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Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Update - baking, studying and todays lunch

Hello :)

Update from my side of the screen, and from my little world.

The past 24+ hours seem to have just flown by and ive been busy all those hours, so only now when i am eating lunch am i stopping for a second to write an update. Yesterday was a long day which included an early morning and worked out at the gym in Stockholm before heading to the CF clinic, and as i didnt have my regular doctor i was at the clinic for about 20-25 minutes which included 10 minutes with the doctor and the other 15 taking tests and blood tests.... usually my visits can take around 45 minutes to 2 or 3 hours, so i was a little irritated over the fact that it was such a short visit and such a long travel there and then the long travel home again. But i atleast got some work done anyway, when you forced to sit on a train for an hour or so then i use that time wisely to read notes/take notes/write on my essay.

In the evening i then did some baking - Cookies and cream cookies and nutella lava cakes. I dont have such great photos as i wasnt in the mood to take photos and it was so dark, but both tasted soooo good. Especially the nutella lava cakes :) I know my boyfriend loves nutella so i might make some of those for him someday, but the ones i baked are going to be given away and ill make a new batch some other time. I have made the cookies and cream cookies several times before and they never seize to be delicious!!!


Then this i woke up to lots of rain and a grey day and it was a real struggle to get out of bed but once i was up i was energetic and it was time for a workout before i sat myself at the library and with an internal screaming of "I dont want to" i began to write on my essay. Writing this essay/repport is making me very irritated, mostly because i really really dont want to do it.... but i was very productive today and got a whole lot done on it, despite my unwillingness to work today, so that feels good! And once i was done with that, it was time for food shopping and now ive made myself a simple lunch and now it is back to studying. A very boring life but thats how it is right now! I have got a whole load of work in school and just trying to work my way through the work load and trying to feel less stressed, but its just taking each day at a time and remembering to enjoy each day and see the positives of each day, not get caught up in the stress or the negatives :)

Anyway, that was all i have time to write as well as all i have to say. But i will try to reply to all your comments and write some better posts once i get a chance :)

Lunch: Vegetarian dumpling, vegetables, carrots and parsnip fries (bought... too lazy/hungry to make my own!) and greek yoghurt as well as the nuts (all of them) and some tea :)


  1. Heeeeey Izzy ;) I totally understand you saying you don´t want to work on your essay ;) this truly is something which can absolutely be soooooo enerving :S
    But the cooooookies look so delicious ;) especially the ones with Nutella hehe :D
    Oh and hey if you don´t mind I have a question to you ;) I am sure you maybe already did a post about this topic ;) but at the moment I often struggle with anger and rage of myself ;) especially when others want to help me overcoming some fears of my ED :( but maybe I am also still so angry on myself for still having ed related thoughts? ;) It would be so lovely to hear from you of how you deal with such feelings ;) thaaaaanks in advance, and I hope so much you are fine ;)
    xxx Ange

  2. SO glad that your appointment was ok -- I do hope that you'll keep being able to keep cf at bay so as to live your life to the full!
    Thank you for this post. I find what you say about the essays really inspiring!
    A random question, don't worry AT ALL if you don't have time for it, but ... what exercises would you do if you have heaps of pent up energy but a bad knee, and very weak arms (the latter not through injury, all I mean is that something like push-ups is not currently an option!)?