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Saturday, April 9, 2016

Sickness, tiredness and a day filled with tests

Hello :)

The title basically describes my current mood and situation. But I'm not going to complain, that's life!

Thursday evening I began feeling really tired and dizzy and then on Friday (i.e yesterday) I had to cut my studying time and head home as I felt so tired and when I got home the dizziness kicked in and there wasn't much done at all and by 8pm i was in bed and ready to go to sleep which was exactly what I did. However that meant I ended up waking up 5am and feeling not at all great but also realised that I fell asleep with my clothes on... not even aware of that fact yesterday evening, I was very much out of it yesterday evening. This morning I was freezing and cold and not at all excited for the 5 hours of tests.... in all honesty I don't/didn't have to do them. They are something I've paid for and choosen to do, but if I don't do them or chose to not show up today it wouldn't have mattered. .. just money down the drain as well as giving up the opportunity to try to higher my score in these tests. Though as they aren't a fail or pass test or have a huge impact I haven't felt stressed about them which is nice. .. its just sort of, do my best in my current situation considering I haven't studied for them and have about -10 on the energy and focus scale ^-^ but so far I've gotten 3 out of 5 tests done and it feels good. Only 2 more and then it's home time and going to buy myself some simple and delicious food to eat this evening infront of Netflix.  And then tomorrow it's group work though if I feel the same way as today then I'll just stay in bed and have to help via online instead.

For now I am making the best of the situation and doing the best I can and well it always feels a little extra special to jump into bed when you've been busy all day.

After looking in the mirror I actually find it comical because I don't look well at all. I guess my outside/appearance show how I feel on the inside. Definitely not looking vibrant or fresh. .. hahah, anyway.

I hope you all have a lovely saturday and a great weekend if I don't write anymore posts!!


  1. I hope you feel better soon, Izzy!! :) What is beside the potatoes and vegetables on your plate? Is it some form of bread? :/ xx

    1. It's quorn fillets :) though those aren't the tasty ones... just the cheap ones ^-^

    2. Oh okay :) thanks for answering!!

  2. get well soon, Izzy! sending imaginary bunches of flowers and chocolates... take care. rest well, sleep well.

    1. Thank you :) Definitely sleeping more now, haha!

  3. We`re thinking of signing up for Netflix, well it comes as part of a package with something else but I`m wondering if its worth it, ie will I watch it as I haven't a clue what its got on it - could you tell me the sort of programmes it has?
    Hope you feel better soon and mange to rest.

    1. I love netflix as i dont watch tv and just watch series on the computer, and i love the netflix original series :) Feels safer to watch on a site like Netflix or HBO rather than to stream online, just incase.
      However netflix isnt so updated with new series and some series dont have all the seasons on Netflix so then you need to watch on other sites anyway. I am someone who loves watching series so for me paying for netflix for one account isnt so expensive and its worth it. If you enjoy watching series or films then it can be worth it, though with films it often takes a while until new films are available on netflix. With series... i would suggest googling the name of the series and see if it is on Netflix or not :) And if you end up not using Netflix then maybe you can cancel your subscription/account?