dont want to get old so i will die when i am 25.

People who say those types of things can irritate me very much as those arent things you joke about or say lightly. I mean of course who knows, maybe the person is depressed and that saying those things is a "cry for help", i mean i have said similar things which have been my warning sign and cry for help, which my family have noticed. I mean talking about wanting to die or talking about suicide IS a warning sign that a person isnt doing so well, so then people who joke about it like its nothing and dont understand how serious it is can be a little irritating. I mean it is not funny when people joke about bipolar, eating disorders, depression or suicide.... who knows, maybe i am "too mature" or because of my past "cant take a joke" as some people would say, but then again i dont find sexist or racist jokes funny at all, and it is not because i lack humor but because those topics arent things you can make jokes about and just laugh about. They are serious topics and then making jokes about them takes away the seriousness of the topic. But now i am digressing from the actual point.... People need to realise that jokes about mental illnesses arent funny and that jokes about 'wanting to die' arent funny and shouldnt be joked about. But maybe its just me and i am the odd one in this case, but i hope that i amnt.

But enough ranting and complaining for one evening, i just seem hypocritical if i complain about others doing wrong, hahaha. I am no angel and i say the wrong thing sometimes or do the wrong thing, but atleast i learn from mistakes! And also always try to be positive and think positive so that i dont complain about things... or complain without making a change because that is just unnecessary negative energy!!


  1. This is something I feel all the time, so I definitely agree!! It's difficult because I don't want people thinking I have an eating disorder/depression/anxiety if I defend them too much, but it bothers me how much people joke about serious topics.

  2. About that joking, though:

    I have reached the conclusion that young people are more open minded for the reason that they are not afraid to joke about tabus. See, jokes wear out. Once it has been told too many times, it becomes a normal thing.

    Take sexuality, for example. We all know the gay and queer imitation and irony on social media, and it had its time. Today, fewer and fewer people find the gay stereotypes funny as they just are no longer funny. Boom, space and human rights for gays of all types!

    Meanwhile, some of the older generations still remain as silent as they can. They still do not converse sexual diversity voluntarily in any purposes and they still think gay people do not exist if you close your eyes from them.

    Tabus need their way to break through. Of course it must be considered what is hurtful and correct, but harmless comedy is the way to any person's heart.

    1. ^this is really interesting - thank you :)

    2. This is a really good point and something i hadnt really thought about. But i guess it depends on the context of the joke as well. But thank you for adding this angle/point of view to the topic and it is definitely something i will keep in mind and think about if i am around others who might joke about topics such as mental health.