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After alot of struggles, lots of ups and downs, suicide attempts, tears, anxiety, panic and never thinking i would be healthy.
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Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Food diary of the day

As i need to write a 4 day food diary for my dietician at the CF clinic i thought i might as well share my intake today as i dont often remember a whole day of eating!!!

Breakfast: 40g oatmeal mixed with cacao and topped with peanuts and oatmilk & 2 slices of bread with spread.

Snack: 3 pears

Lunch: Quinoa & brocolli burger, sweet potatoe, vegetables and tomatoe sauce

Snack: 3 pears, 300g roast potatoes

Dinner: 2 big bowls of muslie with oatmilk

Night snack: 5 bananas mixed with 6 dates and vanilla stevia drops and topped with more muslie and peanuts and whipped soy cream and 10 more dates afterwards!

That was my intake for today. I usually eat a proper cooked dinner, but today that was not what i was craving despite having falafels, hummus, lentils etc prepared in the fridge, all i wanted was muslie and milk, so thats what i had!!

I am going to get blood tests done in 3 weeks time and also a dietician will count out my energy intake/vitamin levels so that will be interesting to find out and see how those are! But i have ordered some spirulina and hemp protein to add extra to my intake and make sure i get enough omega 3 and omega 6!!


  1. hey izzy!
    do you always weigh your food(40g oats) ?
    i do this as well and i can't eat anything without exactly knowing how much it weights...its so crazy 🙈
    may you have some advise how to stop this urge?

    1. I never weigh my food, but now for my food diary for my dietician i have to weigh and measure my food (hence why i wrote 300g potatoes as i had to weigh them, otherwise i never would) and 40g oats is one portion i.e 1dl, so i knew it was 40g as i usually measure out one or two portions of oatmeal, otherwise no measuring or weighing food :)
      I would begin with maybe not measuring snacks. And then successively not measuing dinner or lunch or breakfast either. Realise that it is ok to eat more, that it doesnt matter whether you eat 200 or 210g potatoes or take 10g butter or 20g butter. Its energy and your body will use that energy. It can be scary but it is all about facing that fear and dealing with the anxiety, it gets easier in time. And imagine how great it would be to be able to just eat without measuring or counting... you can get to that place if you just try :) Start off with not measuring one of your snacks and also not eating less/taking less just because you dont measure, its better to take a little more than a little less.

  2. Hey Izzy! May I ask you, do you eat any meat, eggs, fish? Or are you maybe becoming vegan? Hugs!

    1. I have choosen to not eat any animal products, but i dont want to label myself as anything at the moment as i want to make sure that this is a lifestyle i can maintain and be healthy physically and mentally :)

  3. So glad you finally are trying to go vegan! I remember suggesting it to you a while back and you said it would be too restrictive for you... Do you see now just how unrestrictive it is?!! I can suggest some websites for good recipes if you like. :)

    1. I've thought about going vegan for a long time but just never thought that i could be physically healthy while doing it - also that it wasnt the right time of my life, i.e i loved chocolate too much to give it up and i did enjoy eating meat, but now i dont enjoy eating meat and i can still eat some types of chocolate anyway. However my doctor and dietician aren't happy about this choice i have made, so going to have blood tests done and meet with a dietician to see that things are ok, so hopefully all of that will be ok as well!

    2. You can get enough Omega 3 and Omega 6 from Nuts ( walnuts are one of the main source of onega 3) and Extra Vergin Olive Oil. That is not bad as everyone says because it is not "just FAT" but is a super healthy source of vitamins

    3. Just be sure to take vitamin B supplements!!

    4. She studies nutrition so I'm sure she knows where to get fat and about vitamins.

    5. Thank you :) I will be making sure to get enough Omega 3 and 6 through chia seeds, nuts, spirulina and hemp protein :) And enough b vitamins through supplements!! But ill see what my blood tests show and what my food diary says in a few weeks!

    6. I highly recommend eating nutritional yeast. It has a nice, cheesy flavour and is rich in B vitamins. Also, it's important to have lots of variety in your foods. I mean... When i went vegan a year ago i ate the same thing almost every day. Of course that wasn't ideal. Now after a year I have found what I like the most and what makes me feel the best. So it might take a bit time to adapt to the new diet. I find that following vegan YouTube channels and Instagram accounts gives me a lot of inspiration.

      Btw, I think hemp protein doesn't taste that great. I prefer these vegan proteins from Myprotein:

    7. Thank you :) I take a supplement which has enough b12 so im not so woried about that, but im going to see if i can find nutritional yeast as i want to try it and see how it tastes :) I have never tried hemp protein, but there was a deal where you could buy spirulina, chia seeds and hemp protein powder so i thought why not try it... i can always just mix it into smoothies or addd lots of dates or vanilla powder, hahah!

      So far im trying to be as creative as possible and eat all types of food, but with a limited budget there is only so much variation i can have, haha!

    8. I don`t know whether you can get it where you are but have you thought about trying hemp milk?

  4. Hey izzy, do you make the quinoa and broccoli burgers? If so, what do you use? I'd love to give them a try.

    1. They are store bought, but i am sure there are recipes for similar burgers which taste amazing :) I am going to try make my own someday so if i do i might share the recipe :)