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Friday, April 1, 2016

Moving day and a weekend AWOL

Hello! :)

A quick update before my mobile and computer battery die :/

I've been up since 5.30am this morning and have been on the go since 6am and it's now 4pm and I'm going to pretty much check out for the day, hahah. So mentally and physically tired.

The move went fine, all I had to do was pack my own room and the people helping us pack did the rest, so when I was done I headed to the gym to workout (though in all honesty. .. moving and packing is a workout,  hahah. But I had energy and motivation so I thought why not!) And after my workout I had a little time to sit in the sun before it was time to unpack everything in the new apartment. My room is smaller in the new apartment so not so much room in there now and no storage room for my clothes but I'll figure something out. Otherwise the apartment is not in a very good state, apparently they have to repaint almost all the walls because the people living there before us had done some damage,  as well as the apartment just being in a less nice state than the one we lived in beforehand.

And also, we had no electricity as some switch or wire had stopped working and no Internet either. And well, as I have no electricity until hopefully tomorrow I have no ability to charge my phone or laptop until I head to the library tomorrow. So until the  I'll be absent online or well,  I'll pretty much be AWOL all weekend. So tired so going to just go for walks,  enjoy the sun and study all weekend and make sure to get alot of rest! ! I definitely had a moment where I felt like crying today as it all felt too much, hahaha.  Anyway. ....

Ohh and also it's fun that there were so many questions asked.  I didn't expect them but I'll get around to answering them this weekend, so there will be those posts anyway!

I hope you all have a great weekend!


  1. well done for managing all that, Izzy! i know how stressful moves can be, and all the things that can go wrong, and the teething things like internet/electricity and so much else (potentially) - well done, and do have a good rest and a good sleep tonight. i hope all will be well tomorrow with the electricity, and that you will soon feel settled and at home in the new place.

    1. Thank you :) :) I'll feel settled in soon enough I hope!

  2. Hope you settle in well and all your connections are sorted out soon - its so frustrating when things like that go wrong. How long are you at your new apartment?
    At least like you say you can make the most of the weather and catch up on your rest - hope the weekend goes well for you!

    1. Thank you :) I think until August we can live there,but I only have a contract until the end of June and then I might get to live there for autumn depending on where I study and what my room mate is doing/if she is going to move.