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Tuesday, April 12, 2016

The past 24 hours of stomach illness

Hello and update from a tired and sick girl stuck in bed with nauseous feelings.

I got home around 3.30pm yesterday and was able to eat some strawberries and chocolate before nausea and stomach cramps hit me hard and left me feeling freezing cold lying on the sofa with a bucket by my side. Despite barely having eaten or drunken anything my stomach kept trying to empty itself. I felt absaloutly awful yesterday and spent my evening wrapped in clothes and blankets trying to keep me warm. Eventually I had to email my teacher and group and tell then that I couldn't make it to group task/presentation /cooking the next day. Despite having done lots of work on that project as it is a compulsory thing to do I have to do an extra assignment /essay to compensate for not being there. It sucks and just adds to my work pile but considering that the thought of food made me want to throw up, there was no way I could stand in a kitchen and be surrounded wuth the smell of food and have to cook for others and deal with food like salmon, chicken and eggs. Hopefully I feel better tomorrow or on Thursday because if I miss those two lessons I'll have another complentary assignment to do as well as getting F in  an in class assignment. The absaloute worst week to get a stomach illness when all my lessons are obligatory and important to be at. But that's life and there is nothing I can do about it. I just hope that I feel better soon because feeling like this is awful.

This afternoon I did manage to walk to the store though as I knew I needed to eat something but the food at home was not appealing at all, food hard to digest and instead all I wanted was bread. Usually walking to the store, buying what I need and walking home again takes 25 minutes but today it took me 50 and by the time I was home again I felt dizzy and my heart was racing like crazy...  but I managed to get some bread with butter and some pringles into me. The asparagus soup had too much flavour and was not a hit for my nauseous stomach.

Anyway, now going to try drink some water as I'm super dehydrated  and maybe get a few pringles into me. I hate this weak feeling and how painkillers don't work as my stomach won't keep them down... so instead I just have the sick feeling and then not even being able to drink water or eat and just having -100 on energy scale. Usch. School work to do and even more now... but that will have to wait.  Can't wait until I'm back to my normal and energetic self! and eat lots of food again because mentally I want to eat lots but physically I can't :/

Eniugh writing as it's making me feel slightly dizzy. I hope you all have a great day and the rest of the answers to questions should be out later today.


  1. Poor you Izzy! This sounds awful. I'm so glad you write about it here, but so sorry you are suffering it. I know it is obvious, but please go to the doctor or get the doctor to come to you?! Love, and thinking of you this afternoon. Take care.

    1. Already feeling better and I actually think it was food poisoning and not an actual stomach bug, which is a good thing! But still it was awful when I had it.

  2. ps also, do talk to your teachers, so they get to know you. if they don't know you, it can be very hard for them to distinguish between conscientious people with genuine struggles and people who are just pretending, and it also helps you in your career to get to know them and work with them more like colleagues. Sorry, I know this is obvious, and I'm not wanting to patronise, just really wanting the best for you. Take care. Thinking of you. Thank you for all you do and share here.

    1. Thank you, I did speak to them yesterday when I was in school but I still needed to do the extra work but one of my assignments was shortened to 20 questions anyway and the others were more a benefit to myself to answer, so I guess that's a positive!

  3. Sorry to read you are feeling so ill - luckily tummy bugs are generally short lived so hang on to that thought whilst you are feeling so terrible. Try to drink fluids when you can, flat non diet lemonade is good for sickness - and rest. Don`t worry about school work, it will still be there tomorrow and can be tackled when you feel better. Let your tutor know that it was illness keeping you from your studies, they may be more understanding.
    Wishing you lots of get well soon thoughts (())

    1. Thank you :) I did talk to them when I was in school on Thursday but I still had to do the extra work but atleast they knew who I was and that I hadn't been lying to get out of the lessons or work,