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And since 2012 i have been declared healthy from my eating disorder.

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Monday, April 11, 2016

Some days/weeks are harder than others


Thus morning I woke up with absaloutly no mental or physical energy and no motivation for anything. Tired and unmotivated and a huge longing to be at home with my family. Feeling anxiety, hopelessness and being unmotivated first thing in the morning isn't the best way to start the day. I somehow managed to get ready and make my way to school but once I was there - and half an hour early, all I could think about was heading home again and skipping my lessons today and heading to stockholm. But unfortunately this week almost all my lessons are obligatory and start around 8am  and finish at 2 or 3. This week I really don't want to go to school or study, but I guess I just need to accept that this week will be a tough week and in the weekend I might head home for Saturday anyway.

Today my goal is to just survive the day and try to get rid of this overwhelming anxiety which is inside of me and tru ti change my negative thoughts to positive ones. Only 7 more hours of school and then I can head home!!

I hope you all have a great day anyway :)


  1. Sending you positive vibes and hoping for a good week for you!

  2. Hope you manage to get through your day ok, its hard carrying on when you don`t feel 100% health wise. Hope you feel better soon and manage to relax and rest when you get home. I know it means a commute for you but you could always go home to your family earlier than the weekend - sometimes we just need that little extra TLC that only home can provide. Take care and go easy on yourself (())

  3. I love that picture of you and daisy. Very sweet! I hope your day improves. This might just be the Brit in me, but nothing improves my day quite like a big cup of tea. But I know what you're feeling isn't going to be cured by something like tea but hey, it's a start. Sending you good vibes.

  4. Hi Izzy! I have the same exact feeling, and I never know what to say to my boyfriend when I get in moods like this. I get irritated easily and he knows a little bit of my story, but I didn't tell him everything. How do you communicate with your boyfriend when you are "feeling low?" I almost broke up with him a few days ago for no good reason. Do you tell your boyfriend you need some alone time, or do you continue to talk to him?

  5. Aw Izzy, I'm sorry to hear things are a struggle right now. :(
    I hope you're able to get home to your family soon, and that your anxiety passes.
    If it's one thing I've learned in my leave of absence, it's that yeah, work is important, but NOTHING is more important than your health! That's gotta take priority.

    Sometimes it's okay to just keep your head down and tough it out, but there's nothing wrong with stopping and asking for help. Best wishes to you x