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Sunday, April 3, 2016

Part 3 - answering questions - summer plans, sweet potatoe, why i moved apartment, my bmi

Do you have any plans for the summer?

At the moment i dont, it is hard to plan anything when i dont even know where i will be. But i am going to try to maybe get work so that i will atleast have some cash during the summer to do something, and then my family might rent a cottage and we can spend a week there, or just head out to the island where my step dads father lives and spend a little time there. And then my boyfriend has suggested we travel to Croatien or somewhere for a few days and getting an all inclusive, haha. It would be alot of fun to do that but i dont really know..... otherwise i would like to travel to Paris so who knows, if i have the time and finances for that i might travel a weekend to Paris with my sister or maybe my boyfriend. But in all honesty, my priority is to try to find a job and to not stress.... i dont mind if i dont travel.

How do you cook your sweet potatoes?? They always look so good!!

I slice them thinly and then put into the oven at roughly 225 degrees for 15- 20 minutes... you can also add oil and salt and pepper beforehand!

What would you do if you didn't use so much social media? Like would you spend more time with family and friends instead of just sitting online?

Not so sure if this comment is supposed to be rude or not, hahah. I do spend time with family and friends and i also spend time online... you can have both! There is 24 hours in the day so it is not like i just sit on the computer allday or all of my freetime. Of course when i am on my own then i do, but when i am with family and friends i dont use so much social media... unless we are watching a movie, then i'll use my phone and do other things as i cant just concentrate on a film. What would i do if i didnt use so much social media... i dont know, its not like it takes over my life, i still do everything else i want to do in life, hahah. So it is not like i am priortizing away things?

Why did you had to move the appartment and did your old housemate move with you into the new one? Are these all special student Appartements which get only rented to studends or normal Appartements where also studenst can live in an share it?

I had to move as there had been a water leakage which had been going on for a few months/almost a year, so there was water under the floor of the whole apartment. It is a pity that we had to move but they had to fix the apartment and basically redo the whole apartment flooring.
  Yeah, both me and my roommate were offered a new apartment and got to move to another student apartment in the same location. The area i live in and the apartment i live in as a student apartment and only students live in that area :)

do you think that some of your stomach pain can be psychological? that you get sotmach pain from anixety and stress or when you are at home because you dont like being at home?

I have actually thought about that... and at times i do think it can be partly psychological but i think it 95% has to do with my digestion problems, sensitive stomach as well as stress. So those 3 combined dont make the best of situations haha, but i am learning what my stomach tolerates and what it doesnt, but at times when i disregard those things such as when i am at home then my stomach begins to ache. The psychological part i think is mostly when i am stressed or anxious and it suddenly feels like a knot is in my stomach or a begin to get a sort of "sick" feeling rather than pain, then its usually got to do with how i am feeling or what is going on in life.

 I was wondering what your bmi is and if a dietician has ever told you to cut back a bit on the amount you eat now youre healthier?
At the moment my BMI is 21 and ive never been told to eat less by a dietician, or a doctor. Though the only times i meet with a dietician is once a year at the CF clinic and then i need to write a 4 day food diary and from the results she suggest what i need to make changes to and then its often just things like changing what butter or oil i use so that i get more Omega 3 or Omega 6 in my diet. 

I am not sure whether you have been told by a dietician to cut back on food? Not so sure what the context is either, but the way i see it is that after recovery if you weight is stable then you dont need to cut back. For example just because you are 2kg from a healthy weight doesnt mean that you suddenly cut 300kcal from your intake. But if your weight keeps going up and up and it seems to be no sign of evening out (Though remember that a healthy weight is from BMI 18-24 (even if i find BMI sort of outdated, it is still a rough guideline to follow)). So you could have a hiher set point for example BMI 22, 23.... but if the weight does keep going up then you can look over what you eat or your lifestyle and see if something needs to change, or if it is due to something such as metabolism issues or some other illness.
   Maybe not the best advice but you can always email me privately if you need more advice :)

1. I am gaining weight on 2000 calories per day, will I eventually maintain on this amount or continue gaining forever?
It depends what stage of recovery and weight gain you are in.... if you are in the first stages of weight gain then you should try to increase calories to around 2500-3000 a day eventually, if you are in the later stages of weight gain such as only a few kilo until you are at a healthy weight then your body should adapt, though it is individual and depends on how you have eaten in recovery. For example if you have continued to eat very restrictively and little during the weight gain process then the body wont adapt to an increase. 

I have a few posts about this topic which i will link and might give you a better answer :)

2. When can you trust your hunger in recovery?

This is once again very individual. For me it was when i began to feel hungry during the regular meal times i had and began to feel full after the meal/towards the end of the meal. Because at the beginning i just wasnt hungry and never felt hungry for food, and then when i went through my binge and purge cycle i was always hungry and never felt full.... but when i followed my meal plan and ate at certain times each day then eventually my body began to adapt to that, and then when i stopped following my meal plan i would be hungry in the morning when i woke up and hungry at 10am, 12pm, 3pm, 6pm, 9pm... all the times i ate according to my meal plan, but as i wasnt following the meal plan i could choose what to eat, and if i ever took a too big portion and began to feel to full, i knew i could leave what i couldnt eat.

I would say wait atleast 1-2 months while following a meal plan with regular meal times before you begin to do things on your own, if that is what you want. But the first few weeks anyway your signals will be a little weird and wrong. You might feel full after just a few bites or feel really hungry despite eating a huge meal, or feel hungry the whole day or not hungry at all. So eat regular meal times and when you begin to feel a hunger during those times you usually eat and begin to feel full, then the enzymes and hormones controlling hunger and fullness are beginning to work properly again, Keeping up with regular eating and meal times is the best and just because you have your hunger and fullness feelings back doesnt mean that you just forget about regular meal times and eat only when you get the hunger feelings.... or you can do that when you know you are fully recovered, but as long as there are still disordered thoughts its good to keep a regular eating plan regardless if you feel hungry or not.

Here is a link to a post about hunger and fullness:


  1. Hey Izzy:) i've got one question... I lost my period 6 months ago and then i got it back but now i lost it again(i lost my weight again..) do you think i'll get it back if i gain some weight? I'm really really scared... I dont want to be without period:(( thanks for answering me!

    1. Gaining weight can make your period come back but it depends on other things such as if you exercise alot, what you eat/how much and stress.... so my tips would be to only moderator exercise, try not to stress and increase calories to gain weight and it should could back :) if your body feels unsafe and stressed then it won't feel healthy enough for your menstrual cycle to function properly.