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Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Making sure to eat enough and get enough salt - vegetarian/vegan lunch buffet & my weekly food shop

Hello :)
Hope everyone is doing ok :) for me personally I felt absaloutly awful today.  No energy, my legs and body felt weak.. just standing took so much energy for me and I had this constant feeling of dizziness and faintness and I almost considered going to the hospital as I felt so incredibly weak - like my legs couldn't even carry my weight.

But I got myself together as I had lunch plans at a vegetarian lunch buffet which I had been looking forward to. And once I got there and began to eat I felt so much better. My energy returning,  my mental energy returning and suddenly standing didn't make me feel like gravity was pushing me back down to the ground.

I've been eating enough so that's not a problem however I've realised that it might be my salt balance as well as too much time in the sun. I think it's good that I have a few days of just being inside and no sun as I got a little too much  of it this weekend,  but also to actually salt my food. Salt isn't bad or dangerous -everything in moderation.  But I don't salt my food, it's just something I've worn myself off of as I was using far too much salt before, so now I don't need salt to flavour my food.  However with so much sunshine means drinking even more water than I already drink, sweating more and because of my CF my sweat  is extra salty which means I need to consume even more salt. I think this might be an important reminder to others as well... salt isn't bad and if you ate sweating extra or drinking more water you need more salt to balance it out. Everything in moderation but remember if you drink liters of water or outside sweating alot you need to add more salt to your food or drink some type of electrolyte drink.  But also don't forget to eat eniugh!  Doesn't matter if it's summer or you are wearing bikinis or crop tops, your body needs energy and food!! So don't compensate or eat less, nourish your body and take care of it :)

So for me personally I'm now going to make an effort to add salt when cooking my food anyway!! Because I can say, it was pretty awful to feel like every cell in my body was fighting against me when I tried to get up from my seat or I felt like falling asleep while standing up, but now after salt and food I feel like myself again!! I guess in the beginning it's always hard go adapt to the season changes,  but you learn! ! Next summer I might automatically just salt my food more without having to feel the awful feelings I had today!
As you can see i dont look so fresh in the photos and that is because i actually felt incredibly dizzy and faint, but i looked and felt 10 times better after i had eaten!

Then on the way home i stopped to do my weekly food shop and this is what i bought... lots of vegetables, chickpeas, lentils, sweet potatoe, berries and some quorn products/oumph! This should last me a while as i am only in my aparment until Friday when i travel back to Stockholm and then back again Sunday or Monday.  But it should last a week or two, but i will have to buy more things like potatoe, more bananas and of course more vegetables and maybe some soy milk!

For me to make my budget work and still get enough calories i always buy food on sale or the food that has extra price, as you can see for the quorn products and dates :) And the mushrooms were only €1 each (food in Sweden is very expensive... though in  Norway its even more expensive, haha)


  1. So glad you are feeling better now, too little salt can make you feel as bad as having too much so its good you`ve got the balance right now. If you don`t eat many processed foods I think its an idea to add a little salt to your food as it can be beneficial, especially in the summer like you say. With my previous medication for depression I had to be extremely careful with salt in my diet as it could react with the medication and make it like an overdose if I had too much salt. This did happen once and it was awful so from that point I was very wary of adding any salt at all. I`m off that medication now, thank goodness, but the habit not to add salt is still there - so its a conscious effort but it does make some foods taste good!
    Something I wondered from your shopping photos - don`t you find the language thing confusing? All the packaging being in Swedish when you speak/read English, or do you just interchange from either? And do you study in Swedish or English? sorry if its a daft question but I just wondered - I can`t imagine being able to switch from one language to another, you must be awfully clever:)
    Your buffet meal looked delicious. Again, I wish they had places like that here in England - so I`m very jealous!
    Hope you continue to feel well and have a nice weekend back at home. Are you on study break from university this week?

    1. Salt is great in the right amount, not too little and not too much... but i think most people struggle with their salt intake. Either they eat too much or too little.
      I am bilingual, so fluent in both English and Swedish so i change language in my mind all the time. Even when i am speaking with my friends from high school (we went to an english school) i can change language while im speaking and i dont even notice and they dont really care either as they understand both languages. It does get a little confusing and annoying when i cant think of certain words, but otherwise i have no problem switching between the two languages :) Though im not so good at writing in Swedish so now when all my essays and tests are in Swedish it is a little harder and i know my grammar will stop me from top grades. But considering that i went to an English high school and studied in Ireland alll the years previously i think im doing pretty well writing in Swedish for school :)

  2. Looks great! I hope we get those oumph products to Finland soon.

    Btw, your blog helped me a lot in my recovery so THANK YOU <3

    1. There wasnt any oupmh in the buffet, but oumph is delicious!! Hopefully it will spread internationally as well :)

      And thank you, i am glad i can help!!

  3. Does eating enough mean no breakfast despite having exercised? Or do you mean the day before?