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I am a generally happy girl who loves running, going to the gym and eating food!! Though my life has been very different.
I spent 5 years sick with anorexia nervosia & purging tendencies & over exercising. I was depressed and self harmed. I spent 2 years in different treatment centres.
After alot of struggles, lots of ups and downs, suicide attempts, tears, anxiety, panic and never thinking i would be healthy.
I am now declared healthy from anorexia nervosia.

I have been blogging for 4 years, and my whole journey is written in my posts. I now represent healthy and happiness. I want to show anyone struggling that it is possible to recover, no matter how hard it may seem.

I am happy and healthy and living my life. Going to school, meeting friends and trying to find myself in this world.

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Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Meal ideas/inspiration - recent eats

Some of my recent eats the past few weeks :) as you might have noticed I have begun eating more plant based/vegan and I plan to make a video about it within a few days time so if you have any questions leave them below and I will answer them in the video :) but of course I'll talk about why, how I feel, if it's a lifestyle change or just a diet etc  but if you have any questions or wonder anything just ask.

Or if you want me to make a video answering some of your questions just let me know :)


  1. ooh, the video will be fun! I'd love to hear the grounds for veganism, and anything practical about what one must know if one does, and anything about the social dimension of it. I can't really imagine swapping to veganism, but am interested.

    1. ps - do you think one can be an intuitive vegan eater, or does it need one to actually think about food choices? I'm vegetarian and non-vegetarians sometimes seem to think it's very complicated and requires one to know lots of things, but I don't find it does at all, I'm fine with just intuitive eating. But I feel the way they do about veganism - I wonder if one needs to be very savvy about it, and start thinking rather than just eating? X

  2. & are there things you miss about non-vegan eating?

  3. What made you decide to switch to a plant based diet? was it because you liked the food and thought it to be more healthy or was it for ethical reasons? Or was it because the diet best suited your intolerances?
    How have you got on replacing your favourite foods like chocolate, quark and yoghurt? Do you miss them?

  4. How do your family feel about your new diet? Is it easy to follow or less convienient than your former? Do you find there is a lot of packet reading when you shop or more preparation needed?

  5. Do you forsee this way of eating as a longterm thing?

  6. How do you get enough protein? I know lots of vegan protein sources but I'm interested in your eating habits. Do you still use protein powders?

    What do you recommend for those who want to gain/lose weight in a healthy way and follow a vegan diet?

  7. I would love to hear your thoughts about being vegan after recovery. I have been a strict vegetarian since age 11 for the animals, completely unrelated to the eating disorder, which I also struggled with from age 11 until recently (almost 15 years). I was a strict vegan for two years - also for the animals - but unfortunately it's a diet that requires constant checking of ingredients, and constant making sure you are getting certain nutrients and it inadvertently spiraled me into orthorexia, which was better than starving, binging and purging (in my opinion) but still not good at all. So in treatment, I returned to being vegetarian to be less restrictive, but my heart just breaks for the animals so I am now eating mostly vegan (about 95%) but without worrying if I accidentally consume something with dairy or eggs, and am still a strict vegetarian, which I don't even have to think about as I have no desire to eat meat. I don't even think a vegan diet is the healthiest but it feels right to my spirit. However, it's definitely tricky because it's inherently pretty restrictive, although the more you get used to it, it's not so bad. I also do a lot of strength training like you so getting enough protein is really important, and plant proteins absorb differently than even eggs/dairy as I'm sure you know! Anyway looking forward to hearing your thoughts! :)

  8. I`d be interested to learn how you get enough calcium into your diet. I`m dairy free at the moment and can`t tolerate soya milk/products so would be very interested in any alternatives?

    1. Dairy isn't good source of calcium anyway. Leafy green vegetables are the most common sources of calcium.