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Saturday, May 21, 2016

Life is only as good as your mindset

If there is one thing that my current hospital visitation has taught me is to not take anything for granted. Of course i already live with that rule 90% of the time as i know how it feels to have so much of my life, freedom and choices taken away from me. To sit in a hospital and not even get to see the outside for 3 days, or to not have any choices over what i want to or when. Just small things in life which people take for granted, i have learnt to not do that because of my past. But then when things like this happen, i.e a hospital visitation due to illness/pain and suddenly you cant go outside, you cant eat or drink when you want to or what you want to, you cant go to the bathroom when you want to and you cant even lie in the position that you want to because you have a needle in your arm. Not to mention that sitting or lying or standing in certain positions causes pain. And then there was the whole "couldnt even walk to the bathoom or do normal things" because of pain and weakness... and that of course reminds me so much of how important it is with a strong and healthy body. Though the thing that does bother me alot is that no matter how strong or healthy my body is, things such as this which is related to my CF i cant do anything about it.... that it doesnt matter how healthy my mind or body is or how strong or physically capable i am, things like this can still happen. But i am also proud that my body is so physically healthy and strong that it can fight off infection and recover quickly because of how healthy my body is, so thats a positive!!

But what i wanted to write was that, dont take your body or life for granted, or even the small things. Because while lying in a hospital bed this voice inside of me is saying, Damn girl...Next time you are out in the sun, stop for a second and just smile. Buy a flower and try to keep it alive for a week, thank my body each day for what it is capable of doing and just smile while living life... stop walking around and being so damn negative and get some perspective. I could be very unhealthy, i mean i spent half my childhood sick or in hospital and now when i am older and taking care of myself and my health i can actually live a life i want to... i have energy, i have strength and have capability if i do all the things i can to keep myself healthy which means eating right and enough as well as getting my exercise done to keep my lungs healthy and not worsen my CF symptoms as well as taking all my medication and not forgetting keeping my mental health in tact! Things could be so much worse, and thankfully they are not and i should be damn proud of that. Because Ii have worked hard to get to this stage that i am in life and that is something to be proud of!

I never take things for granted, i meant just being able to walk to the store makes me happy i mean a few weeks/months ago when i had an inflammation in my hip i couldnt even put jeans on or sit or do any normal things without pain and that was a real "smack in the face" of not taking my body for granted, and now was a real smack in the face to not take life for granted! To enjoy the small moments and positives and be happy, and most of all be thankful!! Thankful for my life, thankful for what my body can do and just live a  life that makes me happy and that is what i do!!!

After the rain comes the sun and that is definitely the case this time, now i am just longing for tomorrow so that i can hopefully set foot outside and hopefully get home and eat some delicious food again!!!

And now i want YOU to take some time to be thankful and just think of the small things in your life or positives in your life, and try to realise that being negative and thinking negative just ISNT worth it. It wont get you anywhere and it wont make you feel better. I mean do you want to be on your deathbed and realise that you wasted your whole life hating yourself and your life and your body?

Change your thoughts and change your life!


  1. :)
    after your earlier posts, I had already been thinking it reminded me again not to take things for granted, and I was grateful for that - and now that you write it all out too and that you are feeling better and hopefully home soon - really makes me smile and happy and grateful. You are a LOVELY person, Izzy, and I am glad to be able to share life with you a little, even if I write as "anon" and you only share the bits you share here, it still means a lot. Take care, bless you, sleep well tonight I hope and may you have a beautiful day tomorrow. <3

  2. Så himla bra skrivet! Vi pratade oxå om det idag, att inte ta livet för givet och vara tacksam för det man har. Vi kände oss sega idag, sov länge, åt jättelång frukost som drog ut på tiden, pluggade, åt osv. Dagen bara rann iväg och det ända vi gjort var att plugga och äta. Började klandra oss att vi skulle gått ut och varit mer effektiva men sen insåg vi att vi istället ska se det positiva. Vad härligt med en lugn och skön dag med en massa god mat och vila! Precis vad kroppen behöv

  3. ...behöver ibland!
    Låter verkligen riktigt jobbigt för dig :( hoppas att du får komma hem imorgon och skönt att du iaf känner dig bättre idag! Och visst ska man vara tacksam för att man överlag har en frisk, fungerande kropp! Tänk på allt den gjort för en! Så fantastiskt! Man måste verkligen visa sin uppskattning och inte ta allt för givet! Du är grym Izzy! Många kramar

  4. One thing that I have already learnt recently is to be grateful for the smaller things in life and not to take my health for granted.Health is absolutely vital and we owe it to ourselves to do our upmost to keep it. Mine has been rather up and down - well, more down recently, so when I get a good part of the day I value it so much.
    I hope so much that you are feeling better today and have news as to when you can go home. Quite rightly you should feel proud of your achievement to gain a healthy body and mind despite all that you have been through. Even though some things are out of our control having a strong body can only help with recovery. Soon you will be able to get back to normal life again and do all the things you enjoy. Hang on to that thought and know that this is just a temporary blip. For now you must rest and restore your health - but you will get there, believe me.
    I am so sorry this has happened to you and I wish you all the best to get well again. The sun will shine for you again (())