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Sunday, April 17, 2016

Hair model for the day (Saturday 16th April 2016)

Hello :)
My lack of posts and my "exciting" thing for the day on Saturday was that i was a hair model for Björn Axen.
 I was contacted the week before and asked if i wanted to be a hair model as i had been one before and i thought "why not". My only condition though was that they couldnt cut my hair short - otherwise i was fine with any change. Though this being a hair model meant an actual show with clothes, make up and roughly 40-45 VIP hair dressers who were watching when our hair was done on the stage and then we got to stand there for a while and let them take pictures and look at how our hair was done and such. So there was no extreme change to my hair, all they did was make it less yellow but otherwise they didnt cut it or colour it, which is kind of nice... because when you are a hair model you never know what they can do and thats part of it!

In total there were 11 hair models between the ages of 16-30, and 2 had been a hair model before but the others had all applied to the show. 
On friday i went to the hair dresser so they could tone my hair and make it more icy rather than yellow, and then on Saturday i was there from 9.30am until 9.30pm.

There was a lot of waiting, but there was also a bunch to do such as get the right clothing and high heels (luckily i didnt get the 15inch heels... they said i would be far too tall, haha). Then between the hours of 12-5 it was waiting, lunch, getting the base layer of my make up, painting my nails, doing the prep work for my hair and a little studying done. And then at 5pm i got my real make up done... though they had done the wrong make up on me so had to cover over what they did with new make up... so basically i had two layers of make up on. And as that took so much longer than planned it was just to change into my clothes and heels and wait backstage and not having had time to eat dinner, but the excitment gave me energy so it was fine. 3 of the 11 models had gotten their hair done before the show, but the other 8 were getting it done on the scene so we had only seen sketches of how our hair would look but had no idea really... so it was kind of exciting to sit there and not really know what they were doing with my hair, but the end result was actually very cool. It suited me... in a way, i mean i wouldnt exactly go out to town looking like that but the braids at the back of my hair looked super cool, though i have  no idea how he did them. 

All in all the show took 2,5 hours and it took roughly 30 minutes on the stage for my hair to get done and after that i was back stage until the end when all the models stood on the stge again and the viewers/hair dressers could go up and take pictures  of our hair. So i am pretty sure i am now in lots of different photos, hahaha... and most probably in the background of some looking strange!!! XD There was also a proffesional photographer there, but he worked for Björn Axen so we're not going to get the photos sent to us which is a pity, it would have been nice to have... also considering that my mobile camera is so awful. But i took a whole bunch of photos which i thought i would post below anyway!!

It was a super long day and it was alot of fun and i would most likely do it again if the opportunity arose! Though today i am definitely very mentally tired so going to just take it easy before i head back home this evening!

I hope you all have a lovely Sunday and if you have any comments/topic suggestions etc just let me know, and i will try get around to answering some of the recent questions i have recieved :)

Pre hair fix (i.e just toning in my hair)
The prep work before the stage... so walked around looking like this most of the day XD
Make up stage

By 4pm we were all very low on energy and almost falling asleep so it was definitely a nice surprise when the candy bowl was given to us!
Pre show look

After the scene/show when my hair was done
Bathroom selfie.... hahaha

When you travel home looking like this XD


  1. WOW! (in an amazed, complimentary kind of way! You ALWAYS look beautiful, Izzy, but this is just extraordinary....) Well done, and I'm glad you had fun.

  2. How exciting! You looked absolutely stunning!
    Such a good thing that you were well enough to go too, if you`d had to miss it that would have been such a shame.
    Good for you for having the confidence to get up there and do this, you`ll treasure these memories and photos for quite some time no doubt.
    Did your family/boyfriend know you were going to do this? What did they think?
    Are the photos that were taken going to be used for publicity/advertising?