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My life at the moment is completely different to how it once was. I spent 5 years sick with anorexia nervosia and depression as well as struggling with self harm and overexercising. I spent 2 years in different treatment centres.
And since 2012 i have been declared healthy from my eating disorder.

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Monday, May 9, 2016

Being honest with ourselves - and why we do things

Recently i have spent time thinking about why i do things, why are my habits the way they are and why i have certain routines and why i do things. Sometimes we so easily fall into routines and habits and then never question why we began doing them or why we continue doing them.

But i have recently questioned myself... why do i do things why are my routines the way they are?

Some things are purely habit, others have had past ulterior motives which then just became routine, but now im focused on changing. I am going to be making changes in my life... some big and some small, and some things which i hope to have the courage to change, but dont know if i will. Change can be scary but its important. And knowing why you are making the changes is important as well and that keeps you motivated when you dont want to keep making the change. It takes time but the changes will be for the positive.

This week i challenge you to ask yourself, why do you do the things you do? Are there some things you can change in your life which might bring you more happiness? But also remmeber, if you cant be honest with yourself, can you really be honest to others? You have to begin with being honest to yourself and making changes for yourself and knowing that it will get easier.  Dont just stick to old habits and routines because it is easy, being in your comfort zone isnt always the best thing even if it's the easiest.

Start by being honest with yourself!

You might just realise how much you love certain things in your life and how if you no longer did something then you wouldnt be as happy or how much it would change your life for the negative... or maybe the positive? For example, i have realised how somethings in my life bring me so much happiness and are necessary for my mental and physical health and things i do because of those reasons. But things such as series watching - some might say its a waste of time, but for me it is exactly what i need after a long day in school or with lots of studying!

So... after this post, ask yourself why do you do certain things in your life and does something need to be changed?


  1. Just now I was thinking "I want to stop using pictures to measure myself. I want to stop posting pictures on Twitter to prove I'm sick. I want to delete my Wordpress blog where I catalog my sick pictures with date and time they were taken. I want to get rid of all my sick pictures."

    My Twitter account is actually locked and I only have 5 followers, who are my close friends, and I actually only post pictures of me once a month or so. But it bothers me that I 'force' them to see those things and I feel ashamed. My Wordpress blog is blocked, search engines don't show it, and most of my posts require a password to be read. But it bothers me that I keep posting those things. It bothers me that I take 50 pictures a day to see my body.

    Recently I've been feeling like starting a 'recovery blog' (not doing it yet because I'm not sure how to start), and when trying to figure what my goal with the blog would be and what would be the limits, I decided that I would not post any 'sick pictures' unless there was a really, really good reason (though I don't know what would be a good enough reason). I'm not weight restored yet and I decided I wouldn't post any pictures of my body until reaching a healthy weight because I know why I post such pictures.

    But I was thinking "How can I stop TAKING such pictures?" I delete old ones from my phone from time to time, but I still have over 2,000 right now. I was thinking and thinking and couldn't find a way to stop. So I decided that I will try my best to avoid taking the pictures, and by the end of each day I will open the folder and delete every picture I may have taken that day, and for each day without taking any picture, I will reward myself with an extra hour of sleep, or reading, or wear my favorite dress.

    1. This is lovely! Good luck :-) <3
      I'm sure you will be glad in the long run! - not only for the change, but for having shown yourself you had the strength to make the change

    2. This is an awesome change and i hope you stick with it!! Because you dont need those old photos, you dont need people to see those photos or to tell you that you looked skinny, you dont need others approval that you were/are skinny. Instead you need to let go of those things and focus on recovery and wanting to be healthy. I think deleting old photos is a great thing, they dont need to be posted or shared instead they can be forgotten and you move on with life!!

      I think a recovery blog is awesome, for me blogging in recovery helped me so much. It helped keep me accountable for my actions... i could write out my thoughts, talk to others who were in the same situation and we all helped each other i.e nothing pro-ana, it was all about recovery. And also if i wrote that i was going to eat pizza, then i felt that i had to because i had already written it down. But maybe start with journalling? Or talking to someone... not everyone likes blogging, and then the whole "to be anonymous" or whether to post photos and such.

      Good luck and keep moving forward, dont look at the past or where you used to be. Instead focus on the healthier you :)