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Sunday, April 17, 2016

Readers questions: How often to eat treats with a history of binge eating, menstrual cycle

I wonder if you have any problems with your menstruation cycle because you work out quite a lot? I am recovering from anorexia and i still dont have my period back:( any advice?

After i was weight restored i was allowed to workout "freely" and i ended up doing alot more than i should and then i lost my period for a few months until i began to exercise less and eat more, and then i had a very irregular period for about a year. But if you are working out alot then it stresses your body and it wont feel safe and you most likely wont get your period back. So my best advice is that during recovery and a few weeks/months after being weight restored you dont do so much exercise, just light exercise like walking, short jogs/maybe some swimming or yoga etc, but not so much so that your body can feel safe. And then eventually you can add more exercise into your life if you want and making sure to eat enough and rest enough as well! Exercise stresses the body and that stress can make your body feel unsafe, and during recovery and while you were sick your body was in constant stress and never felt ssafe, so if you then add lots of exercise ontop of that it will take alot longer to feel safe and ok to get your menstrual cycle back. 

So my suggestion, make sure to rest lots, eat enough and give your body time. You have your whole life to exercise, but for now you might need to do less... and if you are underweight or using exercise to compensate then it is even more important to stop with that.

hello Izzy, what do you think is sensible in terms of e.g. how often to eat cake, chocolate, crisps etc? If one has a history of binging so it is easiest at least at first not to have extra of such foods lying around in the house?

This is very individual. For me while i was trying to recover from binge eating the best thing was to just not have any of those treats at home... i was very much "all or nothing". If i took one bite suddenly something switched in my brain and i would eat the whole 200g chocolate bar or the whole cake because, with one bite i had already "ruined it all", or one slice of bread was "too much" so i might as well eat the whole loaf. So instead,  i made my mum not buy any of my binge foods (though she never actually knew that i binged and purged) and i stopped baking. And then the first step was to eat cake or chocolate while i was with others as that would stop me from going crazy, and if i ate  a slice of cake at a cafe then all i had was that slice and i couldnt eat the whole cake. And eventually i learnt to buy small packs/bars and not buy a huge thing.

How often you should eat food such as cake, chocolate, crisps is up to you... whether you want to eat a little everyday or just once a week or once every 2 weeks. But i would suggest only buying small packs. Only buy the amount that you will eat so that you dont have extra lying around. But also i would suggest to begin with eating those types of foods while you are with others, it is easier then to eat a normal portion/not over do it and you learn to deal with those signals and feelings of "wanting to eat it all" . Also i would sugges to begin with maybe eating those types of foods while not at home... such as if you really want chocolate then buy a small chocolate and sit and eat it outside or somewhere else, sometimes just being at home or being at the place where you used to binge can be a real trigger, and it is then easier to distract yourself from the feelings of wanting more.

I hope this helps, and know that you can overcome binge eating! It isnt easy, but you can do it! :) If you need more advice just let me know :)


  1. :)
    thank you, Izzy.
    I've got a lot better from the binging since I started reading your blog :) It's just getting from mostly better to actually properly 100% healthy-minded. Thank you so much for your kind answer, and for the example you give.

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