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And since 2012 i have been declared healthy from my eating disorder.

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Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Be your own "body goals" and "woman/man crush Wednesday"

One thing which i am very tired of online is the idolizing of other peoples bodies and the continuous comparing that people do with one another.

There are so many comments of "you look perfect, i wish i looked like you", "wow body goals", "you have the perfect body" etc and i mean its fine to give one another compliments. And usually when you post something online - especially pictures - you are looking for feedback/response/comments. You want people to comment and hopefully say nice things, or you just want to show off your body. And there is nothing wrong with people posting pictures of themselves if they want to... i mean i post pictures of myself on my blog, and you cant stop people from doing that, instead you need to change your own thoughts regarding other peoples pictures.

Instead of thinking "wow she is so perfect, i wish i looked like her", think "Wow she looks great/amazing and so do I". Or "Wow she/he has a great body, but so do I!" 

People look different and you will never look like someone else no matter how hard you try, and if all your focus is on chaging your body you will never reach that place where you are satisfied. I have followed people for several years and i dont think i have ever seen them write that they love their body or are happy with how they look, because they just spend all their time trying to change their body. There is always something they need to change... but of course maybe they do love their body and just striving for progress. But some people it just seems like the "Journey for the perfect body" is an endless one because they are never satisfied.

You need to learn to love yourself NO MATTER HOW YOU LOOK. Forget weight and size and shape, just try to love YOURSELF. If you take care of your body and your mind, if you feed your body right and do things that you love and make you happy it is much easier to love yourself and love your body. But if all your thoughts are negative, if you always think everyone looks better than you then it is hard to love yourself.

Distance yourself from things that trigger you, such as maybe magazines or certain clothing stores or certain accounts online. Instead look in the mirror and decide to say positive things about yourself. Put up small quotes and reminders that you are beautiful in the bathroom mirror or maybe on the fridge door or in your journal/calender. Reminders that you are beautiful doesnt matter if you need to gain or lose weight, you need to learn to love yourself.
(Also guys as well!! Guys can have just as low body confidence/self esteem as girls... so i always get so irritated when it just says "girls" how about encourage people and not just females...)

Decide to be your own "Body goals" or your own "Healthy goals" and own inspiration. Be your own woman/man crush Wednesday ;) (If you didnt know that is some type of Instagram weekly trend thing... hahaha)

Self love comes from the inside and it begins with one ACCEPTING AND EMBRACING your 'flaws'. They arent flaws and most of the time they seem worse to you than what they actually are, but embrace those and learn to let go and not let those control you.

Second, be kind to yourself and say nice things to yourself. If you see someone else who looks great, compliment them and compliment yourself as well.  I.e she looks great in that top, and i also look great in my outifit today. Might seem strange and "wrong", but it really isnt. Be kind to yourself, compliment yourself as well and stop thinking that everyone looks better than you. People look different and some people according to socieities standards are "the typical beauty" but we are all beautiful in our own way. Some people rock the long blande hair and others rock the short black hair. Some people look awesome in light pink and white and others look/feel best in the dark and baggy clothes, some people look/feel best in short or tighter clothes and others look/feel best in more formal clothes... that is ok and look great in their own way!

I know it isnt easy to love yourself, but it is a progress and decide that you want to love yourself and your body. Stop waiting until you look a certain way or have reached a certain weight or size to begin to be happy in your body, instead start now. Learn to love yourself and your body and also not let your body control your feelings i.e if it changes it shouldnt matter, because your body doesnt control you or define you.

Be happy in yourself and your body and treat your body right! You only have one body and no matter how much you change your body, unless you change your thoughts you will never be happy so maybe start with your mind and thoughts!!!


  1. Have you heard of the banana island diet? what do you think of it?

    1. I have heard of it and i think it is very stupid... especially those who do it for a month, but even just doing it for a few days seems unnecessary. It is supposed to be a detox, but i mean we have a liver to do all our detoxing... i dont see the point of it and can only imagine how sick people would feel of bananas afterwards XD

  2. Another thumbs up from me :). This was a really important mantra in my own recovery process - someone else's beauty does not take away my own. If someone else is smart, it doesn't mean that I am not. There is enough of everything to go around, and my qualities don't disappear just because I am beside someone else. I can admire someone's beauty, or work ethic, or intelligence, without forfeiting my own. When I was sick, I was obsessed with my own internal ranking system. Every single person on the planet was either better than me or worse than me. I gauged my worth by where I fell in comparison to others. I needed to be thinner/wittier/prettier/smarter than you or else I was nothing. I frequently (always) felt like nothing. Becoming healthy meant letting go of my old, sick rating system. Letting go of my internal judgments of myself and others. Realizing that we are all equal. We are all of equal worth/value, but we have different qualities that make us unique individuals. I can be smart, and it doesn't mean you are stupid. You can be thin, and it doesn't mean I am fat. This was a super important lesson for me, and learning it has made me a more loving and grateful individual both toward myself and others. Life is beautiful, and we all deserve our spot on the planet. I hate that #goals nonsense. Why can't we admire someone else's success without feeling we ourselves are failures? Give compliments freely, but remember that COMPARISON IS THE THIEF OF JOY.

    1. I am so glad to hear that you have been able to break free from those negative thoghts and can now see your own worth and not compare yourself to others/define your own worth by others :)