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Sunday, April 10, 2016

When you have to be an adult but have a cold

Hello :)

Today i woke up feeling pretty much the same way i did yesterday, not on top of the world or in the best health condition. But today i had to just put that aside and get on with adult things none the less.

I had group work to be done today and as it had to be sent in this evening and then presented on Tuesday i decided to join my group as it was only fair and i did feel good enough to do that, as well as a walk to the library with some fresh air and sunshine was definitely needed after yesterdays day of rain and spending my whole day either at home, packed on a crowded bus or sitting in an aula. We had most of the work done on Thursday so it was mostly finishing touches as well as working on our powerpoint, presentation as well as planning for when we are to cook the meals on Tuesday i.e what should be done and when. It will be good to get that assignment over with on Tuesday as it has definitely taken alot of time and energy to get it all organized! Also, i got my results from the test i did 2 weeks ago, and i passed... which i was not expecting. From Monday to Friday i checked my student portal site around 50 times i.e 10 times a day, hopeing that the results would be up... i wanted to know but at the same time i really didnt because i was almost certain that i had failed. But once the results were up on Friday evening i saw that i had passed, and was in disbelief and almost wanted to email my teacher just to make sure as i couldnt quite believe it. Shows just how low confidence i have in myself... i guess i should start believing in my academic performance sometime.

Anyway... when i got back to my apartment i decided to do some meal prep for the week as next week will be a busy week with lots to do so then i can just grab a lunch box with me to school as well as have my food already made when its time for dinner. Its the same food for all the lunch boxes i.e quorn "meat"balls, vegetables and potatoe and then ill add some cottage cheese and peanuts (sounds strange, but i love the mix XD) in the mornings! I dont mind eating the same thing... usually i eat the same thing everyday for a week and then the next time i go shopping i buy a different carb source, different vegetables and different quorn products so its a little different anyway! Feels good to have that done :) But after meal prepping i felt the tiredness kick in and i had to take a nap for a while, and now i have a few school things to do before i have to do laundry this evening.

It will be my first time since 2012 using a shared laundry room!! I've had the privelage of having a washing machine in all the apartments i've lived in since autumn 2012 so now its back to a shared wash room and having to keep to certain times and book laundry times. And also apparently each apartment only has 2 laundry times per month... meaning that as i share apartment i only have one laundry time a month? Which seems incredibly stupid considering that by the end of the week i have used all my workout clothes, and if there is something that is incredibly unfresh is using sweaty workout clothes. I mean fine... skirts can be used several times before needing a wash.. but if you have worked out and sweated in certain workout clothes it is unfresh to have to use them again. So hopefully ill be able to wash more than once a month, hahaha... XD

I guess thats the problem with student apartments, when all the apartment share the same laundry room and everyone needs to wash clothes. Anyway, now i need to actually do my school work before i need to start with my laundry time :)

Below: Yesterdays dinner/snacks, wasnt able to eat so much yesterday as i felt so ill, but atleast i have chocolate left for today anyway!


  1. Hey Izzy! You are my inspiration. I am recovering from anorexia nervosa and i found your posts very inspiring and helpful<3
    I ve got some questions for you if u dont mind:

    1.i want to be like you.strong,energetic,happy. You really have a beautiful body and you are really pretty. I want to get a body like you, but i have no idea how to start. I dont know how much and what should i exercise, ehat food should i eat... Do you think i should go and visit a dietetian? Do you have any advices how to start working out?

    2. I am almost 18 and i still dont have a boyfriend... I have never had a boyfriend and i feel so bad:( i think that i will stay single forever and thats hurting me so bad. Youve got a bf, do you have any advices? Should i just wait for the right one to come?

    3. I am having a psychotherapy three times a week and i wonder how much time is going to be to become healthy like you? I have anorexia for 3 years and it became a lifesyle for me...

    There are some questions from my side. I really eant to thank you for everything. Youre such an inspiration for me!!
    Sory for my bad english;)

    Have a nice day<3

  2. Have you lost weight? You looked like you had in your snap? :s

  3. Daisy is adorable! Ahhh I wish I had a dog but there's never anyone at home so it wouldn't be fair for the dog.
    Anyway, just a random thought/ question. Do you think you'd be studying nutrition/ dietetics if you never had an ED? I am recovered but I'm still fascinated by the metabolism and macros, etc but I don't know if this is the old ED part of me that finds food fascinating. I don't know, maybe it's an unhealthy degree choice for me.

  4. Love the picture of Daisy! She is gorgeous - you are so lucky to have a dog like her.
    About your laundry - why not just handwash your workout clothes each time you wear them? You could get a clothes airer and dry them on that either in the bathroom or your room. That's what I do on holiday when staying in a hotel rather than self catering. Otherwise you are going to need an awful lot of workout clothes to last you a whole month!
    Hope you feel better soon

  5. Well done for passing your test!
    Is the group work and cooking you have to do for the meal plan assignment that you mentioned previously?
    You are so organised too - very good idea pre-preparing your meals for the week, that definitely saves you loads of time. I remember my mum doing something similar when she went back to work, sundays were spent cooking loads of casseroles to be put in the freezer for the week ahead. Some of that has rubbed off on me even now, I always plan the meals for the week ahead so I know what to buy and when - I find I save a lot of money that way as I`m not impulse buying and also I don`t get that dilemma of what I`m going to cook that particular day, its already thought out.
    Hope you studies go well for you this week - do you have school work to go to at weekends regularly or was this just a one off?