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Friday, April 8, 2016

Focus on other things in your life and you wont focus so much time on your body

One thing which i have realised in the past few years is that 1)  I choose where and what i spend time to focus on and 2) When i have things going on in my life there isnt the time or need to spend focus on my body.

For me personally, it might not be this way for everyone, but for me when i have alot going on in my life or i spend alot of time and focus on my school work and living life.... there is no time or need to focus on my body. Not that i do that, i mean i dont workout to change my body and i dont weigh or measure myself or think about my body all day... i have no need for that, but i mean days where i dont have much to do there might be a few more looks in the mirror, maybe an extra change of clothes throughout the day because the first outfit didnt look so good etc Of course, there is a positive and a negative to it. Because the days where all my focus is on living life, having a busy schedule and doing things whether it is school work, the gym, blogging and online work or spending time with family and friends... then there isnt the time or energy left for taking care of my appearance because i feel "it doesnt matter, it isnt so important in the grand scheme of things". But the negative thing about that is that i can forget to wash my hair, forget to do face masks and clothes are mostly training clothes... its like i forget to take care of myself as well and its just the basic brush my teeth, brush my hair, wash my face and shower for hygenic reasons. But everything else is just "a waste of time". But then eventually it goes two weeks and i begin to feel so unfresh and realise that i NEED that time once a week to just thoroughly wash my hair, shave my legs, do a face mask and make myself feel fresh!

But when you immerse yourself in other things in your life, find something you love doing and somethign to focus your time and energy on you dont feel the need to look in the mirror all the time, or to do body checks or measure yourself and weighing yourself isnt so important either because what does it matter.

Of course during recovery you dont always have the chance to leave the house or do the things you love and so you are just stuck inside and nothing to do and then its easy that you sit there and begin to think about your body, look in the mirror and all your energy and focus goes on your body. But then i recommend find something to spend time doing at home.... maybe start a new hobby and follow youtube tutorials... whether its playing a new instrument, learning how to do make up or hair styles, maybe learning how to photograph or use photoshop or learning how to make videos.... so much you can learn and invest time in and that puts your focus on other things so you dont just sit there and think about your body and hate life. Of course very individual about how much energy you have or motivation, but i would suggest focusing on something else in your life!!

And when you do have more freedom then do things in your life, focus on living life and not just how you look. Because taking care of yourself and your health is important, those things SHOULD matter and you should make time for them. But body checks, measuring and weighing yourself? Not necessary unless it is for actual reasons and not just "Because you feel fat/want to make sure you havent gained weight".

Focus on the things that are important in life and the things you want to invest time and energy in. Take care of your body but dont spend all day thinking about it, instead use that energy for something productive and something else!!!

I know, easier said than done... but find something you love, something that interests you or something else you can invest time in :)


  1. I`m thinking of starting an Open University course - do you think recovery is a good time or should I wait a while? It is something I have been interested in doing for a long time and have found a course I am really interested in and would like to study. Thing is I`m concerned about the possible stress factor, is now a good time or should I wait until I`m recovered? i don`t want to jepodize everything.

    1. This is very individual. Your recovery has to come first but if you can manage to cope with school as well as recovery then it's fine. .. but you have to do what is best for your health. Going to school can be a form of distraction and get you out of the house and motivated for life but you can't forget about recovery and just think "you're fine" because now you ate studying. You can always try it and then stop if it doesn't work out?