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Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Stress and tiredness arent a good combination for happiness (& Happiness challenge in May?)

Hello :)

At the moment i am definitely lacking energy, a mental energy anyway and just an overall lack of motivation which i guess stems from having so little energy. A combination of lots of stress - feeling the stress creeping in like a silent and dark cloud which begins to roll over my head and weigh heavy on my shoulders. Feeling the tiredness pulling me down and making every movement and every thought so much harder, wanting to just sleep and not do anything at all... but at the same time there is that constant stress over the work load over how much i need to do. But there are only few hours of the day that i actually have the energy to do any of that, otherwise my energy is like blown away.

The stress and tiredness combined has lead me to feel very sad and down today, just an overall sadness which i cant explain why. Just that feeling when you want to cry for no reason at all, where you want to isolate yourself from everyone and anyone and dont want anyone to look at you. The days where you play your music super loud and hide from the world and can appear rude when in reality you are just trying to keep yourself from falling apart and crying on the bus. That can explain my day and feelings... and once i got home it was just to make myself dinner and then do absaloulty nothing because there was no motivation or energy left inside of me to do anything.  Though today was a good day to remind myself of my newest tattoo.... Focusing on the present happiness. Despite those sad feelings and the overwhelming tiredness and stress, there is something good in everyday... as long as i look for it and choose to feel the positivity and happiness. So that is what i did and i found that some of my positives of the day were:

The sunshine
My gym workout - not the best one, but it was nice to be back at the gym after a very long time (Ok, long time for me! ) not being at the gym due to illness and a busy weekend and just overall tiredness.
My simple dinner
Chocolate.... because chocolate fixes most problems (Not really, but i mean it doesnt harm either!)

Just the small positives in a rather dreary and negative day. But i want YOU to share YOUR positives of the day!!! I used to always do "positives of the day"... but then it got so much harder to be positive and my positives just became the same thing.... coffee, actually leaving the house, working out... and well, it got a  little monotone to write that especially when life didnt feel positive at all and it just felt fake to try to be so positive or write positives of the day. But now i want to get back onto it, because i actually LOVE when you - my readers - share positives from your days or just small things from your life or your day or thoughts, i love the communication and hearing about other peoples positives thoughts, events or progresses is always motivating!

I actually saw on another persons blog that they were going to do a Happiness May challenge where everyday they write a post about a certain thing that makes them happy/something along that lines, and i thought i might do that myself... but create my own version. And if you would also be interested you can either do the challenge on your own blog (and leave links to your posts so i can read them) or comment in the comment section something positive. Would that be something interesting for you to read or participate in? Of course you dont need to comment everyday but now and again? The whole month of May with a happiness post each day, it might be fun to do!

Anyway, now before i go to bed (its only 9.30pm, but i am not even ashamed of going to bed this "early", after months of 4 hours of sleep and falling asleep at 2 or 3am, i am just happy with the fact that i feel and can sleep!) i am going to remind myself of my tattoo quote:

Dont let the sadness of your past or the fear of your future ruin the happiness of your present

I feel like that emoji with with the hand out, hahaha


  1. Hey Izzy, My day wasn't that positive but i will try to see it anyway. One thing I can defently say it is positive. My dad turned 53 today. I am glad he is my dad and he is healty.

  2. I had a really great day today. It didn't start out that way for the first two hours. Unfortunately, I'm starting a new medication which completely threw me off and made me tired and dizzy and tearful. I also had to give a whole lot of blood today (6 tubes which means needles!) for different doctors. But, the nurses were so friendly and did such a great job- and the medical aid covered my blood tests! My mom then took me out for a lovely breakfast of smoked salmon,eggs, avocado and coconut toast. I had a great workout at gym later that afternoon (needed and could afford to buy an energy drink before) and treated myself to the pumpkin pie quest bar, and a green smoothie afterwards. I saw a friend of mine at gym and she got into Parsons school of design in New York which is amazing! My dad fetched me from gym so I didn't have to take a cab, so it was nice chatting to him before he leaves the city for work tomorrow. My grandma came and dropped off our clean laundry (we're building our house so there aren't any appliances around yet). There were more personal posts on this blog (which I love reading!) and Izzy felt comfortable enough to be open and honest with us (which I also love). Just a little side note, I really appreciate you having this blog, Izzy. I so wish something like this was around for you when you were struggling because really, we all need advice, support and to know we're not alone.

  3. This is a good post-fake it till you make it happiness is sometimes necessary. For me I have been anxious all day about flying (super long 7.5 hour flight tomorrow), but came into the city to see old coworkers and friends before I leave. Everyone was so happy and nice, so seeing people and feeling the positive energy helped! Then having dinner with a friend tonight. And positive about flying is going to visit a new city and meeting new people and making a big decision about whether I would want to live there for the next few years for school. Glad to be able to share some positives today!

  4. Hi Izzy I love that you do these posts! I think it would great to do the May challenge. Despite being a very bad day I am trying to look at the positives- playing with my dog and having a family who care about me!

  5. I think the May challenge idea is a good one - would love to read and do it!
    Looking hard to find positives today - one would be I am finally getting over my cold and after going to the doctors this morning being told that my earache is not an infection - which is good because I dreaded taking more antibiotics
    - another would be we are having beautiful sunny weather at the moment and I plan to get out in the garden at some point for a tidy up so I can sit out when it really warms up
    - I had some beautiful flowers for my birthday which smell lovely placed beside me on my pc desk
    Hope you have a good week Izzy and find more positives and your stress eases soon

  6. I like this idea!

    My positive for today: I woke up with a grateful and serene heart this morning. I am humbled by this gift and joyful that after years of fruitless seeking, I am finally on the right path. I am grateful that I am teachable, and learning more every day :)

  7. Keep ur chin up Izzy :D There's always something to feel great about!! Xx