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Monday, April 25, 2016

How to stay motivated in recovery

Motivation is something that comes and goes, no matter what it is you are working towards. Whether its weight gain, weight loss, working towards an A in a certain topic, or trying to reach a goal.... you have times when you begin swaying from your goal. Wondering exactly why you are working towards that goal.... you might feel tired, find it easier to stay where you are, or to fall back to before rather than keep fighting. Because trying to reach any goal takes tough work. Commitment, patience, hard work and of course motivation.
   Motivation is what i like to call fresh produce. I.e it doesnt always last as long as you want it to. Sometimes you need to force yourself to do things you dont want to do, just because you know you have to do them. Especially when you have a goal to reach.
   For example, if someone is training to run a marathon, they might not feel like going out to run a 10km in the pouring rain. But they know that it will help them reach their goal...

And thats like recovery, you might be fully motivated one day and do everything right. But the next day the anxiety starts creeping in, you begin asking yourself why are you fighting towards recovery when eating causes so much anxiety and you begin skipping a meal. Thats basically one step forward and 2 back. That doesnt bring you closer to your goal. So you need to motivate yourself on those days where you begin questioning yourself why.

A way to keep yourself motivated is to write out your goal.... what is your goal? To be healthy? To have your life back? To be allowed to exercise etc
   And then write out HOW you will reach that goal. It can be good to have a plan, for example...goal is to gain weight: to reach that goal i need to gain 0,5-1kg a week. How will i do that... i will eat ALL my meals. I will rest. I will fight the bad thoughts.
  That can make it easier to know what you need to do when you feel like giving up. Write out those things for your goal and place them where you can see them and remind yourself.
Also putting up notes such as, you are beautiful. You dont need to change. You are perfect just the way you are. etc on mirrors, in journals, on the fridge etc and reminders that you NEED to eat can be a good motivator. A small reminder each time you see them to not give up.

Set up rewards.... this works for some, not for all. But you might want to have a reward when youve gained 5kg, because that isnt easy. And it can be nice to reward yourself... whether its a new dress, a new pair of shoes or even a box of questbars etc :)
    Or maybe when youve faced your fear food or done something that scares you, you get  a reward. Its like with dogs... when you teach them new tricks or do something like cut their claws, you give them treats to teach them the right thing :) Or like children!!

Know WHY you are trying to recover. Put up a list of all the PROS of recovery and all the CONS of being sick.... know that it is worth it to recover.

Have a way to cope with the bad times, with the negative thoughts and the anxiety. Such as writing, listening to music, talking or doing something else.

In recovery, you need to constantly motivate yourself. When you feel yourself giving up then look back at your goals, look at how far you have come. Make a list of what you need to do - such as the ED behaviour need to get rid of.... look at all the pros and good things of recovering. Make lists of what you want to do with your life, things you want to achieve etc
   All those things can help motivate you when you find it tough.

Also having a mantra or some form of motto which you can repeat to yourself when you are sitting at the table and struggling to eat or when you get anxiety or want to exercise or purge or something like that. Then keep repeating thepositive mantra/motto and keep yourself calm.

I hope these tips help you to keep yourself motivated in recovery, because its not easy. But its worth it and thats the most important. Of course there are days when its tough where you do just sort of lie on the floor and want to give up. But the important thing is to not let that day become a week and then become a month. But to stop it right there... to not let yourself slide further down, but to get up and keep fighting!!!


  1. thank i really needed this xx I'm fighting this battle alone and its hard to keep going when ed head won't shut up x

    1. I know the feeling. I`m going it alone too and some days are so tough.
      Hang in there :)