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Friday, April 29, 2016

Happiness is not a weight or a size

I know that many people that happiness comes from a weight or size, but it doesnt. Happiness comes from the inside, and weightloss wont take away bad body image or low self esteem. Just like gaining weight wont make your eating disorder or insecutiry go away, those are things you have to work on. Of course weightloss or weight gain might be necessary in certain cases, but its important to realise that just because you weigh a certain weight or have reached a certain body size doesnt mean that you will feel happy.

And i know society has made it that slim people have it "easier", i can't deny that. However just because someone is slim doesnt mean that they are happy or that their life is perfect, size has nothing to do with that. But of course some things are easier for some people such as due to age, gender or size can play a role in certain areas of life (even if i wish it wasnt that way, but unfortunatly that is how society is [though of course, it can be changed in the future]). But just because you lose a bunch of weight or gain a bunch of weight or reach a certain body size or body image doesnt mean that you will love your body or love your life or feel happy or feel confident... those things come from the inside. However i cant deny that sometimes body changes CAN help confidence, but 95% of the time the happiness is because you have learnt to love yourself and that body change just adds that extra 5%.

The problems in your head won't be solved by chaning your body, they will be solved by changing your thoughts and focusing on mental recovery. But of course things such as intake and eating properly can make a huge difference in thoughts and the way you feel i.e i dont know how awesome someone will feel just eating McDonalds regardless of their weight.

Focus on changing your thoughts and feeling happy, not just letting your body control your happiness. If you put your confidence and happiness in the way your body looks then it won't last, but instead find happiness in other areas of life and focus on positivity. Of course changing your body isnt all wrong, i mean we would all look the same for our wholve lives if that was the case, but just know that if you think you will be happy once you reach a certain size or weight then that isnt always the case. If the problem is in your head then body manipulation wont make those probelms go away.

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