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Sunday, May 1, 2016

A busy day and celebrating my sisters birthday as well as the "May day" bonfire

Hello and happy first of May. Not sure if people say that, but oh well... A new month and this year is just flying by.

Yesterday was a day where i actually did not have any time for blogging. It had things to do all day.

It started with a run/jog in the morning and then got home and ate breakfast before heading out to the outside gym with my step dad and doing some boxing, though as we both felt a little tired it didnt last so long but it was fun nonetheless, not to mention that it was warm enough to have just a t-shirt on!!
Once i got home it was just to shower, change and then head to the library where i sat from opening to closing time (which was just from 12pm-4pm) and worked very efficiently and i can feel how my stress levels are slightly dropping as i have gotten so much done. Though usually after a long day of studying my favourite thing is to just go home and rest for the evening, but that was not the case yesterday. Instead i travelled home and had to quickly get ready before the guests arrived to celebrate my sisters birthday, and then it was just to be social despite my tiredness and unwillingness to socialize, but it went well anyway and my socializing continued that evening by meeting my friends to watch the "May day" bonfire as well as some fireworks. And once that was done we walked back to my friends place where there was alcohol and dessert, though i had forgotten that my friend has cats and my boyfriend is allergic to cats so we didnt stay so long but considering that my body and mind were screaming after a bed it was rather nice to have a reason to leave early and not be home too late..

So that was my day yesterday which was both a lovely and tiring day so today most of all i just want to rest and get some sunshin and be out in the forest. But first off im going to get some studying done and then see what my plans for the day will be, whether i head back to my own apartment (which i want to) or stay another day in Stockholm and spend the day with my boyfriend, not so sure. But first up anyway is breakfast and coffee!!!

I hope you all have a lovely day and dont forget to maybe set up some goals for this month - what do you want to achieve or what do you want to work towards? Alot can happen in a month if you just set yourself to work towards your goals!!

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  1. Good to hear you had a nice time and your celebrations went well- even if you didn't feel like them. Sometimes things turn out better than you think if you give them a try.
    I don`t know what an outside gym is - something unique to Sweden?? sounds fun anyway :)
    Its supposed to be getting warmer here too as the week goes on - 20 - 24 degrees forecast for the end of the week! So t - shirts for me too :)
    Hope your Bank holiday weekend is going well, have a good week