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Saturday, April 23, 2016

How do i write blog posts?

A post about how i write posts.... .Blog inception XD

I was asked about how i write posts and how i get inspiration to write posts and first off i can say... it is not always easy. I dont think people realise how tough it actually is to run a blog, of course mine is just a hobby and something i do because i want to help others, but those who have blogging and social media as a job... it is definitely not easy. It means that they have to post everyday and have quality content and keep things up to date, i know that if i dont always have things to write about then i wont post. But also those who have social media and blogging as a job they have to keep their readers and keep increasing their views... for me, well in a way if the less people who need my blog and my advice the better, but then on the other side if i can reach out to more people suffering the better. But i do in a way wish that my blog wasnt needed at all, because then it would mean that people wouldnt need advice about recovering or people couldnt relate to my past... that would be the best.

So, how do i write my posts? Well first off i try to write based on what people want to read - what your topics and questions are. Sometimes i am slow to reply or i will link to old posts so that i dont have to repeat myself 10 times, but often if i can i will try to reply to comments, questions and topic suggestions as there are often more than just the person who asked the question who are interested in the answer. I blog for my own sake, but it is also very much based on what YOU want to read, that is why i love getting your feedback and knowing what you want to read or see more of or what you want to read or see less of, that helps me to improve my blog.

However surprisingly, my personal posts get double the amount of views than my advice posts - most often anyway. Over a longer period of time, my advice posts get more views but after a week my personal posts have more clicks. My blog shows me my daily and weekly views on my blog, but then also the amount of clicks on a post, so it could be that many people read my advice posts but there is nothing to comment on so they dont click on the post and then it doesnt register as a view, but it registers as a blog view, not a post view. And my personal posts... well those include what i want to write or share that day, but also what is relevant... many things are left out, apart from the days where i cant be bothered to edit and filter my writing and so everything - relevant or not, is posted! Though one thing you should know - and might realise by now is that i rarely use spell checker or edit my posts.... hahaha, i really should but i dont have that extra amount of time. I usually spend 60-90 minutes in the morning to write posts and then 1-2 hours throughout the day to answer comments or schedule posts.

Though trying to think of posts isnt always easy... at times there is absaloutly nothing i can think about to post about, and then there is often no posts, or there are reposts or things i share from other sites. Bbut trying to create my own content and something new isnt always easy when i have blogged for so long, but also that i dont have so much time to spend on blogging and taking photos, so often posts are repetitive. But i try to spread posts out and so a few personal posts throughout the week, a few advice posts and a few random ones or food/recipe posts, so that its not too much of anything. But also i try to include photos as much as possible, as just having posts with a bunch of text isnt always so fun to read (like this one!!!). But mixing things up and adding my personality to posts adds that extra touch and personality to my blog.

And last but not least... the titles. I could do clickbait titles, i mean they are best.... such as for my tattoo post i could have written, "OMG,i cant believe i just did that" or "I hope i dont regret this" etc etc and that would have most likely tempted people to read about what it was i did... but i have come to the stage where i want my titles to say what the post will be about. Because then you, as my reader , have the choice whether you want to read the post or not. For example if i answer a post about how to cope with weight gain and you dont need any advice about that, then you can just skip that post or if i do a food post and you feel triggered by food posts, then you can skip those. So i want you to know what the post will be about and then up to you if you want to read it or not. If there is one thing i hate is clickbait titles and then the post or video is nothing to do with the title... that just irritates me. So even if it gets viewers, i am not going to start doing that!

So.... maybe not the usual topic of this blog, but i was asked so i thought i would answer. Uusually i get my post ideas when i am out walking or at the gym, and then i write the titles, start the post and get back to it later or i write like 5 posts at once and schedule them throughout the day. And other times i have no inspiration and so the blog echoes with silence. But getting feedback and questions is the best way to keep the blog posts updated and knowing what my readers want to read about!!! And then of course my thought posts (which always generate alot of views) when i feel the need to just rant or write my thoughts, those are blogging for my sake! As often writing those posts help me to realise rational thoughts or the solution to my problem!!!


  1. i enjoyed reading this.

    1. yes - its interesting seeing "behind the scenes" as it were!

  2. Wow - you certainly put alot of time and effort into your blog and that really shows. I really admire you doing this even though you have so much else going on with your life. Thankyou so much :)