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Thursday, April 14, 2016

How to know if you have eaten enough

"Food is fuel" - great sentence. Still, there is something that worries me: recovering 
from ED, how do I know when I have eaten enough? Should I always eat when I am
 hungry? That would mean lots of eating. 
 And how/when can I be sure that I have given enough "fuel" to my body?
 Do you know these questions? Could you please write something about it or your 
That would help me a lot. Also thanks for that inspiring blog, it really helps me
 making good progress :) Best wishes!

Knowing whether you have eaten enough or not can be very hard. Just like wondering whether you've eaten too
much. You can never really know whether you are eating too little or too much, unless you know exactly how
many calories you need a day and then calorie counting exactly. But even that is inaccurate at times.
But you know what, your body can handle extra calories now and again. And it can survive on less calories, though
that puts you into starvation mode which has alot of negative consequences.
Another way of knowing whether you are eating too little or too much is intuitive eating  - using the hunger 
and fullness scale.
You eat when you are hungry, not just a boredom hunger as that often isnt hunger. And then you stop eating when
you are comfortably full... i.e you could eat more, but you are satisfied at the moment.

If you are hungry, then you should eat... whether that is 6 small meals a day, 8 smal meals a day or just 4 big
ones... not everyday is the same.

Somedays i eat loads, somedays i eat less... it balances itsself out.
  I know somedays i eat less than i should, but i just amnt hungry. Whilst other days, i eat WAAAY more than i
need.... But thats ok.

When you are recovering, i do suggest following a meal plan. Te get into the habit of eating certain meals at
set times. As that helps bring back the hunger and fullness feelings. And makes sure that you keep eating even
if you are not hungry. Becuase when you are recovering you lose your hugner and fullness feelings.

When you finally begining to eat according to your bodies signals - after following a meal plan. I would try to keep
to your regular meal times... and try to eat the same thing. Because i made the mistake of, once i stopped
following the meal plan i ate less than i should have. Because i was scared of eating too much... so instead, i cut
down on my food. Which lead to me losing weight.
   But the benefit of not having a meal plan, was that i did start getting my hunger and fullness feelings back...
i started eating an apple, or sandwich or soemthing if i was hungry after lunch but before my afternoon snack.
So i was starting to listen to my body more... Which is very important. You need to trust yourself, trust your body.
if you are hungry after lunch, then eat some more...
Hunger signals are a sign that your body needs more energy, so then you need to give it more energy.

When you arent hungry, then you are satisfied and dont need anymore fuel... until you are hungry again that is.
But i do reccommend having set times, that you eat. Like try to eat 5-6 meals a day as that is a  healthy thing
to do and keeps your blood sugar from dropping.

This is the hunger and fullness scale, which you can try to think about while you are eating...
how do you feel before you eat, and how do you feel after you eat? Are you still hungry? Eat some more...
Feeling full then stop.

I hope this helps somehow, please ask if you need any more help...
  And tomorrow a document about intuitive eating - more detail is coming up :)

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  1. One thing I`ve noticed is that I get the hunger cues for my snacks in the morning and at night, but not for any meal inbetween. To be honest when it comes to meal time I am really not bothered, I don`t have huge snacks so its not a case of being too full on those so I don`t know why I don`t feel hungry for meals.