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Wednesday, May 4, 2016

A photo doesnt tell the whole story

Recently i made a post on my instagram with this picture:

Which basically said... the picture doesnt capture the x amount of crisp bread with spread i ate beforehand while making the meal or the chocolate covered licquorice eaten afterwards. And not to mention that not all the nuts in the picture were eaten but extra haricot verts were added as well as sauce. So one food picture doesnt show the whole story... just because you see food plated doesnt mean that that was all the person ate.
Unfortunatly there are food accounts out there who make food just for the sake of the picture, people who prepare and make food, take a picture and throw it away. And it isnt uncommon for recovery accounts to plate up food, picture it and throw the food away or eat less than what was pictured.
Or people like me who eat more than what is pictured... hard to believe XD
But there are times where i might put up a picture of a meal but didnt even finish the meal or changed something afterwards and not always mentioned it as i dont think it has been necessary.
But i DO think it is necessary to point out that just because you see a picture of food doesnt mean that was all they ate... I mean i ALWAYS eat some food while preparing food, and that isnt shown in the picture. But of course, it shouldnt matter either... what someone else eats doesnt matter to you. We all need different amounds and enjoy different foods!

And then there is this picture... salad, sweet potatoe and peppermint tea.
Someone might see that picture and think "am i on a diet", but no... that was what i wanted right then and it was a SNACK. It wasnt a main meal, it was my study snacks. And the picture doesnt show how much i ate before or after (i dont even remember, but i know i ate lots beforehand most likely and more food in the evening!). So dont compare your whole day of eating to someones one picture... or even if someone posts a food diary, how do you know that it is the truth? Not that it should really matter... but i hope you understand my message anyway.

But what i also wanted to mention was that i was scrolling through some old photo albums today and it made me a little sad how much you can fake on a picture... A smile really doesnt mean anything. But just.... how much you can hide.

Yyou see that picture of someone smiling and looking happy, but you dont know their whole story. You dont know whether their happy quote or smiling picture is the truth or whether they are sitting there crying while uploading the picture. Or you dont know what has been going on in their day.
Or all the pictures where i am looking happy but underneath there are scars on my skin with secrets of how broken i am. Or the pictures taken where i am filled with anxiety or panic but try to look as calm and happy as possible.

But then of course there are the photos where it just radiates with happiness and i am filled with happiness when i look back on them! The good memories and the true happiness. 
Most people wouldnt really be able to see the difference in the photos, but for me i have the memories attached to the pictures so i can see the difference but also remember what was going on in that moment in time.

I just wanted to share that photos arent always what they seem. I mean i am pretty sure everyone has posted something which isnt quite true... or that time you went out to party and you hated it and it was boring but you still posted a picture of you and your friends bragging how great it was when all the time you wanted to go home? Or the time you posted a picture of you and your friends but you posted it only because you looked so great, hahaha?

 I hope this post gets you to think and to also not just see a picture and believe it all. But instead be critical, i mean be critical to my own posts and photos if you want... Though i try to be honest 99% of the time and wont post fake photos or fake meals or any of that, because to me that is being dishonest and i did that in the past and it wasnt a good feeling. Instead i build my blog on honesty and know that that is why readers stay, because i dont want to lie about how i feel or such, so i feel no need to post a fake smiley photo or any of that. 

Dont compare your life to a few photos you see online, you never know the real story.


  1. What's your instagram username?

  2. ... but correspondingly, Izzy, please don't think that just because you smile and don't say all the worst, that none of us notices or cares when you are stressed, or sad, or down, or struggling .... There's so little we can do, but your readers do care about you. I hope one day you will find your way to be free the other bits that linger even after the eating has healed. Have a good evening and a good end of the week.

  3. Hi Izzy :) I was wondering if you could write about the difference between true hunger and mindless hunger? I can never tell if I'm actually hungry anymore and today I tried to eat when I was hungry but I ended up binging instead :/ My stomach feels full and is distended but it still has hungerish pains and I don't know if I'm actually hungry. Like tonight, I still felt hungry after dinner and ate something but then I keep eating and binged, justifying that it was ok since I still felt hungry...I just don't know how to feel hungry anymore and if I'm actually hungry or just want food...If that makes sense...

  4. I love your food photos, they give me inspiration to try different foods and I like the different way you prepare foods - I for one would never have thought of slicing and roasting sweet potatoes, I have only ever had them baked whole before - so lots of new of ideas for me!
    I hope you keep on posting your food photos (time allowing of course) as they are much appreciated :)

    1. Ive never actually tried baked sweet potatoe, but im planning to do that soon as it seem so delicious :) I am glad you like my food photos :)

  5. This post really rung true to me. I know one of my triggers is seeing photos on social media of healthy meals, diets etc and it is worth reminding ourselves that they often aren't true!I'm just starting my road to recovery from anorexia,and have been reading this blog for a few weeks. You really are an inspiration izzy. I just hope I have the strength to beat this monster as you did!

    1. Thank you. I think its an important reminder for many - that there is more than just what the photo shows, and it is important to remember that. Stay strong and focus on the goal of recovery, even if its tough or you want to give up, dont. It will get easier and recovery is worth it if you focus on full recovery and fighting that voice in your head. It is possible, even if it may not seem like it , full recovery is possible!

    2. Just what I needed this morning! The ed is strongly telling me to restrict and exercise our of guilt from following new meal plan yesterday. Must stand firm in my decision to fight it!