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Friday, May 27, 2016

First term of university done and my first watermelon for the summer season!

Hello :)

I am going to start off this post by saying.... It is pretty cool how much life can change. Last night i could barely sleep, for numerous reasons but one of them was that i was thinking about how much my life has changed... and in such positive ways. It is pretty incredible, that just a few years ago i couldnt even do basic human things and i was pretty much waiting to die/slowly killing myself. And here i am now, finished my first term in college, moved away from home (even if its only been a few months and this weekend i move home again XD But just the fact that i have actually moved out from home and managed on my own is pretty amazing when i think about my past).
Times like this, when i think about how far i have come and how much i have achieved i begin to wonder why i would ever want to choose death over life? I mean life is pretty amazing, but it is all about mindset as well. What you think and how you react and what thoughts you let control you... because when i let my negative thoughts control me then i am one negative mess, but now when i am thinking positive then everything seems amazing and awesome, despite the rain pouring down outside which usually makes me feel low and negative.

Just think about how different life could be in a years time if you work towards your goals. There will be tough times... i mean i dont even know how many times in the past year i have been negative and wanted evreything to end, but then there are these positive times when life is worth it. When you realise how happy you are that you didnt give up when things got tough or when the negativity took over and told you that you would be better off dead - because that is not true!
A year passes quickly, but so much can happen in a year if you make changes!!!
And know that the stress you may feel now, it will be gone soon... it will pass. Try not to stress yourself too much or worry about things you cant change... of course it is easier said than done. I am basically stress, worry and anxiety in human form, hahaha, so i know its not easy to let go of the stress or worry. .But atleast remind yourself that it will pass, the stressful times will pass and life will feel easier again, and also remember that you are strong enough to get through the tough times and challenges, as long as you keep fighting!!

So, onto my day.... well i woke up with my throat double the size and no voice as well as a blocked nose and sore throat i.e i've gotten a cold/sickness, not fun at all when you have a presentation to do but have no voice. So i had to spend the morning drinking tea and bought myself  throat lozenges and that helped me get my voice back so that i could complete the presentation! 

At 12 i was finally done and walked out of the school building, not knowing how to feel.... I'm free.... not sure when i will study again, hopefully in autumn. I might be back to that building, i might not... But for now all i can do is wait and try to enjoy my summer!

As i dont have a bus ticket anymore (the last day was 2 days ago and well, i dont feel like buying a bus ticket for a whole month when i only have a few days left here) so it is walking everywhere for me. Though the town is so small that its not far to walk, and well.... it's the only form of exercise i have at the moment and havent worked out since last Wednesday and then it was barely a workout as i had so little energy. As i've caught a cold it will be a few more days of rest before i hopefully can return to working out again. Feels so strange to go this long without working out, but i know it would just do more harm than good as well as i havent had the energy for it the past few days anyway.... i have the rest of my life to workout which is what i remind myself! For now, might as well enjoy the rest and food extra much!!

Which brings me to.... my first watermelon for this summer season. 4kg of watermlon and 3 dark chocolate which were on sale as well as "vegan". What did i think of the chocolate? The mint one was good the other two, not so much. What did i think of the watermelon? I want more XDXD

Ive just finished with some cleaning in my room and tomorrow ill do more cleaning, packing and laundry, but for this evening it will just be series and rest and hopefully my throat wont be as sore tomorrow!!!

P.s look at the lunch i had yesterday... burgers, fries and brocolli! Yummmm


  1. good for you! :)

  2. do you have friends in college?

    1. I actually wrote about this in my previous post, no i dont :( I am too shy and withdrawn so struggle to make friends.

  3. So you are now free for the summer! Maybe your cold is hayfever? There are a lot of pollens around right now and I know I get affected by them.
    Hope your weekend goes well what with moving home and such. Relax and enjoy your break and let your family look after you - you`ve had a tough time this past week and deserve to have the weight lifted from your shoulders.
    All the best :)

    1. It might be due to pollen, though not so sure, but i feel 99% better today so thats good!!! One more day of rest and then i might be back to routines again :)

  4. Hellow
    how old are you?
    Did you loose a school year due to anorexia?
    how many years are you going to be at college until you finish your degree?

    1. Hello :) I'm 20, and got 4-5 years left of university i think :) And i lost 1,5 years of school due to my anorexia so had to "repeat" a grade.